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70 Best Very Short Pixie Haircut Ideas For 2024

70 Best Very Short Pixie Haircut Ideas For 2024

Who said that you can’t look feminine and gorgeous with a very short pixie haircut? These inspo-pics are here to change your mind, and hopefully your looks forever.

1. Very Short Blonde Pixie Haircut

Do blondes really have more fun? I guess you’ll never know unless you give a blond pixie cut a shot.

2. Very Short Textured Pixie Haircut

A textured pixie cut will give your short hair a completely new dimension. This way, you’ll get a ton of versatility and even more fun.

3. Very Short Layered Pixie Haircut

There is a common misconception that short hair cannot be cut into layers. This inspo-pic is here to show you that this can’t be further from the truth.

4. Very Short Pixie Haircut With Longer Bangs

If you have a hard time deciding between going ultra short and leaving some of the lengths, make a compromise. Choose a short pixie with long bangs as a transitional haircut.

5. Very Short Pixie Haircut For Fine Thin Hair

I bet that your fine, thin hair has been a real nightmare for as long as you can remember. Well, getting an ultra-short pixie might wipe all of your troubles away.

6. Very Short Pixie Haircut For Oval Face

Congratulations, if you’re an oval shape-faced girl, it means you have the ideal facial proportions. And that also means that you will rock a very short pixie haircut.

7. Very Short Pixie Cut For Round Face

If you have a round face, what you need is a pixie cut which will elongate it. This is especially true for girls with chubby face shapes. Leave the crown a bit longer and go fully short on the sides.

8. Very Short Pixie Haircut For Thick Hair

It’s time to get some weight off your neck. That’s right, I’m talking about the burden of having thick hair. Trust me, getting an ultra-short cut is the way to your salvation.

9. Very Short Spiky Pixie Haircut

A spiky pixie is here to transform your entire look. This cut screams confidence and good vibes only.

10. Edgy Very Short Pixie Cut

Speaking of confidence… Are you confident enough to pull off this edgy pixie cut? If the answer is yes, then what exactly are you waiting for?

11. Very Short Pixie Haircut With A Puffy Crown

Haven’t you heard? Short fluffy haircuts are the biggest trend in the fashion industry this season. Make sure to hop on it on time.

12. Very Short Choppy Pixie Cut

The best thing about choppy pixie cuts is that they look spectacular on all hair textures. Let’s not forget that you have to invest literally zero effort when it comes to maintaining this cut.

13. Very Short Pixie Haircut For Black Women

You don’t have to give up on your natural hair just to get a very short pixie cut. On the contrary, this hairstyle will help you embrace it.

14. Very Short Pixie Cut With Shaved Sides

A very short pixie cut with shaved sides is here for those women who want to go on the edgy side but also need to keep a professional look.

15. Very short purple pixie cut

If you have a hard time choosing among different funky-colored pixie cut inspirations, I hope this will solve your dilemma. Go purple and never look back.

16. Very Short Salt And Pepper Pixie Cut

Are your grays starting to show? Instead of hiding them, let the entire world see that you’re not scared of aging.

17. Very Short Pixie Haircut With Fades

How cool are these fades? Let’s be real, they transform this entire pixie cut and give it a completely different vibe.

18. Very Short Pink Pixie Haircut

Pink pixies can never go out of style. The only problem with this hairstyle is that it requires frequent color retouches.

19. Very Short White Blonde Pixie Haircut

I’ll be honest with you: you’ll have to bleach your hair to achieve this amazing hue. But that’s not a big deal with a very short pixie cut.

20. Very Short Blue Pixie Haircut

The thing that makes this pixie so different and unique is the beautiful contrast between the blue tips and gray roots. These two shades make a stunning combination.

21. Very Short Pixie With Baby Bangs

If you have a bigger forehead, these baby bangs are more than enough to remodel and reshape your entire face. And they’re incredibly low-maintenance.

22. Very Short Caramel Pixie Cut

Caramel: the ultimate combination of blonde and brown looks incredibly well on short hairstyles, especially on ultra-short pixie cuts.

23. Very Short Pixie Haircut For Women With Glasses

If you’re wearing glasses, make sure you choose a pixie with bangs that will frame your face. But be careful: you don’t want the bangs to be too long, do you?

24. Very Short Pixie Bowl Cut

It seems like the good, old-fashioned bowl cut is back in fashion. But this time, you’re looking at the new, updated, and contemporary version.

25. Very Short Pixie Haircut For Thin Hair

Here’s a piece of advice for all the women with thin hair: if you want your locks to look fuller, get yourself a very short pixie cut.

26. Very Short Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Who would have thought that an ultra-short hairstyle can also be asymmetrical? Well, here is an amazing example of that.

27. Very Short Pixie Haircut For Long Face

If you have a long face, a very short pixie cut should be your top pick. Just make sure to have a side-part to give your head the angles it needs.

28. Very Short Pixie Haircut For Fine Hair

Fine hair has never been easier to deal with. This pixie is only for strong women who know what they want.

29. Very Short Pixie Haircut For Women Over 70

When you reach a certain age, your hair starts to get thinner and thinner. That is why a short pixie is an ideal cut for women in their 70s.

30. Very Short Pixie Haircut For Women Over 40

On the other hand, if you’re 40-ish years young, please give a more modern version of the same haircut a chance. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

31. Very Short Shaggy Pixie Haircut

A shaggy pixie screams fun, and adventure. This messy cut will draw attention to your eyes, and it will make you look younger than ever.

32. Very Short Curly Pixie Haircut

Pixie cuts are incredibly flattering for curly hair. It exudes a cool, carefree vibe nobody can stay immune to.

33. Very Short Pixie Haircut With Green Bangs

Add just a little bit of edginess to your style with these super-trendy green bangs. Just look at how awesome the contrast between the two hues is.

34. Very Short Rainbow Pixie Haircut

However, if you’re extremely brave, go funky all the way and rock this rainbow pixie cut. Forget about your age and everything else. If this is something you want and like, just do it.

35. Very Short Gray Pixie Haircut

Are you looking for a low-maintenance short hairstyle? Trust me when I tell you that it doesn’t get easier than this. And most importantly, it looks sooo stylish.

36. Very Short Pixie Haircut For Coily Hair

As beautiful as coily hair is, styling and maintaining it is not always roses and butterflies. Save yourself the trouble and choose a pixie cut instead of dealing with long hair.

37. Very Short Copper Pixie Haircut

Are you ready for the ultimate transformation of the season? In that case, you have to follow all the trends, and that includes changing both your cut and your color.

38. Very Short Pixie Haircut With Long Curly Bangs

Long curly bangs look spectacular on a short pixie cut. They frame your face and accentuate your cheekbones in an unspeakable manner.

39. Very Short Punk Rock Pixie Cut

You can become a punk rock star at any age. Or at least, you can look like one. The only thing you need is a skilled hairdresser who’ll recreate this inspo pic and you’re good to go.

40. Very Short Brunette Pixie Haircut

This brunette pixie is neat, stylish, and low-maintenance. You don’t even need a brush or a blow-dryer. to style this cut.

41. Very Short Tomboy Pixie Haircut

You already know it: if you’re a tomboy, a very short pixie cut is the best hairstyle to help you express your indiivudality.

42. Very Short Piecey Pixie Haircut

Rock the corporate-chic look with this piece-y pixie cut. The best thing about this style is that it looks awesome on all hair textures.

43. Very Short Textured Pixie With Shaved Sides

A textured pixie cut brings movement and depth to your hair. On the other hand, the shaved sides give you a dash of edginess. Together, these two make a fashionable style.

44. Very Short Elegant Pixie Haircut

You can look feminine and elegant with a very short pixie as well, and this inspo-pic is here to prove it. Pair this haircut with statement earrings and evening make-up.

45. Very Short Pixie Haircut With Longer Sideburns

Longer side-burns are here to accentuate your cheek-bones. But they have another mission, as well: to transform a dull cut into a super-interesting one.

46. Very Short Pixie Haircut With Accessory

If you want to feel girly, just add a headband or another hair accessory to your very short pixie cut. It will remodel your entier look in a blink of an eye.

47. Very Short Non-Binary Pixie Haircut

You’re not obsessed with gender roles? Worry not, here’s a non-binary pixie cut to help you express yourself.

48. Very Short Dark Red Pixie Haircut

Dark red is a mysterious hair color that implies you’re a strong, independent, and self-confident woman. Well, just imagine what effect this hue has when combined with a short pixie cut.

49. Very Short Messy Pixie Haircut

There is something artistic in deliberately styling your hair to look as if you have just gotten out of bed while being attractive.

50. Very Short Bleached Pixie Haircut

Here’s a piece of professional advice: don’t forget to use purple shampoo if you choose this hair color. Also, it’s a hue that looks better on women with warmer skin undertones.

51. Very Short Pixie Haircut For Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair requires short hairstyles. This way, your locks look visually thicker, and fuller. Also, it’s easier to maintain frizzy hair this way.

52. Very Short Orange Pixie Haircut

Are you brave enough to pull off an orange pixie cut? If the answer is yes, this is your sign to do it.

53. Very Short Pixie Haircut With Spiky Bangs

Spiky bangs have the incredible power of saving your traditional pixie cut from looking too plain or boring. Try them and you’ll see it for yourself.

54. Very Short Green And Purple Pixie Haircut

Who would have known that green-ish and purple shades go this well together? This short pixie haircut is for the bravest only.

55. Very Short Mauve Pixie Haircut

Can’t decide between coloring your hair purple or pink? Get the best of both worlds with this trendy shade: mauve.

56. Very Short Platinum Blonde Pixie Haircut

Adding platinum blonde to your short pixie cut creates a high-fashion look you can hit the runway with. And it looks even better as everyday wear.

57. Very Short Pixie Haircut For Women Over 50

Women over 50 have gone mad for very short pixie haircut styles. And I mean, who could blame them? Just look at this inspo-pic and you’ll realize why.

58. Very Short Pixie With Undercut

If you want to keep your short pixie fresh and updated, add an undercut to it. What’s the worst thing that can happen? It will grow back if you don’t like it.

59. Very Short Blonde Pixie With Dark Roots

You know what’s the absolute best thing about this pixie? The fact that you don’t have to get frequent color retouches, since your roots are dark to begin with.

60. Very Short Balayage Pixie Haircut

Who told you that blonde balayage is reserved for long hair only? Just look how chic and stylish it looks on short locks.

61. Very Short Side-Swept Pixie Haircut

This pixie will help you show off your appealing facial features. It’s a pretty simple style but this side-swept part is what makes it so attractive.

62. Very Short Pixie Haircut For Women Over 60

Don’t give up on looking your best just because you’ve reached your 60s. If you want to be in trend but look younger than ever, here’s a picture to inspire you.

63. Buzz Cut Pixie Hairstyle

I’ll be honest with you: buzz cut is not for everyone. But if you’re bold enough, don’t hesitate and go for it!

64. Very Short Copper Wavy Pixie Haircut

This wavy pixie cut will bring a dash of romance to your life. You’ll love the sophistication of this style from the very first moment you choose it.

65. Very Short Razored Pixie Haircut

The last thing you want is to look boring. Well, the best way to avoid that is with this very short razor-pixie haircut. Don’t forget to find a skilled hairdresser for this maneuver.

66. Very Short Gray Pixie Haircut With Pink Bangs

Add a splash of color to your naturally gray hair. And what hue pairs better with gray than pink?

67. Very Short Tapered Pixie Haircut

It’s time to show that beautiful neck of yours to the world. It’s a simple yet attractive short pixie cut great for all hair types, textures, and ages.

68. Very Short Finger Waves Pixie Haircut

Short pixie cuts are in trend. Weaves are in trend as well. Just imagine what kind of attention you would get if you paired the two up.

69. Very Short Wolf Cut Pixie Hairstyle

A traditional wolf cut is usually longer but this time, we’re brining you the updated version of the timeless hairstyle.

70. Very Short Pixie Haircut With Tattooed Neckline

Are you ready to take over the spotlight? If the answer is yes, you’ve just found an ideal haircut to do so.