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50 Stunning Hairstyles With Side Bangs

50 Stunning Hairstyles With Side Bangs

Let’s be real: you weren’t the “it” girl in the 2000s unless you had side bangs. Well, the good news is that this bomb hairstyle is back in fashion!

1. Side Bangs For Long Hair

Update your long, straight hair with some side fringe. With that little change, you’ll leave the dull haircut behind.

2. Long Side Bangs

The best thing about side bangs is that you don’t have to cut them short to make a difference. Long side bangs are equally beautiful and trendy.

3. Side Bangs Short Hair

Want to go for a short hairstyle but are afraid that you’ll lose your feminine touch? Worry not, just add side bangs to the equation.

4. Side Part Curtain Bangs

What if you already have curtain bangs but want a change? Luckily, different types of bangs offer you versatility. Just side-part your curtain bangs for a new look.

5. Side Bangs Medium Hair

Medium hair has never looked more stunning! Trust me: this is the hairstyle you’ll fall in love with at first sight.

6. Bob With Side Bangs

Are you looking for inspiration for the perfect bob cut? Congratulations, you’ve just found one.

7. Layered Side Bangs

Layered side bangs are not here just to make you look even more beautiful. They have another purpose: to make your hair look thicker.

8. Curly Hair With Side Bangs

Every girl with short curly hair has the same problem: what to do to make your hairstyle more interesting without messing with your hair texture? Side bangs are the solution.

9. Side Bangs For Black Women

One thing is for sure: this hairstyle will skyrocket your confidence. I guarantee that you’ll get a bunch of compliments wherever you show up.

10. Side Bangs On Short Hair For Women Over 50

Women over 50 with short hair are in a constant search for a trendy, low-maintenance haircut. Side bangs on short hair are the solution!

11. Side Bangs On Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Asymmetrical pixie cuts have the incredible power to reshape your entire face and give you a whole new look. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

12. Short Side Bangs On Long Hair

Short bangs go extremely well on long hair because they give it movement and texture. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go too short; what matters is that the bangs are shorter than the rest of the face-framing layers.

13. Side Bangs On Wavy Hair

If you’re a fan of a messy, wash-and-go look, side bangs on wavy hair should be your top pick. The best par about this hairstyle is that it requires minimum maintenance.

14. Side Bangs On Blunt Bob

Blunt bob with bangs is trending this season! And there is a reason for it. I mean, just look how charming, chic, and sexy it looks.

15. Long Messy Hair With Side Bangs

Long messy hair can be easily updated— just pair it with side bangs. That will give your style versatility and you’ll look more fashionable than ever.

16. Voluminous Layered Side Bangs

Hello, the 90s are calling just to tell you that they’re back. Just take a look at this voluminous layered side fringe and you’ll go crazy for it right away.

17. Side Bangs Transformation

If you’re still not convinced about getting side bangs, here is something to change your mind. Check out this transformation!

18. Long Brunette With Side-Swept Bangs

This hairstyle won’t only frame your face; it will also put the focus on your most beautiful features, including your cheekbones and jawline.

19. Side Bangs With Mid-Length Layers

Mid-length layers paired with side bangs are here to give your hair the illusion of volume and thickness. You must admit that they’re doing a great job at it.

20. Round Side Bangs On Long Hair

These round side bangs mirror the curves on your face. They’re flattering for most face shapes but look the best on oval faces.

21. Very Short Hairstyle With Side Bangs

Haven’t you heard? Very short pixie cuts are in fashion, especially if you combine them with side bangs.

22. Elegant Bob Cut With Side Bangs

Are you looking for inspiration for an elegant hairstyle with bangs? If the answer is yes, this round bob is the right choice for you.

23. Retro Pixie Bob With Side Bangs

Are you ready for this blast from the past? Go retro all the way with this mesmerizing haircut.

24. Side Swept Bangs With Long Layers And Highlights

Side-swept bangs, combined with layers and all of that paired with blonde highlights? It sounds like a perfect hairstyle to me.

25. Side Bangs On Long Curly Hair

Long curly hair is sometimes hard to deal with. The best way to remove the weight off your tresses is to ask your hairdresser for side bangs.

26. Copper Medium Hair And Side Bangs

It’s time to combine a few hair trends of the season: copper hair color, side bangs, and medium length. Just look how attractive it looks all together.

27. Short Hairstyle With Curly Side Bangs

Tired of wearing the same haircut every day? Curl your side bangs for a special occasion and reinvent your dull short hairstyle.

28. Side Bangs With Bun

Are you a fan of messy or donut buns? Well, who isn’t? But now, you can update your hairstyle with side bangs and transform it into a more elegant one.

29. Low Ponytail With Side Bangs

The same goes for ponytails— instead of an everyday hairstyle, you get a fancy one. And if you have a big forehead, it will help you hide it.

30. Side Bangs On Non-Binary Haircut

Instead of letting society put you in a box, express your individuality with this non-binary haircut. It’s low maintenance and it looks awesome.

31. Funky Bob With Side Bangs

Believe me when I tell you that you’re not ready for this green bob cut with side fringe. If you want to get everyone’s attention, this is the way to do it.

32. Side Bangs For Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair can be troubling to style and maintain and I’ve finally found you the ideal hairstyle for your hair type that will solve all of your problems.

33. Colorful Pixie Bob With Long Side Bangs

Are you brave enough to pull off this combination of mermaid blue hair color and long side bangs on a pixie bob? If the answer is yes, I don’t know what you’re waiting for.

34. Side Bangs On Elegant Updo

Want to step up your elegant updo game? Curled side bangs are here to emphasize your lady side.

35. Side Bangs With Long Wolf Cut

If you’re looking for ways to cover up your wide forehead, you’ve just found the best one. Not only that: wolf cut with side bangs is an attractive and modern hairstyle as well.

36. Side Bangs For Thick Hair

What’s the best way to remove the weight off your thick hair while looking spectacular? Getting side bangs, that’s right.

37. Green Shaggy Side-Swept Bangs

A green shaggy haircut with side bangs and with a dash of orange on the tip of the tresses is just what you need for the upcoming season.

38. Side Bangs For Fine Hair

Side bangs are the best type of fringe in the case of fine hair since they give you the illusion of volume while not taking too much of your hair’s thickness.

39. Rainbow Colored Side Bangs

A rainbow-colored hairstyle with side-swooped bangs is for the bravest only! If you add a colorful make up to it, all eyes will be on you.

40. Short Hairstyle With Side Bangs For Women Over 60

Pay attention, ladies over 60 with short hair: this is the perfect haircut for you. It’s trendy, and it will make you look younger than ever.

41. Side Bangs On Long Dark Hair

Here’s a classic hairstyle with side bangs that can never go out of style. It looks great as an everyday look and even better for special occasions.

42. Shaggy Pixie Cut With Side Bangs

I’ll be honest here: you’ll need a skilled hairdresser to give you this look. The trick is for the bangs to be incorporated into the rest of the shaggy pixie.

43. Side Bangs With Undercut

Want to add a dash of edginess to your look? Here’s the most stylish way to do it!

44. Side Bangs On Two Colored Pixie Cut

Just look at how these side bangs combined with two contrasting hair colors give your hair depth. The only issue is that this style requires frequent visits to the hair salon.

45. Feathered Side Bangs On Medium Hair

Who said that feathered hair should be left in the 80s? If you think that way, here is the style to change your mind forever.

46. Classic Lob With Side Bangs

The best thing about a lob haircut (or a long bob) is that it looks amazing on women of all ages, hair types, and textures.

47. Piecey Side Bangs

Steal Halle Berry’s signature haircut and don’t forget to add piecey bangs. They will give you a careless look and help you stay young forever.

48. Baby Side Bangs

Baby side bangs are not for the runaway only! If you’re a stylish, fashionable girl, you’ll wear it with pride every single day!

49. Side Bangs On Afro Hair

Can girls with Afro hair pull off side bangs? Absolutely yes, and this inspo-pic is here to show you what a great combination this is.

50. Pinned Side Bangs

Remember when I told you that side bangs offer your versatility no other haircut can give you? Well, here’s living proof of that: if you get tired of them, just pin them behind the ear.