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Face-Framing Highlights Are The Low-Maintenance Color Upgrade You Need

Face-Framing Highlights Are The Low-Maintenance Color Upgrade You Need

Think of face-framing highlights as a dramatic accessory you wear without committing to a whole new wardrobe—it’s the simplest, yet most effective way to change your look without a drastic makeover.

There’s magic in bright highlights near the face: they act as a permanent spotlight, brightening your features and making your eyes sparkle. They work on everyone and they can be super low-maintenance. What are you waiting for?

1. Light Warm Beige Blend With Face Framing Highlights


Face-framing highlights will give you a sun-kissed glow anytime you want, no need to wait for summer. This gorgeous warm beige is living proof!

2. Subtle Brunette Balayage


This dye job is the ultimate “your hair but better” moment. Delicate highlights, subtly brighter around the face, create a flawlessly blended look that leaves your face looking fresh and radiant.

3. Mocha Brunette With Face-Framing Highlights


Cozy mocha face-framing highlights bring an extra layer of depth and dimension to luscious dark brunette locks. Warm brunette hair colors have a rich, velvety look that becomes pure luxury when you add in some brightness near the face.

4. Dimensional Blonde With Face-Framing Highlights


A look that’s not just stunning but also easy to maintain: this multi-dimensional blonde will stay seamless as it grows out and look even more beautiful as time goes by. To avoid brassiness, pop by the salon for a toning treatment between appointments.

5. Beige Balayage With Face Framing


This look is iconic: the perfect fusion of brown hair and blonde highlights, seamlessly blended and breathtaking, simple and masterful. With its flawless face framing, this dye job is destined to never go out of style.

6. Face-Framing Highlights And Root Shadow


You don’t like frequent touch-ups? Thanks to the root shadow that blends into the natural hair color, maintaining this look is easy. Keep your hair healthy, avoid brassiness, and these highlights will last you for months.

7. Hazelnut Blonde With Face-Framing Highlights


Keeping root-to-tip highlights only near the face will result in a gorgeous, long-lasting look that will give you a smooth, gradual transition as it grows out instead of harsh lines. Low-maintenance and gorgeous!

8. Lived-In Bronde


Simple and effective: delicate highlights a shade or two lighter than your base, strategically placed near the face where the sun naturally kisses your hair, create a fresh and natural look, making you glow with minimal effort.

9. Butter Blonde Face-Framing Highlights


Place the brightest strands near the face and towards the ends for a striking effect that needs far less upkeep than you might think. All the brightness of blonde with half the fuss.

10. Golden Brown Face-Framing Highlights


Keep your brown highlights looking flawless by introducing a blue shampoo into your routine to combat brassy tones. Just remember, moderation is key as it tends to dry out your hair—once a week is all you need to maintain the perfect hue.

11. Bright Red Money Piece


This attention-grabbing look is as flattering as it’s noticeable: even in an unnatural color, face-framing pieces brighten the face and add shine to the hair. The hot red money piece stands out even against the red base—this whole look is just mwah.

12. Honey Face Framing-Highlights


This understated look is about enhancing, not transforming the hair color. Subtle money pieces enhance radiance in the face, but the end result is natural and soft.

13. Ash Blend With Face-Framing Highlights


This ash-brown balayage and the intense but subtle face-framing pieces combine into a luxurious look that will stay stunning even if you happen to miss a few salon appointments.

14. Multidimensional Red With Face-Framing Highlights


Like blonde on brown, these subtle red tones look like a natural match, creating a look full of warmth and dimension.

15. Dimensional Balayage And Face Framing Highlights


Keep it simple, but be clever when you want to achieve an easy and effective look. Natural roots will give you a long-lasting color, but the money piece near the face will tie it all together and take it up a notch.

16. Root Melt With Money Piece


This shiny dye job is absolutely irresistible. Thanks to the smaller highlights throughout, the dramatic money piece matches the base flawlessly, enhancing the glow without overwhelming the look.

17. Pink Money Pieces


This brunette with pink money pieces, serves as a perfect illustration of the technique’s effectiveness: with this simple addition, the entire style undergoes a complete transformation.

18. Chunky Money Piece


One word best describes this look: bright. The chunky blonde money pieces make a bigger impact than an entire head of platinum would, thanks to their stark contrast against the darker base.

19. Magenta Money Piece


The golden rule for face-framing highlights: they must be lighter than the base to get the full brightening effect. These stunning magenta money pieces prove that you can go for either a natural or vivid color to achieve it.

20. Bronde With Money Piece


Choosing between warm or cool highlights depends on your skin undertone: to create a harmonious look, choose the same color temperature. This honey bronde balayage looks breathtaking against warm-toned skin.

21. Platinum Money Piece On Black Hair


A high contrast between the money piece and the base color will give you a striking, fashionable look that’s a bit edgy and dramatic.

22. Auburn Face-Framing Highlights


This lovely auburn has depth and brightness. Whatever your base color, bright face-framing highlights will always enhance your skin’s natural glow.

23. Chunky Purple Money Piece


Want an edgy yet flattering look? Go for face-framing highlights in a vivid color that suits you. This lovely purple is a great choice for cool skin tones.