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18 Stunning Feathered Bob Styles For A Voluminous Feminine Look

18 Stunning Feathered Bob Styles For A Voluminous Feminine Look

Do you have thin hair and look for ways to make your hair look thicker? Or do you prefer short, voluminous hairstyles with plenty of movement? If yes, a feathered bob is the most flattering hairstyle for your hair (and preference). Besides that, it’s one of the trendiest styles this year, and for a good reason—a feathered bob gives your hair a soft, voluminous, and feminine look which is a real head-turner. Without further ado, here are the most stunning feathered bob styles to try ASAP!

1. Feathered Pixie Long Bob

If you want to rock a unique feathered hairstyle, a feathered pixie long bob is a great choice! A feathered pixie long bob features short feathered layers on the back and long feathered layers on the front. The gradual transition between layers is seamless and adds lots of volume to your hairstyle.

2. Copper Black Feathered Bob

When life gives you feathered layers, dye your hair copper-black! One of the easiest ways to accentuate your feathery hairstyle is by playing with different textures and colors. Pairing copper with a dark base color is a great way to add even more volume to your hairstyle.

3. V-shaped Feathered Bob Cut

If you have thin hair, a V-shaped feathered bob cut will create the illusion of thicker and longer hair. Sounds perfect, right? And yes, the V-cut adds a bit of edginess to this soft and feminine style.

4. Bob With Feathered Layers And Highlights

Bob with feathered layers and highlights is a perfect combination that helps achieve a voluminous and dimensional hairstyle. Get ready to receive plenty of compliments!

5. Red Ombre Feathered Bob

Hello, fiery lady! If edgy hairstyles resonate with your personality, I dare you to try this red ombre bob with feathered layers. Feathered layers will add volume and texture to your hair, while the intense red shade will make your hairstyle look like it’s on fire! Bold hair, don’t care.

6. Sleek Feathered Bob

Not all feathered bobs are destined to be voluminous. If you like the texture of a feathered bob but want a more elegant version of this hairstyle, a sleek feathered bob is the way to go. To create a sleek look, all you need is hair gel, oil, and a soft bristle brush.

7. Copper Orange Bob With Feathered Layers

Copper orange bob with feathered layers is reserved for those who want a unique, natural-looking short hairstyle with lots of personality. Adding feathered bangs to this hairstyle is a great way to achieve a beautiful face-framing effect.

8. Feathered Pixie Bob

Feathered pixie bobs have been all the rage as of late, and we know why! Pixie bobs with feathered layers give your hair plenty of volume and texture while allowing you to preserve some of your hair length. Sounds like a good deal, right?

9. Feathered Bob With An Undercut

A feathered bob with an undercut creates a stunning contrast between the tapered side and the voluminous, feathered hair on top. This is one of the most stylish feathered hairstyles perfect for all hair textures.

10. Feathered Pixie Bob

We can’t get enough of feathered pixie bobs because they give your hair an instant volume and a face-framing effect. Pro tip: trendy mahogany shade will take your feathered pixie bob to the next level.

11. Bronde Feathered Bob

Bronde hair is one of the most natural-looking hair color combinations that is popularly used to make your hair look fuller. Pairing bronde with feathered layers will give your hair dimension, and make your hair look super voluminous.

12. Color Blocked Feathered Bob

The color-blocking technique involves combining contrasting colors to create a bold look. Opt for a color-blocked feathered bob to create a dimensional, voluminous, and unique look that resonates with your personality.

13. Black Feathered Bob

The black feathered bob is a classic among feathered hairstyles and it can be customized to flatter all face shapes and hair textures. If you have thick hair, add more feathered layers, and vice versa.

14. Black Red Feathered Bob

Besides adding volume and texture to your hair, feathered layers also add movement to your hair creating a dynamic look. Pro tip: a deep side part will balance your features and make your hairstyle look more voluminous.

15. Intense Red Feathered Bob Hairstyle

The intense red feathered bob hairstyle is a godsend for those who want to rock a bold style with plenty of volume and movement. Does this style resonate with you?

16. Gemini Hair With Feathered Layers

The most popular Gemini hairstyle features parting the hair down the middle and coloring each half in contrasting colors. And do you know what hairstyle is also trending right now? Gemini hair with feathered layers!

17. Voluminous Gray Bronde Feathered Pixie Bob

If you have gray hair, a gray bronde (brown + blonde) pixie bob with feathered layers is a great choice. This hairstyle will ensure that your gray hair is perfectly blended with the rest of your mane with feathered layers being the central part of the hairstyle.

18. Mahogany Feathered Bob

Say hi to one of the most stylish feathered hairstyles – the mahogany feathered bob! Good news: mahogany hair color looks flattering on all hair types and complexions.