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60 Pixie Bob Haircut Ideas To Rock In 2024

60 Pixie Bob Haircut Ideas To Rock In 2024

The name itself tells you everything: a pixie bob haircut is the perfect blend of a pixie and a bob. If you can’t decide between these two iconic cuts, pixie bob is here to give the best out of both worlds while helping you look stylish in the process.

1. Undercut Pixie Bob Haircut

A pixie bob with an undercut is the best option for thick-haired girls since it removes the weight off your tresses while delivering a trendy look everyone is crazy about.

2. Pixie Bob Haircut With Side Bangs

The side bangs are here to frame your face and accentuate your beautiful cheekbones and jawline. It sounds like a perfect haircut to me.

3. Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Haircut

Are you looking for a fun and flirty short hairstyle? In that case, an asymmetrical pixie is just the right thing for you.

4. Round Face Pixie Bob Haircut

What about women with round faces? Well, if you’re one of them, you need a slimming short hairstyle and that’s exactly what this pixie bob is giving you.

5. Fine Hair Pixie Bob Haircut

Here’s a piece of advice: if you have fine hair, choose a shorter version of the pixie bob haircut. It’s easier to maintain and it will give your hair the illusion of thickness.

6. Thick Hair Pixie Bob Haircut

On the other hand, if you’re a lucky thick-haired girl, it’s safe to go with a more volumized pixie bob that will show off the richness of your tresses.

7. Pixie Bob Haircut With Bangs

One thing is for sure: bangs make every hairstyle better, especially if we’re talking about short haircuts. This inspo pic is living proof of that.

8. Long Pixie Bob Haircut

A long pixie bob is one of the rare haircuts that displays both a classy and chic look. It’s professional and fashionable at the same time.

9. Short Pixie Bob Haircut

If you need time before you get used to a classic pixie cut, go for a short pixie bob during the transition period. You can cut your longer tresses or leave the hair growing after that.

10. Pixie Bob Haircut For Oval Face

If you have an oval face, it means you have the most ideal face shape many would kill for. That means that you can rock almost every shape of pixie bob style.

11. Curly Pixie Bob Haircut

Shape those curls for a careless and chic vibe. The only thing you need is a hair diffuser to reduce frizz and enhance the natural texture of your beautiful hair.

12. Low-Maintenance Pixie Bob Haircut

Who wants to wake up early in the morning to get their hair done? I know I don’t. And if you feel the same, here’s a solution for you: a low-maintenance pixie bob haircut.

13. Edgy Pixie Bob Haircut

If you choose this edgy pixie bob haircut, make sure to pair it with heavier make-up and statement earrings. This way, you’ll get the complete bomb look.

14. 90s Pixie Bob Haircut

Remember Meg Ryan from the ’90s? And she was not the only one who rocked the ultimate short haircut of the decade: a pixie bob.

15. Blonde Pixie Bob Haircut

Do blondes really have more fun? There is only one way to find out: to dye your hair after cutting it and to get a pixie bob!

16. Shaggy Pixie Bob Haircut

Are you into the popular “I woke up like this” look? If the answer is yes, this shaggy pixie bob cut is waiting for you!

17. Messy Pixie Bob Haircut

A messy pixie bob is here to save you the time and effort you usually invest in styling your hair. Don’t worry, you’ll still look your best.

18. Disconnected Pixie Bob Haircut

A disconnected pixie bob oozes a careless vibe. Besides, it makes you look like you’ve just gotten from the beach, all year long.

19. Pixie Bob Haircut With Curtain Bangs

Do you need a volume-enhancing trick for your short hair? Curtain bangs are the thing you’re looking for.

20. Gray And Green Pixie Bob Haircut

One thing is for sure: if you go for a gray and green pixie bob, you won’t go unnoticed wherever you show up.

21. Pixie Bob Haircut With Babylights And A Root Tap

This pixie bob cut with baby lights and a root tap is draping both sides of your face perfectly while drawing attention to your best facial features.

22. Pixie Bob Haircut For Older Women

If you’re an older woman looking for the most flattering haircut, please take a pixie bob into consideration. It’s low-maintenance and appropriate for your age.

23. Pixie Bob Haircut For Women Over 40

Need a haircut to cover your wrinkles? At the same time, you refuse to spend eternity every day taking care of your locks? A pixie bob with bangs is the solution for you.

24. Balayage Pixie Bob Haircut

For as long as you can remember, you’ve been associating blonde balayage with long hair only. Well, once you see a balayage pixie bob, that will change.

25. Pixie Bob Haircut With Highlights

The same goes for highlights. If you pair them with a skilfully cropped pixie bob, you’ll look better than ever. If you don’t believe me, just check out this transformation.

26. Wavy Pixie Bob Haircut

Great news for those of us who are struggling to find our place somewhere in between all those straight-haired and curly-haired women: wavy hair is trending right now.

27. Round Pixie Bob Haircut

And you know what else is trending this season? A round pixie bob: a contemporary update on the classic round bob.

28. Red Curly Pixie Bob Haircut

Fiery red hair color, beach curls, and a perfectly cut pixie bob? All of it combined together results in an amazing hairstyle you don’t want to miss out on.

29. Pixie Bob Haircut With Baby Bangs

Baby bangs on a pixie bob cut are for the boldest ones only. But when you see how great these two go together, I’m pretty sure you’ll join that club.

30. Pastel Purple Pixie Bob

Pastel purple is funky, but also gentle, flirty, and romantic. Pair it with a fashionable pixie bob and all eyes will be on you.

31. Elegant Pixie Bob Haircut

A pixie bob is actually one of the easiest ways to look elegant at all times, regardless of your age. It gives you a classy, lady-like vibe other haircuts have a hard time radiating.

32. Chin-Length Pixie Bob Haircut

Let’s put all the focus on that beautiful jawline of yours. And don’t forget the cheekbones either!

33. Multicolored Pixie Bob Cut

This multicolored pixie bob cut combines different pastel shades and gives you an artistic style desired by many.

34. Wolf Pixie Bob Cut

Wolf pixie bob is edgy and unique, and it allows you to express your individuality and uniqueness. And most importantly: it’s low maintenance.

35. Funky Colored Pixie Bob Haircut

There is only one word to describe this funky-colored pixie bob: stunning. When I tell you that this hairstyle will knock everyone off their feet, I really mean it.

36. Pixie Bob Haircut With Peek-A-Boo Bangs

Peek-a-boo bangs are not here only to make your hairstyle even more beautiful. They also give you tons of versatility and make you look mysterious.

37. Silver Pixie Bob Haircut

Make sure to use a color-enhancing shampoo if you decide to go for this astonishing silver pixie bob haircut. And of course, hydrate and protect your hair at all times.

38. Pixie Bob Haircut With Long Bangs

Long bangs are here to frame your face, hide all of your imperfections, and put all of your beautiful features under the spotlight.

39. Behind-The-Ear Pixie Bob Haircut

This behind-the-ear pixie bob is romantic, but flirty at the same time. Most importantly: it gives you the diversity you can only dream about with other haircuts.

40. Copper Pixie Bob Haircut

If you want to update your entire style, choose the shade of copper for your tresses while cutting them and rocking a pixie bob.

41. Neat Pixie Bob Haircut

It’s time to look, feel and act like the true lady you are. Let the entire world see how elegant and stylish you are.

42. Bowl-Shaped Pixie Bob Cut

This is a modern take on the retro bowl cut. Thanks to the texture and layers, it’s much more fun and attractive than the original version.

43. Swept Back Pixie Bob Cut

It’s cool, fresh, and it looks flattering on every woman. It can be worn formal or casual. And as if that weren’t enough, it’s a great style for not-so-clean hair.

44. Pixie Bob Cut For Women Over 60

When I ask my clients who are over 60 what their favorite hairstyle is, most of them describe a pixie bob. It lets them keep their femininity alive without having to deal with long, thinning hair.

45. Deep Red Pixie Bob Haircut

The best thing about this pixie bob is the face that it’s so wearable. It’s appropriate for every day, for the office, but also for formal events.

46. Pixie Bob Haircut With Natural Grays

Your natural grays are starting to appear? Trust me when I tell you that they will look the best if paired with a pixie bob haircut.

47. Fiery Red Pixie Bob Haircut

Awaken the lioness inside of you and show the world what a badass you actually are. Don’t forget to recolour your locks every 4-6 weeks to keep the color alive!

48. Auburn Pixie Bob Haircut

Are you ready to give this girl-on-the-go style a chance? This pixie bob looks kind of messy and undone, but that’s the whole point.

49. Pastel Pink Pixie Bob Haircut

A pastel pixie bob screams romance and love. Ask your hairdresser to pay special attention to volume and definition when chopping your locks off.

50. Icy Blonde Pixie Bob Haircut

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, versatile cut, this is it! There are tons of ways of wearing this pixie bob and each one of them looks spectacular.

51. Bixie For Thin Hair

Bixie, or a bob pixie (which is basically the same as a pixie bob) is one of the best solutions for thin-haired girls, especially if you add waves to the equation. The entire hairstyle gives you tresses volume and dimension.

52. Two-Colored Pixie Bob Haircut

Sick and tired of dull looks? Want your hair to help you draw everyone’s attention? Add a bit of fun to your life with a two-colored pixie bob cut.

53. Classic Pixie Bob Haircut

Classic haircuts never go out of style and they’re flattering for women of all generations and ages. This pixie bob cut is one of those styles.

54. Wispy Pixie Bob Haircut

The wispy waves complement the layers while giving you a dimensional and textured hairstyle. The bangs are there to finish the modern look.

55. Pixie Bob Haircut With Subtle Undercut

You want to be edgy but remain classy at the same time? A pixie bob with a subtle undercut is just what you need!

56. Razor Pixie Bob Cut

A razor pixie bob is effortless and gives you a careless, youthful vibe. And the fact that it’s super low-maintenance is a bonus, as well.

57. Tousled Pixie Bob Haircut

The only thing you need to make this tousled pixie bob look great at all times is your fingers. Let your hair air-dry and comb it with your fingers. Just like that, you’re good to go.

58. Pixie Bob Haircut For Chubby Face

If you have a chubby face, a pixie bob is everything you’ve been searching for your entire life. It elongates your face and makes it visually thinner.

59. French Pixie Bob Haircut

You’ve heard of a French bob, but have you heard of a French pixie bob? Well, let me tell you a little secret: the fashion industry has!

60. Blunt Pixie Bob Haircut

The shape says mini blunt bob, but the length screams pixie. Well, that’s what’s so great about this pixie bob haircut.