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The 20 Most Popular Feathered Hairstyles For All Hair Lengths

The 20 Most Popular Feathered Hairstyles For All Hair Lengths

Feathered layers are making a big comeback, so it’s high time you replace blunt cuts with textured and voluminous feathered cuts! Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, there’s a perfect feathered style for your mane. You can spice up your feathered hairstyle with curtain bangs, highlights, and different coloring techniques that will help you create a unique look. Here are some of the most beautiful styles to inspire your next feathered look!

1. 70s Waterfall Shag With Feathered Layers

Iconic 70s waterfall shag with curtain bangs and feathered layers will give your hair a volume-boosting effect and ensure your hair is beautifully textured with flowy layers. If you have dark hair consider adding blonde or copper highlights to your shag with bangs for a dimensional look.

2. Blonde Highlights With Feathered Layers

Feathered layers add lots of movement to every hair type from curly to straight. Adding highlights will accentuate every feathered layer and thus bring out the best in your feathered cut.

3. Cowboy Copper Feathered Hair

Cowboy copper is a reddish-brown color combination perfect for those who want a natural-looking feathered style. The result will be shiny feathered hair that looks so glorious in sunlight. This stunning style looks amazing on both short and long hair.

4. Medium Feather Cut With Layers

Because medium hair is neither too short nor too long. This hair length offers a perfect balance between the two “extremes” and, oh, it looks amazing with feathered layers. Pro tip: add curtain bangs to complete this look.

5. Shaggy Feathered Hair With Choppy Bangs

If you want to rock the coolest feathered cut ever, here’s the recipe: shaggy layers + feathered layers + choppy bangs. Combining these three elements will give you an effortless style imbued with youthful vibes.

6. Platinum Blonde Long Feathered Layers

Platinum blonde is the lightest shade of blonde and it gives feathered layers that ethereal look no one can stay indifferent to. If you want to feel like an absolute queen of feathered hairstyles, a long feathered hairstyle is the way to go. Pro tip: use hair extensions if you have short hair.

7. Pixie Bob Short Feathered Hair

Pixie bob feathered haircut has plenty of volume on top and sides. In a nutshell, a pixie bob has the length of a short bob and pixie-like volume on top. It’s a perfect style for those with thick hair who want a debulking effect aka remove weight from their hair.

8. Pastel Pink Mullet Feather Cut

Mullet feathered haircut has longer layers on the back and shorter layers on the front. This feathered cut is a godsend for thick hair and it’s trending right now. So, what are you waiting for?

9. Long Layers With Feathered Curtain Bangs

Not every feathered hairstyle needs to have feathered layers throughout the entire hair length. If you want a more subtle version of a feathered hairstyle, or you’re trying this cut for the first time, I suggest going with feathered curtain bangs. They pair well with layered hairstyles.

10. Feathered Shag With Curtain Bangs

Shaggy hair, don’t care! If you’re a fan of effortless shaggy hairstyles, now is the right time to spice them up with some feathered layers. Feathered curtain bangs will help you achieve a perfect face-framing effect, so it’s worth adding them to the equation.

11. Feathered Shag Mullet

Feathered shag mullet is one of the most playful feathered hairstyles perfect for those who want a voluminous hairstyle with plenty of movement. If you have wavy or curly hair, apply some curl cream to make your waves or curls look more defined.

12. Feathered Mullet With Blonde Highlights

Feathered mullet with blonde highlights features voluminous, feathered layers with a sunkissed effect thanks to blonde highlights. This stunning style is a great option for those who want their hair to look less bulky and more defined.

13. Feathered Layers With Pastel Pink Highlights

Seldom hair colors can elevate a feathered hairstyle like pastel pink highlights! Combining feathered layers with vivid hair colors is a surefire way to achieve a unique, personalized look without trying too hard. As always, less is more!

14. Feathered Layers With Flipped Ends

Feathered layers with flipped ends are one of those breathtaking styles that can be achieved in just a few minutes. Here’s how: divide your hair into sections. Wrap the top of your sectioned hair around the brush and place it above the blow dryer. Then twist the brush up and continue blow drying to create flipped ends.

15. Feathered Hair With Face-Framing Layers

If you want a voluminous hairstyle with lots of movement and a face-framing effect, opt for feathered hair with face-framing layers. The best is that face-framing layers can be customized to look flattering on all face shapes.

16. Cream Blonde Ombre With Feathered Layers

Cream blonde ombre with feathered layers is a stunning style that won’t require frequent salon visits. A dark grow out paired with a blonde ombre isn’t only low-maintenance but also one of the most popular summer hairstyles.

17. Brunette Long Feathered Layers

Brown long feathered hair is a classic feather hairstyle that can be customized for your hair type and length. For example, you can start feathered layers from the shoulder if you have thick hair, or add fewer feathered layers if you have thin hair.

18. Bronde Hair With Feathered Curtain Bangs

Bronde hair with feathered curtain bangs combines brown and blonde shades with feathered layers. Adding feathered bangs to this hairstyle is another great way to add more volume to your hair.

19. Blonde Balayage Feathered Hairstyle

We can’t get enough of blonde balayage hairstyles because they look stunning on all hair types. They enhance the curl pattern on curly hair, accentuate the texture of wavy hair, and add dimension to straight hair. Pair blonde balayage with feathered layers for a modern, fashionable look.

20. Beige Blonde Feathered Bob Cut

The beige blonde feathered bob cut is reserved for those who want a short feathered hairstyle that perfectly frames their face and accentuates the best features. The biggest trademark of this stunning style is the voluminous hair on top that gives off effortless, undone vibes.