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These 18 Trendy Bob Hairstyles Are Going To Be Huge In 2024

These 18 Trendy Bob Hairstyles Are Going To Be Huge In 2024

Trendy bob hairstyles are on the rise and are more unique than ever! Whether you’re looking for an elegant bob cut or an edgy version of a classic bob, you’ll find it on the list of trendiest bob styles below. Ready to find a perfect bob cut for your hair texture? I bet you are!

1. Voluminous Layered Bob Haircut

There’s something so alluring about voluminous layered bobs. They look like genuine pieces of hair art and, more importantly, voluminous bobs with layers look amazing on all hair types.

2. Platinum Blonde Bob Haircut

If you want to tap into the ethereal vibes, a platinum blonde bob cut is made for you! If you want to add more movement to your bob cut, opt for layers rather than a blunt cut where your entire hair is chopped to be the same length.

3. Wavy Bob Haircut

If you ask me, waves are the epitome of relaxed, chill vibes and a wavy bob haircut is no exception. If you have naturally wavy hair, all you need to do is apply some curl cream and/or leave-in conditioner to accentuate your wave pattern. If you weren’t born with wavy hair, you can easily achieve this hairstyle by wrapping the sections of your hair around a curling iron and using a soft bristle brush to create waves.

4. Textured Bob Haircut

The main “job” of textured bob cuts is to accentuate the natural texture of your hair and also to make your hair look more voluminous. If you have thin hair, this is one of the best bob hairstyles for your mane.

5. Textured Shaggy Bob

Shaggy hair, don’t care! If you want to rock an ultra-textured version of a bob haircut, then you’ll need to add some shaggy layers to your textured bob cut. Adding bangs to this amazing hairstyle is just a cherry on top!

6. Layered Long Bob Hairstyle

Also known as the lob, the long bob is a longer version of a classic bob. This haircut is getting more and more popular as of late because it gives you the best of both worlds: the bob texture combined with longer, voluminous hair.

7. Layered Bob With Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs are cut at varying lengths thus giving your fringe more definition, and ensuring that you give off effortless, edgy vibes. Besides that, choppy bangs pair beautifully with all types of bob cuts from layered to A-line.

8. Curly Bob Cut

Among plenty of trendy bob hairstyles, curly bob cuts stand for the most voluminous and the cutest version of a bob cut. Adding piecey bangs (defined bangs with separated strands) to your curly bob cut will make this hairstyle even cuter!

9. Classic Bob With Bangs

When you get tired of experimenting with different bob cuts, then you know it’s time to go back to the classic bob cut with bangs. This hairstyle will stylishly frame your face and, of course, earn you lots of compliments.

10. Choppy Bob Haircut

Choppy bobs are reserved for those who want to rock an edgy bob cut with plenty of volume. Besides that, choppy bob cuts are easy to style, especially if you have naturally wavy or curly hair.

11. Brunette Bob With Copper Highlights

Copper highlights add dimension to brown hair and also make a blunt bob cut look more textured. This color combo is perfect for those looking for a subtle hair transformation that will enhance the beauty of their natural hair.

12. Bronde Lob Haircut With Curtain Bangs

This bronde lob combines natural-looking shades of blonde and brown with curtain bangs. Indeed, curtain bangs are one of the most versatile types of bangs that can be customized to flatter all face shapes.

13. Bob With Feathered Layers

As the name implies, feathered layers are cut in a way that they resemble the feathers of a bird. Bob with feathered layers is one of the most stylish and sophisticated bob cuts suitable for all hair textures.

14. Bob Hime Cut

Popular hime cut features cheek-length sidelocks usually paired with frontal fringe. If you want to achieve a unique personalized style, bob hime cut is the way to go!

15. Blunt Bob Cut

Blunt bob cuts are simple, stylish, and to the point. Unlike layered bob cuts, blunt bob cuts don’t have that much volume but they bring out the best in straight hair.

16. Blonde Ombre Bob Cut

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance bob hairstyle, the blonde ombre bob cut is a great choice. If you opt for this hairstyle, you’ll be able to skip frequent salon visits and rock trending dark roots.

17. Blonde Bob With Bobby Pins

Bob with bobby pins is a match made in heaven! This hairstyle proves how little you need to achieve great hair results. To be more exact, you only need three bobby pins on a blonde bob to achieve a breathtaking hairstyle.

18. A-line Blonde Bob

A-line bob features shorter hair on the back with longer layers in front. Angled bob styles are trending right now, and you can pair them with highlights or beautiful pastel colors for a more personalized look!