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20 Haircuts For Square Faces That Highlight Your Best Features

20 Haircuts For Square Faces That Highlight Your Best Features

If you’ve got a square face, you have something in common with some of the most gorgeous celebrities around. To highlight your striking angles and bold features, a great hairstyle should create balance by softening the edges and adding curves that offset your strong jawline and wide forehead.

Ahead, we’re showcasing flattering haircuts for square faces that will flawlessly frame your chiseled features.

1. Choppy Pixie Cut


Anyone can wear a pixie if they pick the right style. This choppy, voluminous haircut balances the sharp jawline of a square face, while the tiny side-swept fringe adds the perfect amount of softness.

2. Layered Bob

If you want to soften the angles of your face and draw attention away from your sharp jawline, a classic layered bob with rounded ends provides just that. It beautifully frames the face and is super on-trend, too!

3. Short Shag


Shaggy cuts are all about texture. By adding volume volume around the temples and crown, this short, edgy haircut creates a balanced look without concealing your chiseled jawline.

4. Layered Medium Haircut


Soft, tapered layers will create a delicate frame for your face, breaking the angles and bringing movement to the hair. Add some wispy bangs to complete this romantic, feminine look.

5. Textured Lob


Blunt cuts that end at the jawline are on top of the list of haircuts to avoid if you have a square face shape. If you love the look and want to wear it regardless, a few tweaks will make it work: wear it at the collarbone instead of jaw-length and add lots of texture to soften the angles of your face.

6. Wolf Cut


Choppy and textured, the wolf cut is an all-in-one look for a square face: it adds volume, frames the forehead and softens the squareness of the jaw.

7. Blunt Cut With Face-Framing Layers


Face-framing layers solve all hairstyling issues whatever your face shape. Tailored to suit you, they’re the perfect customization you can add to any haircut to make it more flattering.

8. Midi Bob


Dreamy and luxurious, the midi bob is the perfect companion to vampy, flirty looks if you don’t want long hair. Its flowy, voluminous shape can help soften the strong angles of a square face shape.

9. Bangs And Face-Framing Layers


Wispy bangs help break up the angles, adding softness to this already ultra-flattering haircut. It’s all about balance!

10. Lob With Side-Swept Bangs


When choosing a hairstyle for a square face shape, avoid straight lines, especially horizontal: instead of blunt, always opt for choppy, tapered or asymmetrical. This applies both to the ends of the hair and bangs, like this soft lob with side-swept bangs.

11. Mid-Length Shag


This shag with long layers would look good on nearly all face shapes. Thanks the masterful layering, it has tons of movement that flows naturally, enhancing the features.

12. Straight Hair With Parted Bangs


Parted bangs cover the sides of the hairline while opening up the rest of the face, which makes them ideal for all face shapes that need balancing the forehead. Alongside the softer hairline, this look also includes a lot of texture, adding dimension.

13. Shoulder-Length With Layers


Square faces can pull off various lengths, but medium-to-long hairstyles tend to be the most flattering. Here, the hair is long enough to add full waves, instantly creating a softer look.

14. Choppy And Tousled


Soft layers are great, but you prefer something edgier? Choppy, tousled waves add softness, curves and dimension—all you need to flatter a square face.

15. ’90s Layers


Retro ’90s layers can be styles in multiple ways, from sleek to voluminous, and each of these options will suit a square face shape.

16. Bardot Bangs


This stunning haircut has a French vibe and a timeless appeal: long, layered and paired with the iconic Bardot bangs, it will complement the sharp angles of your face.

17. Long Waves


Not a fan of the layered look? Long, wavy hair with no apparent layers has enough curves to flatter a square face shape, especially when paired with a side parting that adds length to the face.

18. Long Curtain Bangs


Curtain bangs come in various lengths, but they all have the same function: creating a frame. For a square face shape, long, rounded curtain bangs are ideal: they frame the angular forehead, then fall near the jawline to soften it.

19. Beach Waves


Who doesn’t love beach waves? The ultimate casual glam hairstyle not only looks amazing, it also makes the face look more beautiful, whatever its shape.

20. Butterfly Cut


With all its layers and movement, the butterfly cut is ideal for a square face shape. It’s soft, it’s voluminous and it’s oh-so-gorgeous!