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40 Dyed Curly Hair Ideas To Try In 2024

40 Dyed Curly Hair Ideas To Try In 2024

Royal purple, split-dyed, copper, holographic hair… With so many dyed curly hair ideas, it would be a shame to stick to one shade, right?

Apart from introducing you to a wide array of trendy hair colors and combos, I’ll also help you find the right shade for your base color, skin tone, eye color, and commitment level. Ready when you are!

1. Honey Bronde Curly Hair Balayage

If you strive to achieve the perfect balance between brunette and blonde, here’s my favorite recipe: Honey blonde highlights + brunette lengths = honey bronde balayage!

2. Purple Waves With Yellow Highlights

According to hair color theory, yellow is the complementary color to purple. As the picture shows, a few yellow streaks on purple hair will add a lot of dimension to your hairstyle (and earn you compliments).

3. Dark Copper Balayage

Balayage is a technique that involves free-painting highlights onto the hair, rather than using traditional foils. However, if you want to enhance your copper shade (or give it a little lift), ask your hair colorist to combine good old balayage with foils. This hair coloring technique is known as ‘foilyage’.

4. Striking Holographic Waves

I always describe holographic hair colors as otherworldly because they look so unreal! Here’s the secret: this color-shifting effect is created by strategically placing various pastel hues throughout the hair. Holographic waves look equally amazing on both short curls and long curly hairstyles. Amazing.

5. Punk Rock Color Blocking

Color blocking is all about combining contrasting colors to create a unique look. These cool shades of blue and green with a dash of burgundy are guaranteed to make you a punk rock queen (and the queen of creative curly updos)!

6. Jet Black Curly Hair

Jet black has been all the rage as of late. Now, the difference between jet black and black hair color lies in the intensity of the shade. Jet black hair is the darkest black shade of all and it perfectly compliments the curl pattern.

8. Fiery Red Long Waves

A few tips on how to rock fiery red:
➼ If you have pale skin, fiery red hair color will give you a Celtic goddess vibe.
➼ Fiery red complements fiery temperaments.
➼ Two of the biggest enemies of fiery red (and other red shades) are the heat of your styling tools and the heat from the sun. Solution: invest in heat and UV protectant sprays, scarves, and hats to help your fiery red be longer “on fire”.

9. Purple Silver Color Blocking

This shade combines gorgeous pastel notes of purple with silver ash tones for a striking hair color combo. From soft and subtle to more vibrant and daring, feel free to customize the colors to your liking.

10. Chocolate Cherry Dyed Curly Hair

Chocolate cherry is the most delicious-sounding shade ever and it always reminds me of a box of chocolate. Is anyone hungry for something sweet? Because I surely am.

11. Pastel Blue For Short-Layered Curls

To achieve pastel blue hair, your colorist will need to begin with a light blonde base before painting your hair with a pastel shade. If your hair is darker, your colorist will use bleach to lift your color completely before dyeing it pastel blue.

Keep in mind that curly hair is more prone to damage, so bleaching can affect your curls and the overall health of your hair. If you do bleach your hair, I always recommend using moisturizers and a protein treatment once a week after the bleaching treatment.

12. Sun-Kissed Blonde Balayage

This blonde balayage is done in a way that helps achieve that sun-kissed look, and that’s why it exudes that naturally youthful vibe. Also, sun-kissed balayage grants you freedom against frequent root touch-ups which sounds like a legit hair goal.

13. Silver Mid-Length Curls

Hello, ethereal vibe! If you want to give your grey hair a mini makeover, I suggest going silver because this shade will perfectly blend with your natural hair color. Low maintenance is an added bonus.

14. Split-Dyed Galaxy Hair

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor! Split-dyed galaxy hair will give you the best of both galaxy worlds (read: tones). The cool tones on the left and the warm tones on the right create a magical balance of galactic proportions! Consider doing the same thing for your eye makeup.

15. Loose Ginger Curls

Ginger-red hair color is found in only 1–2% of the world’s population. We don’t worry about that because nowadays it’s so easy to mimic natural ginger hair color by mixing light copper golden blonde with dark copper. Congrats, you may join the “ginger crew”.

16. Vibrant Color Blocking Curly Hairstyle

This vibrant color blocking screams Valentine’s Day (and candy)! Lucky you because you don’t need to wait until Valentine’s Day to change your hair color. Hint: call your hair colorist up for an appointment ASAP.

17. Golden Blonde Curly Hair

Before deciding to go golden blonde, you need to make sure that you’ve chosen the right shade for your skin tone. That being said, a warm (golden or honey) blonde flatters warm skin tones, while cooler tones like ash or dirty blonde work best for cool skin tones.

18. Intense Copper Red Waves

The intense copper red hair color trend consists of intense copper, rich red, and golden blonde hues. With its rich, warm tones, copper red suits pretty much every skin tone and curly hairstyle. Yaay!

19. Unicorn Curls

When life gives you hair colors (and 3C curls), dye your hair unicorn for a fun and unique look! Here’s how: unicorn hair is achieved by blending a variety of enticing pastel hues like lavender, mint, soft pink, aqua, and even metallics like smokey silver.

20. Black Curls With Face-Framing Pastel Blue

If you aren’t ready for a drastic change (like dyeing your hair unicorn), you can choose one or a few pastel hues. If you have mid-length curly hair (or a curly bob haircut), I recommend placing the pastel tones strategically for a face-framing effect.

21. Split-Dyed Extreme Magenta

Torn between extreme magenta and brunette? You don’t have to choose between the two because split-dyed extreme magenta will give you the best of both worlds.

22. Vivid Red Curly Shag

Whether you’re a brunette who wants to brighten up your hair, or a blonde aiming to make a statement, one thing is for sure: vivid red is the winner and it looks especially flattering on short curls.

23. Brown Curly Hair With Raspberry Highlights

Do you want to transform your brown curls without committing to a new hair color? Highlights come to the rescue! Raspberry highlights will not only accentuate every curl in your brown hair but also make your hair appear fuller. Here are more reddish-brown color combinations to inspire you. You’re welcome!

24. Neon Green-Black Wavy Hair

Three words: baddie curly hairstyle. If you’re a brave soul looking for a drastic change, I suggest combining contrasting colors such as neon green and black.

25. Royal Purple Curly Hair

How can you make a statement without making a statement? Answer: Royal purple. Majestic royal purple gives depth and mystique to your curly hairstyles. It also makes you look super cool on Insta.

26. Rich Burgundy Coils

When it comes to beautiful burgundy tones, those with peach and golden skin tones should choose warmer burgundy shades. Cooler burgundy tones go best with olive, pink, or ebony complexions. The best of all is that burgundy hair color looks equally amazing on all types of curls from coiled 4C to 3C curly hair.

27. Golden Pink Balayage Waves

If you want to refresh your golden blonde balayage and make your skin glow, light pink tones will do the job. I daresay that a half-up half-down hairstyle brings the best in this hair color combo. Yummy!

28. V-Shaped Galaxy Curly Hair

Galaxy hair is a blend of gorgeous tones of the cosmos such as blue, purple, and magenta. This type of hair color doesn’t require precise color placement and that’s what makes it one of the coolest hair trends ever.

29. Golden Strawberry Curls

Golden strawberry looks naturally rich with a warm hint of strawberry hue. To ex-brunettes: this is a perfect shade to start with if you feel like switching to the lighter side of the color spectrum.

30. Silver Rainbow Waves

Sections of rainbow strands bring silver tones to life in the most unobtrusive way possible. Also, mixing rainbow hues with silver helps define each layer of your hair.

31. Cowboy Copper Curly Hair

Say hi to one of the coolest red shades for the fall! Of course, we’re talking about cowboy copper which is a blend between warm brown and copper. No doubt everyone will think you were born with this shade.

32. Light Brown Curly Hair

Light brown hair color looks best on fair and warm skin tones. I’ve also noticed that this shade looks extremely flattering on clients with green eyes. Beautiful.

33. Pastel Purple Pink Colored Curly Hair

When it comes to pastel colors, the bright and vibrant shades tend to fade much faster. This means one thing: prepare to visit your hair colorist monthly (if not more often) depending on the shade you want to maintain.

34. Pastel Candy Color Blocking

The best thing about pastel colors is that there is a pastel shade for every skin tone:

➼ Warm pastel shades (e.g. rose, orange) look best on fair and light skin with cool undertones.
➼ Cool pastel shades (e.g. blue and green) are flattering on medium skin with warm undertones.
➼ All pastel and vibrant shades complement dark skin tones.

35. Blonde Highlights On Curly Hair

Here’s a secret for mesmerizing blonde highlights on dark hair: placing different shades of highlights (platinum blonde, golden blonde, etc.) throughout your hair will make your curls look more texturized and voluminous.

36. Soft Blue-Pink Waves

Who said that you have to choose between warm and cool pastel shades according to your skin tone? Well, (unwritten) rules are made to be broken because combining these two contrasting colors has never looked so good!

37. Caramel Curly Hair With Highlights

This unique shade combines brown and blonde with a golden finish. Pro tip: if you don’t want your caramel shade to creep into orange, wash your hair with a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner between coloring treatments.

38. Deep Pink Hair Color For Curly Hair

If you have a cool skin tone (fair, ebony, or ivory) deep pink should be your color of choice. If your skin tone is warm (olive, brown, or peach) opt for pastel pink to enhance your complexion.

39. Dark Brown Curly Hair

Dark brown curly hair definitely deserves to be on the list of cottagecore hairstyles. This simple hair color enhances the natural texture of your curls, and we all know that cottagecore is all about simple life.

40. Silver Ash Ombre For Curly Hair

Ombre means “shaded”, and it describes a coloring technique where a darker base color is gradually lightened towards the lengths. Silver ash ombre allows your natural darker hair to gradually blossom into an on-trend silver ash shade. Undoubtedly, ombre brings out the best in long curly hair.