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21 Straight Layered Hair Ideas For Extra Volume And Bounce

21 Straight Layered Hair Ideas For Extra Volume And Bounce

If you ask me, one-length haircuts should be illegal because they never look as flattering as layered hairstyles. This applies to all hair types including straight hair, and that’s where straight layered hair ideas come into the story! Layered haircuts will give your straight mane an extra oomph of volume and bounce. All you need to do is find the right hairstyle for your hair length and texture. Ready?

1. Butterfly Haircut

Butterfly haircut features a mix of short and long layers with a face-framing effect. This type of haircut is a godsend for those with thick hair because it has lots of layers that add movement and bounce to straight hair.

2. Blonde Short Layered Bob

If you want to achieve a dynamic look, then opt for a short layered hairstyle. Unlike long layers, short layered hairstyles create the illusion of a more voluminous mane and make your hair look more textured.

3. Long Straight Hair With Layers

Unlike wavy and curly hair, long straight hair can look dull without layers. Layering makes straight hair look fuller and thicker than it is, and it looks amazing in all lengths.

4. Medium Length Curve Cut

The curve cut is a layered haircut that features shorter layers around the face and longer layers at the back. With medium-layered hair, a perfect face-framing effect is guaranteed.

5. Layered V-cut

While the U-cut features soft curves and blended layers, the V-cut creates a sharp “V” shape. The V cut gives your straight hair more dimension and creates the illusion of a longer mane.

6. Curve Cut With Long Layers

Also known as the C-cut, curve cut frames your face most fashionably and it blends perfectly with longer layers. This haircut is a combination of a dynamic and polished look.

7. Mahogany Butterfly Layers

The easiest way to achieve a dynamic look is to combine shorter and longer layers. This popular haircut (read: butterfly haircut) looks great on all hair textures from wavy to straight.

8. Jet Black Long Layered Hairstyle

Jet black is the darkest shade of black hair. If you’re not a fan of lighter hair colors, consider giving this shade a chance. After all, long layered hairstyles in dark shades create that mysterious look no one can stay indifferent to.

9. Ultra Long Hair With 80’s Feathered Layers

Feathered layers feature delicate layering that resembles a bird’s feathers (hence the name). The finely layered cut gives straight hair a soft appearance and adds lots of movement as well.

10. Flowy Bouncy Layered Hairstyle

Layered hair, don’t care! Flowy bouncy layers are perfect for those who want to achieve a face-framing effect and remove weight in a haircut.

11. Short Face-Framing Layered Haircut

If you have thin hair, cutting it short and adding layers will create the illusion of a thicker mane. Pro tip: consider adding highlights for a more dimensional look.

12. Straight Layered Hair With Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs are piecey, feathered bangs that are easy to style and maintain. So, it’s no wonder that wispy bangs are getting more and more popular as of late. Am I right?

13. Long V-layered Haircut

V-layered haircut is all about pointy ends and an edgy appearance. This haircut requires lots of layering which may not be a good thing for thin hair. If you have thick hair, feel free to rock this beautiful haircut without any worries!

14. Heavily Layered Haircut With Curtain Bangs

Say hi to one of the most versatile bangs ever – curtain bangs! Heavily layered haircut with curtain bangs is a match made in heaven and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to rock this trendy hairstyle this year.

15. Mid-Length Layered Hair With Chunky Highlights

Traditional highlights are thin and subtle, while chunky highlights are thicker and bolder. If you want to make a statement, chunky highlights are the way to go!

16. Butterfly Layers With Curtain Bangs

The butterfly haircut will add movement and bounce to straight hair, while curtain bangs will frame your face. Layered hair with bangs hairstyles are perfectly customizable to flatter all face shapes.

17. Shoulder Length Short Hair With Layers

Adding layers to shoulder-length hair is a great way to achieve more volume and add movement to straight hair. The above photo is legit proof of that.

18. Waterfall Layered Cut For Long Hair

Both feathered and waterfall layers feature a soft, breathtaking appearance. This beautiful haircut looks best on long hair because it requires lots of layers to achieve the waterfall effect.

19. Layered Haircut With Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are still going strong. These versatile bangs complement all haircuts including layered ones. From my personal experience, I daresay that layers with curtain bangs are one of the most popular hairstyles lately.

20. Shaggy Layers With Spiky Ends

Shaggy layers with spiky ends scream effortlessness and edginess. This haircut is for those who want to make a statement without trying too hard.

21. Face-Framing Hairstyle With Long Layers

If you have super long hair, adding long layers will help reduce weight and add movement to your hairstyle. Face-framing layers or curtain bangs are just a cherry on top.