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18 Prettiest Natural Hair Bun Styles You’ll Want To Copy

18 Prettiest Natural Hair Bun Styles You’ll Want To Copy

Everyone admires your natural hair, but some days, you just aren’t in the mood to have it all down. Also, some nights out and fancy occasions call for a different type of hairstyle. For both of these situations, there’s no better option than the good old bun. You can wear it messy, sleek, with fringe or without, or add some fancy hair accessories. Here are 18 natural hair bun styles you’re gonna love.

1. Bow Bun With Face-Framing Pieces

Save this one for a special night when you want an elegant updo to pair with your fancy dress. A high bun shaped into a bow with face-framing pieces creates a very graceful style.

2. Mega Natural Hair Bun

You sometimes wish you had a little less hair? Don’t be silly! Do you know how many girls would love to have as much hair as you do? I understand it can be bothersome on some days, and when that happens, just pull it up into a mega bun and show off your precious natural hair in a different way!

3. Low Sleek Natural Hair Bun

There are some occasions when nothing beats an elegant, sleek hairstyle. A low sleek bun on natural hair is a beautiful choice for weddings, proms, homecoming parties, or any other night you want to look like a diva.

4. High Bun With Cute Beads

A high bun is another fantastic hair updo you can wear for both casual and elegant occasions. Add some cute beads to make the whole style more fun and youthful.

5. Natural Hair Bun With Curly Fringe

Curly fringe makes any style fancier, doesn’t it? Just look at this pretty high bun: it seems effortless, but it looks so stylish and cool!

6. Low Bun With Pretty Golden Hair Accessory

If you want to spice up your ordinary low bun, just add a pretty golden hair accessory. It’s a minimal effort that really transforms your hairstyle into something beautiful!

7. High Messy Bun

On those days when you don’t know what to do with your hair but want it out of your face, go with a high messy bun. It’s an effortless look that saves time and still makes you feel cute and ready to win the day over.

8. Big Braided Bun

A big braided bun is both a practical and stylish hairstyle, and that’s why we love it! This style is also quite unique, making you feel ultra-special.

9. Low Bun With A Colorful Scrunchie

Make your hairstyle adorable and remember those sweet childhood days by tying your natural hair into a low bun with a colorful scrunchie.

10. Double Bun With Cornrows In The Front

This double bun is simply too cute to pass up! Plus, if you add cornrows to the front of your hair, you will save your edges from the harshness of tight styles and, of course, look so chic!

11. Low Curly Bun With Cute Hair Clips On One Side

If you want to look sophisticated and graceful, this low curly bun is a great option. Together with some pretty jewelry, you can also add cute hair clips on one side to make the entire style even fancier.

12. Sleek Top Knot

Don’t want any of your big natural hair flying around? Choose this sleek top knot and enjoy the night without worrying about your hair getting in the way!

13. Natural Hair Bun Style With Bandana

Natural hair is perfect for styling with a bandana. This is such a cute and charming hairstyle you need to try this summer!

14. Fluffy Textured Double Puffs

Double puffs are better than just one! When the style is this fluffy and textured, it’s so irresistible that everyone will shower you with compliments.

15. Flat Twisted Bun

If you haven’t worn a flat twisted bun, it’s high time you did! This style is bold, charming, and absolutely gorgeous on natural hair.

16. Mohawk Bun Style

Here’s a great protective style you’ll love if you’re currently growing out your natural hair. Not only is it protective, but this mohawk bun is also super cute and fun!

17. Low Bun With Colorful Bobby Pins

Create a beautiful sleek updo by styling your natural hair into a low bun. Besides hanging earrings, colorful bobby pins will also be a fabulous addition. With this little trick, you’ll be ready for your special night out!

18. Bantu Knots

Looking for a new, cute hairstyle, that will be your go-to option this summer? In this case, Bantu knots are something you need to try ASAP! This bun style is created by sectioning your hair, twisting it, and wrapping it into spiraled knots. So unique, youthful, and cool!