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18 Stylish Non-Binary Haircuts To Try Out In 2024

18 Stylish Non-Binary Haircuts To Try Out In 2024

The days when haircuts were strictly categorized as male or female are long gone. Now, you can embrace your ideal gender-neutral style, express your true self, and, of course, look stylish and chic! Here are 18 awesome non-binary haircut ideas you shouldn’t miss this year.

1. Inverted Bob With A Disconnected Undercut

We just love the inverted bob hairstyle because it’s versatile and flatters different face shapes and personal styles. It features shorter hair in the back and longer in the front. When you spice it up additionally with a disconnected undercut, you get a dreamy non-binary cut!

2. Shaggy Mullet

Mullets have made a huge comeback as a retro, stylish cut. This shaggy mullet isn’t just gender-neutral, but it’s also guaranteed to turn heads with its super cool and bold vibe!

3. Buzz Haircut

A buzz cut is fabulous because it’s not only practical but it’s also fashionable. This attractive style requires minimal upkeep and beautifully accentuates your facial features.

4. Non-Binary Haircut With Curtain Bangs

Thinking about the perfect type of bangs to pair with your non-binary haircut? You cannot go wrong with good old curtain bangs!

5. High Fade Buzz Cut

The high fade cut features short lengths along the back and sides of the head. It typically starts around the forehead or temples and gradually tapers off, creating a stylish and remarkable look.

6. Neat Undercut With Tapered Neck

This is a really pretty non-binary haircut that’s sure to earn you some serious compliments: a neat undercut with tapered neck.

7. Triangle Fade With Messy Top

If you’re looking for a trendy and modern androgynous haircut, this triangle fade with a messy top might just be the perfect choice for you!

8. French Crop

A French crop is another fashionable way to wear a non-binary cut. This style features long hair on top with a blunt fringe, and short back and sides that typically fade into the skin.

9. Curved Bowl And Comb-Over With Line Details

Here’s something different, ideal if you’re looking for a unique hairstyle that not everyone can pull off. It features an asymmetrical cut with a curved bowl and comb-over, accented by super cool line details.

10. Pixie Cut

Short on the sides and back, and slightly longer on top, the pixie cut is probably the best way to look effortlessly cool. It’s also one of the most popular non-binary haircuts trending right now.

11. Colorful Mullet With Burst Fade

If you’re feeling extra bold about your hair, consider trying this colorful mullet with a burst fade!

12. Crop Top Razor Fade

This crop top razor fade is a great choice if you’re looking for a textured and fashionable short gender-neutral hairstyle.

13. K-Pop-Inspired Non-Binary Haircut

The K-Pop hairstyle is a popular cut characterized by a deep parting of the hair on one side of the head. It’s easy to maintain and makes an awesome non-binary cut.

14. Baby Mullet

Here is a timeless haircut that offers a retro vibe with a modern twist: the baby mullet. In this style, the sides and back are cut short, while the nape is left longer and texturized.

15. Bowl Cut

The bowl cut, an old hairstyle that has made a comeback in the modern hair world, is pretty simple. It features a straight fringe at the front, with the rest of the hair left the same length all around. There are plenty of ways to style your bowl cut to make it stylish and unique, and, of course, it makes a beautiful gender-neutral cut.

16. Undercut Into A High Bun

An undercut is always cool, but pairing it with a high bun takes the entire hairstyle to a whole new level.

17. Crew Cut

Trimmed very close to the head, with hair shaved on the sides and back but left slightly longer at the front and top—a crew cut is simply fabulous!

18. Short Wolf Cut

Awesome, stylish, and just a bit edgy: the short wolf cut is one of the best ways to create volume and emphasize your hair texture!