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60 Inverted Bob Haircuts That Just Got The 2024 Upgrade

60 Inverted Bob Haircuts That Just Got The 2024 Upgrade

The defining feature of the inverted bob is its outline: it’s shorter in the back and longer in the front. Everything else can be modified to suit your face shape, hair type and personal style.

Read on to get inspired and learn how you can make this versatile haircut work for you.

1. Medium Inverted Bob


This luxurious, voluminous inverted asymmetrical bob is classy and elegant, but also edgy and visually striking, thanks to the asymmetrical outline and the petal-pink shade.

2. Short Inverted Bob With Bangs


With subtle stacking in the back and longer strands around the face, this graduated French bob is one of the most wearable variants of the inverted bob. It’s a timeless look that never goes out of style.

3. Long Inverted Bob


Smooth and sophisticated: this long inverted bob creates the perfect canvas for the gorgeous pearl blonde balayage.

4. Beachy Waves Inverted Bob


Loose waves and vibrant color make this textured lob look breezy and full of movement. You can create a similar style with a large-barrel curling wand or a flat iron.

5. Stacked Inverted Bob


A short graduated bob works for thin and thick hair—it boosts volume at the crown and removes weight at the bottom, creating a balanced, flattering style.

6. Edgy Funky Inverted Bob


The contrast between the neat, polished inverted bob and the neon yellow color results in a striking, impactful look that will get you noticed.

7. Curly Inverted Bob


Beachy waves aren’t just for long hair! This short inverted pixie bob is playful and pretty, and the cut makes it easy to achieve incredible volume.

8. Asymmetrical Inverted Bob


This long inverted bob looks put-together and edgy at the same time, but there are even more styling options—change things up by wearing it straight or wavy.

9. Medium Length Inverted Bob


A sleek, center-parted bob looks elegant in any color, so it provides lots of opportunity to play around. With a classic cut like this, you can wear a fun color even if you need to look professional and polished.

10. Angled Long Inverted Bob


The best thing about a blunt angled bob is how wearable and easy to style it is. Most of the time you can wear it with your natural texture, or make it fancier when you have extra time.

11. Layered Inverted Bob


The flowing long bangs and layered A-line cut work together to create a unique and elevated look full of personality and poise.

12. Soft Curve Bob


This is the perfect summer style if you don’t like your hair to feel heavy at the bottom. A layered inverted bob is light and wearable, and looks just as good as it grows out, so you can go longer once the heatwave is over.

13. Wavy Inverted Long Bob


This combination of layers, highlights and loose waves gives the hairstyle dimension and rhythm—when cut and color are this perfectly matched, the hairstyle comes alive.

14. Lip-Length Inverted Bob


This short straight hairstyle is minimalistic with a twist. With a natural color, his straight lip-length bob with a center part would be classic and understated, but paired with hot pink, it’s attention-grabbing and cool.

15. Choppy Inverted Bob


Heavy graduation in the back can look outdated. If you want the volume it gives you but don’t want all the attention on the shape, pair it with contemporary choppy ends.

16. Choppy Inverted Bob For Fine Hair


This edgy choppy bob has everything fine hair needs to look thicker: blunt ends, choppy layers and lots of texture. To add grit and structure, use a lightweight texturizing spray that builds body but doesn’t weight the hair down.

17. Angled Inverted Bob With Layers


The vibrant red-orange balayage paired with a dramatic angle is edgy and fun, but besides being cool, this haircut also makes thick hair more manageable.

18. Choppy Inverted Bob With Bangs


This transformation demonstrates the power of shape: the stacked layers at the crown boost volume, fuller bangs frame the face, and the blunt ends and short length create a crisp look.

19. Long Inverted Bob Haircut


This inverted long layered bob is light and touchable, begging to be flipped from side to side. The root shadow makes it even softer by warming up the platinum shade.

20. Inverted Long Bob


Long, tousled waves tucked behind one ear, long bangs swooping over one eye and vibrant copper color? Subtly sexy and effortlessly cool.

21. Stacked Inverted Bob With Bangs


There’s a lot going on here—the bangs, the shape, the peek-a-boo color—but it doesn’t feel too much. Mixing a lot of elements can be a mess, but this is a harmonious style that works.

22. Inverted Wavy Bob


If you have some wave in your hair, you already know you can naturally achieve this texture, but what about the frizz? The key to escaping frizz is moisture—scrunch in a cream or serum into wet hair, then wrap with a microfiber towel or an old t-shirt.

23. Fine Hair Tapered Inverted Bob


A precise cut with a structural shape like this one takes dedication—it needs to be styled in a certain way to look the way it’s meant to and get regular touchups to keep it impeccable.

24. Inverted Layered Bob


This easy stacked bob haircut is great for thick hair. The layering removes lots of weight and adds movement, while the tousled texture looks good however you part or shape your hair.

25. Short Stacked Bob Haircut


The long pieces in the front contrast the rounded shape at the back, creating visual interest. If you want this kind of style to look more casual, skip the flat iron and style it naturally.

26. Inverted Bob For Thin Hair


If your hair is thin, steer clear from wispy ends. They’ll make your tresses look mangy, so go choppy or blunt instead. This bob looks sophisticated and polished–the blunt ends complement the hair instead of taking away from it.

27. Choppy Layered Inverted Bob


Lots of face-framing, volume at the crown and the highlights that complete the picture. This choppy bob is easy and fun!

28. Short Inverted Bob With Layers


This short asymmetrical bob is sophisticated and wearable. Leaving one side longer has given the otherwise classical style a playful touch.

29. Funky Inverted Bob


Bobs are the perfect hair length if you like experimenting with color—they’re long enough to show off the dye job, but get trimmed often enough to avoid damage. Unleash your creativity!

30. Medium Length Stacked Bob


This subtle inverted bob with long layers is appropriate for any occasion, depending on how you style it. It can go from sophisticated to edgy with a little bit of imagination (and some hair gel).

31. Short Inverted Bob With Bangs


When choosing bangs, the shape of your face is the deciding factor. A heart-shaped face can handle lots of styles, as long as they’re textured instead of blunt.

32. Stacked Choppy Inverted Bob


Both the color and the cut are soft and understated, but they’re far from simple. This soft bob is pretty, flattering and takes almost no time to style.

33. Angled Bob With Layers And Side Bangs


This bob with side bangs brightens the face with the help of the pale color, accentuating the eyes. The long, side-swept bangs and rounded front pieces flatter angular face shapes, such as diamond and square.

34. Inverted Bob With Bangs For Thin Hair


Before you decide to go for a super-precise cut, make sure that it fits your lifestyle. Unless your hair is already naturally stick-straight, a style this sleek is difficult to achieve on a daily basis unless you’re prepared to use a lot of heat.

35. Inverted Bob With Side-Swept Bangs


Swooping side bangs and glossy highlights form a gorgeous frame for the face, and the neat yet relaxed styling looks carefree and soft.

36. Medium Length Angled Bob


Black and white is the hair color combo of the year, and it looks particularly striking when only one section is dyed the contrasting color.

37. Layered Inverted Bob Haircut


This lightweight lob is a great choice if you like to tie your hair back—having longer strands in the front means they won’t escape the updo.

38. Inverted Stacked Bob With Bangs

Dying the bangs and the strands around the face the same color will create a cohesive two-tone coloring that looks deliberate and fitting.

39. Choppy Medium Inverted Bob


Here’s a secret: your hair doesn’t have to be naturally thick to look this voluptuous—it’s all about the texture: the texturizing layers throughout and texturizing product to separate the strands and add body.

40. Short Inverted Bob With Blunt Bangs


This cute inverted bob with bangs looks super fresh thanks to the color: it brightens, contrasts and adds dimension.

41. Choppy Stacked Funky Inverted Bob


This cut is all about the layers: shorter in the back make sure that the hair on top of the head doesn’t fall flat, and longer throughout create movement.

42. Short Layered Inverted Bob


Changing up even a small detail in the way you style your bob will give it a completely different vibe: flipping the ends outwards creates a completely different look than flipping them inwards.

43. Soft Short Inverted Bob


Volume on top of the head affects how your face looks as much as the strands close to it: a short inverted bob with layers gives volume to thin hair at the crown and frames the face in the front.

44. Wavy Angled Bob Hairstyle


An inverted bob isn’t always about length around the face—a subtle angle is sometimes used to prevent your bob from looking shorter in front.

45. Long Angled Inverted Bob


This inverted A-line bob would look just as good worn silky straight as it looks wavy, and you can get both looks using a flat iron.

46. Short Blunt Inverted Bob


A short bob with very subtle angle can look amazing without a lot of fuss—dry it using a diffuser or without heat to showcase your natural texture.

47. Long Inverted Bob With Long Bangs


Adding just a few layers will boost body by creating movement. Soft, wispy bangs do the same thing around the face.

48. Short Graduated Bob


Long, nearly imperceptible layers result in rounded ends and soft volume that exudes glamour and elegance.

49. Choppy Angled Bob


This haircut is as simple as it gets, but subtle details make it modern and fun. Instead of being all one length, texturizing layers have been added, the ends are choppy and the front pieces are the longest.

50. High Stacked Inverted Bob


This bob combines a glam cut with an unnatural color, resulting in an unique hairstyle that’s all about edgy elegance.

51. Inverted Bob Haircut With Curtain Bangs


To get lots of fluffy volume like this bob with curtain bangs manages, apply volumizing spray as the last step in your styling. In a pinch, dry shampoo will do the same thing.

52. Short Stacked Inverted Bob


This inverted bob has an extreme angle, and you can’t skip appointments if you want to keep it looking good—as it grows out, the way the strands fall will change and it won’t work.

53. Medium Inverted Bob With Bangs


The bright strawberry-blonde highlights breathe life into this cute bob, making it pop.

54. Long Layered Angled Bob


An airy lob is the default short-to-medium hair for anyone who has type 1 or 2 hair, and with good reason: it’s timeless and gorgeous.

55. Inverted Pixie Bob


This pixie bob has a beautiful shape and lots of body: ultra volume and minimal maintenance at home.

56. Graduated Bob Haircut


If you’re a fan of highly coiffed styles like this short layered bob, be prepared to be a regular at the salon, because they start looking messy as soon as they start growing out.

57. Long Subtle Inverted Bob


Glossy and chic, this airy bob will look fabulous whether you wear it with a side part or a center part.

58. Short Asymmetrical Stacked Bob


Bob on one side, and pixie on the other—this asymmetrical look is dramatic and fun.

59. Shoulder Length Long Inverted Bob


Beachy waves hit just right with this length and this angle. Don’t you love the tousled, playful look?

60. Inverted Bob With Side Parting


Lots of volume on top, and flowy length in the front—to avoid a round shape around the face, a slight angle has been added to this minimal short bob.