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22 Prom Hairstyle Bun Ideas For A Stunning Glamorous Look

22 Prom Hairstyle Bun Ideas For A Stunning Glamorous Look

A sophisticated updo is a favorite choice for many girls on special occasions, such as proms. While any updo will do the trick here, an elegant bun remains a timeless and irreplaceable option. Whether you’re thinking about a sleek bun, a messy one, or one with a romantic vibe, you’ll find your inspiration in this list of 22 stunning prom hairstyle bun ideas. Let’s get started!

1. High Messy Bun

While this hairstyle is characterized as messy, it’s still so elegant and feminine and will make you feel like a princess on your big night!

2. Braided Low Bun

Practical, pretty, and so stylish, a braided bun isn’t your ordinary bun style. It offers an awesome combination of two classic hairstyles, coming together to create a beautiful prom updo.

3. Braided French Twist

A braided French twist is a fantastic way to combine classic elegance and romantic charm into a youthful prom updo!

4. Classic French Twist

If you’re not up for any experimenting, but you want a simple, clean, and sophisticated prom look, then a classic French twist is just the right choice for you!

5. Sleek Minimalist Chignon

At first glance, this hairstyle might seem too basic. However, trust me, nothing embodies elegance quite like a sleek, minimalist chignon!

6. Low Relaxed Bun On Natural Curls

When you have curly hair, any hairstyle automatically looks a hundred times better without much effort! A simple, low relaxed bun is all it takes to achieve a beautiful curly prom hairstyle.

7. Undone Relaxed Bun

If you’re not a fan of tightly pulled hairstyles, you’re going to love this undone, relaxed bun! It’s kind of effortless, but still does the trick and gives you an absolutely adorable prom style.

8. Ballerina Bun

With a ballerina bun, you will have your hair atop your head like a crown, which is all you need to feel like a true queen on your prom night. Plus, you can dance the night away without a worry, as your hair will be secured in a tight, high bun!

9. Elegant High Bun With Face-Framing Pieces

The face-framing pieces will add a special charm to your high bun. This style is also a great way to show your beautiful prom makeup.

10. Low Messy Bun

A low messy bun isn’t only a fine option for running errands or for a casual night out. It can also be an awesome, relaxed prom updo!

11. Big Layered Bun

Do you have a lot of hair and want it to stand out on your prom night? Consider choosing a big layered bun as your hairstyle!

12. Side Bun

Chic, fashionable, and feminine: a side bun is just the right dose of different you need to feel glamorous on your big night!

13. Sophisticated Low Bun

Here is another beautiful formal updo : a sophisticated low bun that will complement your prom dress perfectly!

14. Effortless High Bun

This effortless high bun proves that sometimes less is more, showing that you don’t need anything extravagant to achieve a stunning updo for a special occasion.

15. Sleek Big Chignon

A big chignon, sitting low at the nape of your neck, is one of the best ways to look elegant and graceful at your prom. It’s both vintage and timeless!

16. Knotted Bun

Here’s another way to wear a low bun and look effortlessly cool!

17. Top Knot

If your only wish for prom is to keep your hair up and off your neck and shoulders, a top knot is one of the prettiest ways to achieve this!

18. Double Braided Halo

Are you dreaming of a romantic and soft prom updo? Then this braided halo is the hairstyle of your dreams!

19. Bun Half Updo

If you want to style your hair into a bun but don’t want to completely hide it, consider this simple and beautiful bun half updo.

20. Sleek Low Bun

The beauty really is in simplicity, and this low sleek bun proves just how little a girl needs to look absolutely charming!

21. High Sleek Bun

Neat and elegant, a sleek high bun will make you feel so confident on your special night!

22. Boho Tousled Bun

If you prefer messy and boho hairstyles over neat and clean ones, don’t worry—there are still plenty of ways to look sophisticated for your prom! Here’s a great example of a boho tousled bun that’s just too pretty to resist.