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18 Money Piece Curly Hair Styles To Give Your Curls A Pop Of Color

18 Money Piece Curly Hair Styles To Give Your Curls A Pop Of Color

The money piece trend features sections of hair that are lighter and brighter around the face. This stunning trend helps you achieve a perfect face-framing effect while giving your hair a pop of color. If you have curly hair, finding the right money piece color combo is crucial to bringing out the best in your mane. That being said, here are the most beautiful money piece curly hair styles to inspire your next look!

1. Honey Blonde Money Piece Hair On Copper Curls

Copper curls feature a combination of brown and red and belong to the warm color category. Having that in mind, copper curls are best paired with the blonde money piece in warm tones like honey, golden, or strawberry blonde.

2. Chestnut Brown Curls With Blonde Money Piece

If you want to achieve a face-framing effect and rock a natural-looking hairstyle, I suggest pairing blonde money piece with brown curls. This color combo looks amazing on all hair lengths.

3. Pastel Pink Money Piece Hair Color

If you have a warm skin undertone and want to create a bold look, the pastel pink money piece is for you! This gorgeous money piece looks best when paired with all shades of brown. Add a bit of curl cream and you’re good to go!

4. Emerald Green Money Piece

Add a pop of color to your dark hair with a vibrant emerald green money piece! Pairing cool-toned emerald green with neutral-toned black is a great way to achieve a high-contrast colored look.

5. Light Brown Curls With Blonde Money Piece

If you have light brown hair and want to achieve a sunkissed effect, adding a blonde money piece is one of the ways to accomplish the desired hair goal. If you also have blonde highlights, make sure your money piece is in a lighter color (e.g. platinum blonde) than the rest of your highlighted hair.

6. Vibrant Teal Money Piece

Hello, unique lady! The vibrant teal money piece is reserved for those open to experimenting with various shades (and aren’t afraid of being the center of attention everywhere they go). You can pair a vibrant teal money piece with purple, blonde, or silver curls for the best results.

7. Intense Red Money Piece With Red Highlights

Who said you can’t add a money piece in the same or similar color as the rest of your hair? Combine red highlights with an intense red money piece to create an ultra-dimensional red hair look. Enjoy your new style!

8. Brown Curls With Bangs And Blonde Money Piece

If you have bangs, you can add a subtle version of money piece highlights that will be hidden underneath your hair like popular peekaboo highlights. Whether hidden or not, one thing is for sure: the money piece will take your curly hairstyle to the next level.

9. Vivid Green Money Piece On Medium Brown Curls

When it comes to pairing contrasting colors, cool-toned green and neutral black are a match made in heaven. Choose a vivid green money piece on dark curls to make a bold statement this year!

10. Platinum Blonde Money Piece

If you have blonde hair, that doesn’t mean you can’t add the money piece in a similar color. Actually, combining lighter and darker tones of the same color results in a dimensional look. If you have honey or golden blonde hair, opt for platinum blonde money piece to create a beautiful sunkissed effect.

11. Red Money Piece On Short Curly Bob

A red money piece on a short curly bob is just the cherry on top! Styling tip: add curl cream and hair gel on damp hair and dry your hair upside down with a diffuser for voluminous, bouncy curls.

12. Copper 3C Curls With Blonde Money Piece

Copper and blonde are both warm colors. Combine these two shades to create a flawless look perfect for every occasion. Also, this color combo is a great idea for an effortless, summer look.

13. Black Hair With Midnight Blue Money Piece Highlights

The midnight blue is a more subtle version of the money piece that pairs well with black curly hairstyles. This gorgeous money piece will give your curly hairstyle dimension and accentuate your best features. Sounds like a good deal, right?

14. Medium Brown Curls With Beige Brown Money Piece

Give your brown curls a pop of color with trending beige brown money pieces. You can dye both your bangs and the sections of hair around your face beige brown for a complete look.

15. Golden Blonde Money Piece On Bronde Hair

Golden blonde and bronde are a perfect color combo for those who want a sunkissed brunette hair look that is also low-maintenance. Keep in mind that golden blonde belongs to the warm color category and looks best on warm skin undertones.

16. Flamingo Money Piece With Black Curls

Flamingo birds are known for their vibrant appearance, and their unique look doesn’t stop inspiring us (hairstyles included). The flamingo money piece on black hair is a great option for those who want to rock a bold, unique look.

17. Dark Blonde Money Piece On Curly Hair

Dark blonde money piece on dark curly hair is a classic money piece hairstyle that looks great on all hair lengths. Pro tip: opt for a deep side part to achieve a more voluminous hairstyle and to balance your features.

18. Light Copper Curls With Blonde Money Piece

Light copper curly hair with a blonde money piece is one of those hairstyles that always look great even with a grow out. This stunning hairstyle is perfect for those who want a sunkissed look and prefer avoiding frequent salon visits.