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Rainbow Hair Is Here To Add A Trendy And Bold Vibe To Your Style

Rainbow Hair Is Here To Add A Trendy And Bold Vibe To Your Style

The arrival of spring and summer always inspires us to try something new with our hair. And what better way to do this than by experimenting with some new colors! If you’re feeling really bold and up for something creative, rainbow hair is an interesting trend to consider. These pretty hues work well on any hair texture, length, and style. Here are 22 ideas on how to incorporate rainbow colors into your hair to look cool and stylish.

1. Rainbow Root

This is a nice way to add rainbow colors, without overwhelming your look. The rainbow root is just colorful enough to get that charming, edgy look, while the rest of your hair can be any color you prefer.

2. Wavy Rainbow Hair

You’re looking for a way to refresh your medium wavy haircut? I can’t think of a better idea than adding some rainbow colors! They will look so beautiful with your soft waves, giving you a gentle and feminine look.

3. Long Blonde Hair With Rainbow Tips

Feeling ready to add some color but not quite brave enough to transform all your blonde hair into a rainbow? Here’s a great idea: rainbow tips. This style lets your blonde hair keep its charm while adding a splash of color at the ends.

4. Straight Pink Hair With Rainbow Tips

Warm, gentle, and subtle colors: this pink hair with rainbow tips is just too cute to pass!

5. Short To Medium Rainbow Hair

Growing your hair from short to medium is the perfect time to have some fun. Try out these pretty rainbow colors and have everyone ask for your hair colorist’s number!

6. Rainbow Hair On Wolf Cut

No other haircut is as cool and bold as the wolf cut. Adding rainbow colors creates a match made in heaven to this timeless style.

7. Hidden Rainbow On Blonde Hair

At first glance, it appears to be just a minimum pop of color. But when you run your fingers through the hair, you’ll uncover the magic of a hidden rainbow on blonde hair!

8. Rainbow Hair In A Soft Mermaid Braid

You don’t need to wear your rainbow hair completely down to show its full beauty. See how graceful it looks styled in a relaxed mermaid braid.

9. Simple And Neat Straight Rainbow Hair

Straight rainbow hair: so simple and neat, but still unique and breath-taking.

10. Rainbow Hair In A Half Updo

A half updo is just the ideal choice for those days when you want your hair off your face, but not completely in a shadow. When you have rainbow-colored hair, it takes the half updo on a whole new level!

11. Hidden Rainbow On Brunette Hair

Here’s another cute hidden rainbow – this time on brunette hair. Nothing boring or ordinary about this hair!

12. Rainbow Hair With An Undercut

Dreaming of a hairstyle worthy of a real rock star? Try out this awesome undercut with rainbow colors to add just the right dose of edgy to your style.

13. Subtle Rainbow On Blonde Hair

Soft, long, blonde hair with subtle rainbow tones in the front: this is the change you need this season!

14. Rainbow Hair With Curtain Bangs

Hairstyles with curtain bangs are simply the best for achieving a trendy style and accentuating your facial features. Pair them with rainbow colors for an ultimately chic look.

15. Pink Hair With Rainbow Bangs

Can’t decide which is cooler: having your entire hair dappled with rainbow colors, or just coloring the bangs like this.

16. Youthful Rainbow Hair

Happy rainbow colors, tiny braids, and floral hair clips… Doesn’t it just bring back memories of hanging out with your fourth-grade friends and a carefree childhood?

17. Rainbow Hair In A Ponytail

A cute ponytail is always a simple and fashionable style, especially when you have pretty rainbow colors in your hair.

18. Rainbow Tips On Natural Hair

If you want to keep your natural hair color but add some rainbow hues, show this picture to your hair colorist.

19. Rainbow Hair, Bow And Glitter

Every day is a party with rainbow hair! However, if you really want to make your hair festive, style it into a bow and add lots of glitter.

20. Jellyfish Rainbow Hair

The jellyfish cut is popular nowadays, featuring top layers that mimic a classic bob, while the bottom portion of hair hangs long and flowing. It’s cool on its own, but it becomes iconic with rainbow colors.

21. Braided Rainbow Hair

Rainbow hues and a charming braid is all you need for an effortlessly cool look.

22. Rainbow Bob

How fantastic do rainbow colors look on this medium-length bob? Ultra-modern and brave, this style is exactly what you need to shine at upcoming summer events.