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Wolf Cut Is The Coolest Hair Trend And This Is How To Wear It

Wolf Cut Is The Coolest Hair Trend And This Is How To Wear It

We’re always on the hunt for hairstyles that are effortlessly chic, modern, and don’t require a daily battle to look great. But, is this mission impossible? Not at all, because I have the latest hair trend to recommend to you! It’s cool, looks good on everyone, and offers just the right dose of wildness you need to step away from dull hair. Say hello to the wolf cut.

What Is A Wolf Cut?

Even if you’re not exactly familiar with this cut, chances are you’ve already seen it on Instagram and TikTok, as many celebrities have adopted the wolf cut trend. Essentially, this hairstyle combines two timeless cuts – the shag and the mullet.

It features choppy layers on the top and longer choppy layers in the back and around the sides. The great thing about this hairstyle is that it offers a lot of layers, volume, and movement to your hair. It echoes the charm of the 70s and 80s but with a modern twist that’s just too awesome to skip.

What Hair Type A Wolf Cut Suits?

No matter your hair type, one thing is sure: you can definitely rock a wolf cut! And this is an additional reason why we’re so in love with this cut. If you have straight hair, this cut is perfect for adding volume and ensuring your hair always looks on point. In case your hair is curly or wavy, there’s literally nothing special to do to have stylish hair everyday – just let it look all shaggy and chic!

For thick hair, the wolf cut works miracles by removing excess bulk and weight. It keeps your hair from appearing too heavy and gives it a completely new shape. Meanwhile, those with thin hair will find this cut elevates their look to a whole new level. It adds texture where it’s needed most and conceals any thin areas you’d prefer to hide.

What Face Shapes A Wolf Cut Suits?

Things just keep getting better because when it comes to the wolf cut, your face shape doesn’t really limit your options. Basically, this style looks good on all face shapes. If you have an oval or heart-shaped face, you’re generally in the clear with any hairstyle, and the wolf cut is definitely no exception.

If your face is oblong, you should cut your hair a bit and try out the short wolf cut, as to not elongate your face additionally with your hair shape. This style is awesome for round faces, too, since the short layers around your face will make it look just adorable. For square faces – a wolf cut is a great way to soften up your sharper features.

What Is The Desirable Hair Length For A Wolf Cut?

Length really isn’t a crucial factor with the wolf cut. It’s a nice option to freshen up your long hair, especially if you’re not ready to cut it drastically yet. It makes medium-long hair more wearable and versatile, while it’s especially charming on very short hair, creating an ultimately stylish look.

Stylish Wolf Cut Hairstyles

Now, it’s time to get some inspiration for your next hair appointment! You’ll definitely want to have a picture to show to your stylist, so, here are some creative ideas for a modern wolf cut.

1. Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs

Wolf cut and bangs are simply a precious combination. In my opinion, this hairstyle is best paired with curtain bangs. They spice up your look in the best possible way and emphasize your pretty facial features. Also, they look equally stunning on wavy and straight hair.

2. Soft Wolf Cut

A hairstyle that’s a combination of a shag and mullet might sound a bit too overwhelming, especially if you aren’t exactly bold when it comes to experimenting with your hair. You shouldn’t worry, since a wolf cut doesn’t have to be too wild! Here are two nice examples of a soft and feminine wolf cut.

3. Wolf Cut With Short Bangs

Bangs are definitely an important element of a wolf cut. They’re also something many of us think about for a while, weighing the different styles and considering which type would best suit our face shape and hair texture. Short bangs are bold and make a difference, pushing you out of your comfort zone. Do you feel ready for this change?

4. Wolf Cut On Long Hair

Having long, healthy hair is such a blessing. The possibilities are endless, and you can experiment with various hairstyles. Why not go with a long hair wolf cut this time? You get to keep the length you’ve grown over time, while gaining a charming style that won’t go unnoticed.

5. Wolf Cut On Medium Long Hair

Medium hair isn’t as boring or challenging to style as some might believe. A wolf cut looks so pretty on medium-long hair, just like it does on longer lengths. Give this style a try—it just might become your all-time favorite!

6. Wolf Cut On Short Hair

I hope that nobody doesn’t think that a long hair is a must to look feminine anymore. There are plenty of short hairstyles that will make you feel like a powerful woman, emphasizing your natural beauty and facial features. A wolf cut on short hair is one of them, allowing you to do something different and brave with your hair. Embrace this style and be ready for heads to turn and compliments to come your way!

7. Men Wolf Cut

The wolf cut looks so good with all face shapes. It’s also an amazing cut for different hair textures and lengths. The list continues and gets even better, as this hairstyle isn’t only reserved for ladies, but also looks flattering on men. A short wolf cut on men is about to be a big trend this year, so make sure you don’t miss out on it!

8. Dyed Wolf Cut

Life is too short to only try out one or two different hair dyes! If you’re in a mood both for a hairstyle and color change, here are some nice ideas for a dyed wolf cut.

9. Wolf Cut On Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, chances are you’ve been told more than once how fortunate you are for not having to wrestle with your hair every day since it always cooperates and looks the same. However, I believe you might be a bit tired of hearing this. Well, a wolf cut is a fantastic idea to spice up your straight hair. You’ll achieve the desired effect—your straight hair will look fresh and anything but boring.

10. Youthful Wolf Cut

Some hairstyles are more suited to adult women and might not be the best choice for younger girls, and vice versa. Well, with the wolf cut, there’s really no such thing as age limit. This hairstyle, when styled into a gentle and subtle cut, is perfect for young girls, too.

11. Wolf Cut With Side Bangs

Hairstyles with side bangs are back in fashion and it’s time to revive this trend from the early 2000s! When you combine side bangs with a cool hairstyle like the wolf cut, you get the most charming style you can imagine.

12. Wolf Cut On Black Hair

There’s something powerful and mystical about black hair that we never seem to get tired of. However, with time, your dark hair might start to look boring. And what better way to give it a nice twist than with a trendy wolf cut?

13. Wolf Cut On Brunette Hair

Short and straight brunette hair, or long and wavy brunette hair – either way, a wolf cut works so well and brings you an unique style.

14. Wolf Cut On Blonde Hair

Let’s be honest and admit that any style just looks better on blonde hair. Yes, every hair color has its unique charm, but blondes are just something special. The blonde wolf cut is one of the trendiest ways to show your pretty color and texture.

15. Wolf Cut On Wavy Hair

The cool, low-maintenance, and slightly wild wolf cut is such a flattering style for wavy hair. It emphasizes the natural texture and movement of the hair, making it look effortless, but still breath-taking. Why not save up these two pictures for the next visit to your hairdresser?

16. Wolf Cut On Curly Hair

Is there any curly hairstyle that isn’t just stunning? I don’t think so! Wolf cut on your natural curly hair is another proof of how curls are made for any style, and you definitely shouldn’t tame them or hide them away in updos. Embrace your wild locks and let everyone see their beauty with a bold wolf cut!

17. Edgy Wolf Cut

For bolder ones, a wolf cut can be edgy and wild. Actually, this is the description that will come to mind of most people when imagining a combination of a shag and a mullet. Together with getting a nice face-framing cut and a really cool disconnection between the front and back, you can also experiment with different colors on your wolf cut to give it a unique personality on its own.

18. Wolf Cut On Thin Hair

If you’re worried that your thin hair might not be suitable for a wolf cut, I encourage you to go for it. You’re likely to be pleasantly surprised! Of course, you should consult the hairdresser you really trust to suggest you the best type of wolf cut for your hair. You can use this cut to add layers and texture to your thin hair, as well as creating a fuller, more voluminous look.

19. Wolf Cut On Thick Hair

Thick hair is a blessing, since it offers different hairstyles to choose from. When you have a lot of hair, you can do basically anything! However, managing thick hair comes with its own set of challenges, including the struggle to keep it looking neat. A wolf cut is an ideal choice here, since it adds definition and style to your hair, as well as removes bulk and weight from it.

20. Shaggy Wolf Cut

This is the wolf cut in its full glory, without any holdbacks. Featuring choppy layers, a lot of shape and definition, and, of course, a stylish and trendy look that you shouldn’t miss out on this season!

5 Reasons To Get A Wolf Cut

A wolf cut definitely makes an interesting choice, especially if your hairstyle hasn’t changed for years. It’s really time to shake things up. Here are five main reasons why this style is a good idea for you:

1. Fashionable and trendy: We all know that celebrities are those who dictate the hottest trends. Let me just share some of the well-known names that have embraced a wolf cut: Miley Cyrus, Jenna Ortega, Keke Palmer, Debby Ryan, and Billie Ellish. This means that you’ll be on trend and looking super fashionable with this ultimately cool cut!

2. Versatility: The layers and texture provided by a wolf cut mean you can style it sleek and polished, or messy and tousled. Of course, you can mix both of them and change your style according to your mood and wishes!

3. Low maintenance: In this busy world, who has time to do their hair everyday? With a wolf cut, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on stylizing and making your hair look perfect: just let it be effortlessly cool and a bit wild, as it’s supposed to look, making it a low-maintenance haircut.

4. Texture and volume: While a wolf cut is perfect for any hair type, it’s especially flattering for those girls with thin hair, creating the illusion of texture and volume.

5. Looks great on both genders: This hairstyle isn’t only different and creative for ladies, but also offers a nice change for men, too.

Tips And Tricks

Of course, you want your wolf cut to always look like you’ve just stepped out of a hair salon. Here are some tips on how to achieve this effect:

• Brush your hair daily, especially if you’re prone to knots. This will help prevent tangles. Use a round brush!

• You’ll need to trim your hair regularly to keep the shape, approximately every eight to ten weeks

• Allow your hair to air-dry partially before using a diffuser attachment

• If you have curly or wavy hair, use a styling cream or mousse to help maintain its shape and prevent frizz

• If you have straight hair, use products designed to add texture

• Hair spray is another thing you’ll need to use often to keep your wolf cut in best shape

• While your hair is drying, run your fingers through the bangs to achieve a messy, effortless, and cool look that the wolf cut is known for