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60 Best Red Hair With Blonde Highlights Ideas

60 Best Red Hair With Blonde Highlights Ideas

Who has more fun? Who does it better? Who are the queens of men’s hearts? Redheads or blondes? But who says you have to choose? Why not go for red hair with blonde highlights and take the best from both shades?

1. Dark Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

How gorgeous is this combination of dark red hair and blonde highlights? It gives your hair dimension and depth.

2. Blonde Hair With Red Highlights

What if we turn the tables? What do you think about blonde hair with red highlights? One thing is for sure: every pairing of red and blonde hair is stunning!

3. Blonde Hair With Bright Red Highlights

You don’t have to cover all (or most) of your tresses with red highlights. A couple of strands of bright red will do the trick!

4. Brown Hair With Blonde And Red Highlights

If having three colors on your hair at the same time was too much for you until now, I promise that this inspo pic will change your mind.

5. Red Hair With Blonde Color Block

This red hair with blonde color blocking on one side of your face is giving superhero vibes. It’s a great choice for when you want to experiment with your locks.

6. Pixie Short Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

I can tell you one thing: a pixie haircut has never been more fun. Even though it’s a funky-colored pixie, it is still appropriate for all ages.

7. Golden Brownish Red With Light Beige Blonde Merge

A lot is going on in here. You have golden brownish red and beige blonde. But what matters is that they all make a wonderful combination of shades.

8. Light Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

The trick to achieving this hair color is the pink undertone of the base red color. After that, adding blonde highlights is a piece of cake.

9. Dark Red Hair With Strawberry Blonde Face-Framing Highlights

Do you see what a huge difference strawberry blonde face-framing highlights make on red-colored hair? It’s a completely new hairstyle when they enter the picture.

10. Platinum Blonde Hair With Red Highlights

Once again, a reversed situation where blonde is the base color. But this platinum blonde and bright red contrast is to die for.

11. Brownish Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

Can’t decide between brown and red hair? You don’t have to. Instead, choose a brownish-red hair color. And don’t forget to add blonde highlights.

12. Copper Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

What shade of red do you think goes the best with blonde highlights? You’ve guessed it right: copper it is!

13. Ginger Hair With Platinum Blonde Color Block

Usually, you would probably pair ginger red with strawberry blonde or a similar hue. But if you really want to make a difference, you’ll go with platinum blonde highlights.

14. Long Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

If you still don’t know which red hair with blonde highlights idea to choose, just take this inspo-pic to your hair colorist and let them create magic.

15. Red Hair With Chunky Blonde Highlights

Remember how popular chunky highlights were in the 90s? Well, they’re back and they are not going anywhere.

16. Blonde Hair With Black And Red Highlights

If you’re into a bit unusual, and even dark hairstyles, this combination of color is perfect for you. Pair it with interesting make-up and you’re good to go.

17. Strawberry Blonde Balayage On Red Hair

Choosing strawberry blonde balayage on red hair means having rays of Sun in your hair throughout the entire year. And it means having a beautiful hairstyle as well.

18. Blonde Hair With Red Highlights Underneath

If you’re still not sure about going all the way red and blonde, dye the tips of your blonde hair red, or go with the underdye.

19. Curly Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

Do you want to make your curly hair look even richer and chic? Happily, you’ve just found the way to do it.

20. Red Hair With Blonde Face Framing Highlights

These blonde face-framing highlights are here to accentuate all the beauty of your face while updating your hairstyle.

21. Red Hair With Strawberry Blonde Highlights

It’s no wonder there are so many combinations of red and strawberry blonde hair colors. After all, strawberry blonde is one of the trendiest shades in the hair industry.

22. Burgundy Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

If you have olive, ebony, or pink skin undertones, burgundy red hair with blonde highlights is your match made in heaven.

23. Orange Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

If you get yourself a skilled hair colorist, they will be able to blend orange-red and blonde highlights perfectly.

24. Ginger Red Hair With Blonde Money Piece

As if ginger hair alone isn’t special enough, I present you ginger with a blonde money piece. It’s the best choice for girls with lighter complexion.

25. Pinkish Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

The ultimate mixture of pink and red, topped with blonde highlights. Sounds perfect to me. And it looks even better.

26. Brown Hair With Blonde, Red, And Violet Highlights

What’s so great about this hairstyle is that it meets your funky and professional sides halfway. You have multiple colors on your locks but you still look respectable.

27. Copper Red Hair With Golden Blonde Highlights

The trick about golden blonde highlights is that they have a superpower of transforming themselves, depending on the Sunlight your hair is exposed to.

28. Ginger Medium Length With Blonde Highlights

It’s time to update your medium-length haircut. And what better way to do it than by dyeing it red and adding blonde highlights?

29. Violet Red Hair With Blonde Babylights

Blonde babylights are exactly what this violet-red hair needs for the best possible effect. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

30. Red Hair With Blonde Bangs And Highlights

How cool is this red hair with blonde bangs and highlights? I know one thing: it’s definitely not cooler than you.

31. Layered Red Cut With Blonde Bangs And Face-Framing Highlights

Layers are everywhere, aren’t they? Well, it’s actually quite simple: this haircut makes your hair look much thicker and gives the illusion of volume.

32. Copper Blonde Hair

How romantic is this copper-blonde hair? It’s incredibly fashionable and it will look on girls with cool skin undertones.

33. Red Hair With Blonde Overdye

Want to achieve a peek-a-boo effect and surprise everyone? In that case, this should be your top pick.

34. Blonde Hair With Red Lowlights

Instead of getting red hair with blonde highlights, go with a blonde base color and red lowlights. It will give movement and depth to your locks.

35. Dark Red Hair With Sunshine Blonde Highlights

I’ll be honest with you: this hair color is not the easiest to maintain. But it really is worth all the trouble!

36. Fiery Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

Are you a fierce woman? If the answer is yes, fiery red with blonde highlights will give you a look to match your personality.

37. Gold Ribbons On Red Hair

Gold ribbons on red hair are a big fashion yes, yes, especially if you pair this hair color with a long, wavy bob cut.

38. Red Hair With Blonde Balayage

We’re certainly not done with the balayage technique. Red hair with blonde balayage will give you a makeover of your life!

39. Blended Blonde Highlights On Red Hair

Here’s another subtle, yet incredibly effective red hair with blonde highlights ideas. Blended highlights are the style you simply must try this year!

40. Natural Auburn Hair With Blonde Highlights

What if you have natural auburn hair? Well, the best way to update is certainly by adding blonde highlights.

41. Dark Red Hair With Subtle Blonde Highlights

You’re still not sure about pairing blonde and red hair? No problem! In that case, just add some subtle blonde highlights to your red base and start from there.

42. Intense Ginger Hair With Subtle Blonde Highlights

I promise you one thing: when you see this intense ginger red with blonde highlights inspo pic, you’ll fall in love at first sight.

43. Dark Auburn With Blonde Highlights

Let’s talk about the old money look because dark auburn hair with blonde highlights is just the right hair color to achieve that style.

44. Red Butterfly Cut With Blonde Highlights

Butterfly cut is one of the trendiest hairdos of the season. Don’t forget to combine it with a fashionable combination of hair colors!

45. Red Hair With Dimensional Blonde Highlights

Luckily, we’re still not done with tricks to make your hair look thicker. One of the best ways to get that effect is with the help of dimensional highlights.

46. Mahogany Red With Blonde Highlights

I admit: mahogany hair color is beautiful by itself. But I’m sure you’ll agree it’s even more stunning with blonde highlights.

47. Curly Red Bixie Cut With Blonde Highlights

The perfect blend of pixie and bob cuts meets the perfect blend of red and blonde hair colors. As a result, you get this awesome hairstlye.

48. Red Hair With Blonde Highlights For Women Over 50

Here’s an amazing example of how the right hairstyle can make you look much younger and freshen up your style.

49. Red Hair With Blonde Highlights For Women Over 60

Who says that women over 60 aren’t allowed to experiment with their hair? If you want to do something wild, this is the style for you!

50. Red Inverted Bob Cut With Blonde Highlights

An inverted bob is a timeless haircut that can and never will go out of style. But if you really want to make it trendy, this is the way to do it.

51. Strawberry Red With Blonde Highlights

No, I’m not talking about strawberry blonde. As you can see, this shade really is strawberry red and it looks amazing with blonde highlights.

52. Pumpkin Red With Blonde Highlights

If you’re scared that your red hair color will wash out too soon, here’s the perfect hue for you: pumpkin red.

53. Bright Red With Blonde Highlights

I’ll be honest: Bright red hair color is for bold ladies only. But if you consider yourself to be one, please go for it.

54. Red Blow Out With Blonde Highlights

Want to look elegant, chic, and classy while having red hair and blonde highlights? Here’s the hairstyle to get you there.

55. Subtle Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

Here’s another low-maintenance red hair with blonde highlights inspo-pic. Trust me, you’ll love this look from the moment you see it.

56. Red Curly Bob With Blonde Highlights

If you want to spice up your short hairstyle, a red curly bob cut with blonde highlights has your name written all over it.

57. Red To Blonde Ombre

In case you forgot about ombre, I am here to remind you that this coloring technique is very much in style. And I assure you that this is the most beautiful ombre you’ll ever see.

58. Multishaded Red With Blonde Money Piece

You might not see it at first glance but the thing that makes this hairstyle so beautiful is different shades of red blending into each other.

59. Rose Red With Blonde Highlights

There is only one word to describe rose-red hair with blonde highlights: breathtaking! But I have to warn you, it’s not the easiest hair color to maintain.

60. Afro Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

Adding blonde highlights to your Afro red hair will add value to your confidence and it will help you look better than ever.