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35 Reddish Brown Hair Colors You’ll Fall In Love With

35 Reddish Brown Hair Colors You’ll Fall In Love With

What do you get when you mix earthy browns with fiery reds? Rich and warm reddish brown hair colors that are both sultry and cozy. The range of shades varies in intensity and depth, giving you plenty of options to pick the right one to try out.

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1. Auburn Hair With Copper Balayage


If you want to look like you were born with a red hue in your hair, consider a deeper auburn shade with copper highlights. Variation in tones will make your hair look sun-kissed and natural.

2. Pumpkin Spice Copper


The warmth in this gorgeous hair color conjures up the atmosphere of autumn days, both with the tones it contains and its name, so right now is the perfect time to try it.

3. Vibrant Auburn Curls


When choosing your red(dish), the first thing you should consider is your skin tone: you’ll get the most flattering results if you keep the the depth similar. This vibrant shade of the highlights is perfect for medium skin with cool undertones.

4. Dark Brown Hair With Auburn Highlights


This rich auburn brown will look stunning on deeper skin tones—a step above regular brown hair that will make you glow.

5. Cinnamon Brown And Copper Balayage


Red hair is notoriously fickle, and fades faster than other hair colors. More vibrant reddish brown hues are similar; to keep your color fresh between salon visits, at-home gloss is a game-changer.

6. Deep Brown With Auburn Highlights


Not sure if red tones are for you? Choose balayage instead of single-process color to make covering it up easier if you change your mind. On the other hand, you probably won’t.

7. Vivid Cowboy Copper Hair


Cowboy copper is the shade of the season. Vibrant yet not bright, it’s the perfect blend between copper and brown. Also, it’s nearly universally flattering, so no need to think too hard before jumping on this trend.

8. Deep Mahogany Brown


Deep mahogany works for all cool skin tones which can also handle dark brown or black hair, so you should avoid it if you usually wear warmer or lighter hair colors.

9. Auburn Brown With Face-Framing Pieces


Subtle money pieces are on-trend right now. Unlike the chunky, Y2K-inspired, high-contrast strands, this trend is all about blending lighter face-framing pieces into the base color.

10. Deep Brown With Copper Highlights


This is the ideal combination if you’re bored with brown hair with caramel highlights but still want dimension and brightness in your dark brunette tresses—just as flattering, but bolder.

11. Light Copper Brown


Avoid warm, nearly orange tones unless your complexion is warm. But if you do have yellow undertones, golden and copper will make you glow.

12. Auburn Copper Balayage Ombre


Can’t decide between dark brunette and copper? Get the best of both worlds with ombre balayage.

13. Reddish Brown Waves


This intense shade is a head-turner: vibrant, fiery and intense. You need to be bold to wear it because it will make you the center of attention.

14. Auburn Hair With Babylights


Auburn hair is a blend of both cool and warm tones, so it can work for all skin tones. Make it extra flattering by tweaking it a little warmer or cooler.

15. Light Caramel Copper Brown


The red is barely there in this caramel copper brown. It’s subtle, with delicate warmth and energy. It’s the perfect shade for lighter olive skin tones.

16. Glossy Cowboy Copper


This striking cowboy copper is highly pigmented, so make sure your complexion can handle its vibrancy without being overwhelmed.

17. Reddish Brown Curls


If your hair is medium brown or lighter, you can achieve reddish brown shades without bleach. Even darker hair, either natural or dyed, won’t have to be lifted beyond level 6 or 7 to get there.

18. Deep Auburn With Caramel Highlights


You have lots of options if you want to elevate your dark brown hair without going lighter. Does this deep auburn with lots of dimension capture your imagination?

19. Rosegold Brown Hair


Rosegold brown is chic and unusual, so only choose it if you like to command attention. It looks especially striking if you have an olive complexion.

20. Brown Hair With Copper Babylights


This subtle copper looks best on light, warm skin tones and it’s a good choice if you want a less daring and more natural looking color.

21. Brown And Copper Balayage


Hair colors that contain red tones need lots of maintenance. Frequent touch-ups are necessary, but you can stretch them a bit if you use a color-depositing shampoo to keep your tresses fresh longer.

22. Auburn Brown Balayage


Auburn brown is a neutral shade that looks gorgeous on brown skin tones. It’s subtle but vibrant and it will give you a glow without looking dull.

23. Face-Framing Copper Highlights


Opt for pink instead of orange tones in your reddish brown if your skin is cool toned, otherwise you might end up looking pale and washed out.

24. Shiny Mahogany Brunette


On some people mahogany will look frumpy and stuffy, while on others it reflects against their skin and draws out their natural vitality. How to make sure it works for you? By adjusting the color depth and making it match your skin.

25. Reddish Brown-Caramel Ombre


Do you know why the hair in this picture looks so shiny? It’s the color. Blending multiple shades creates dimension, which translates as shine to the eye.

26. Light Copper Brown Hair


Make your curls pop with highlights. Brighter strands will draw attention to their shape and bounce, making your overall look more textured.

27. Dimensional Auburn


Rich reddish brown color is a showstopper. It’s daring and warm at the same time and it will give your complexion a sun-kissed glow.

28. Bright Auburn Brunette


You know by now that picking the right shade of reddish brown hair will flatter your skin tone, but what about eye color? Red hair with brown eyes looks harmonious, it contrasts with green eyes, draws attention to black eyes and makes blue eyes look more vibrant. So everyone wins.

29. Dimensional Copper Brown


When choosing the right tone of red or reddish brown, you can go two ways: choose a contrasting or matching shade for your skin tone. A matching shade will look more harmonious and a contrasting one will stand out more.

30. Vivid Copper Waves


While reddish brown demands lots of upkeep compared to other brunette shades, it’s low-maintenance when compared to more intense reds which fade even faster.

31. Caramel Auburn Highlights


Tailoring the intensity of the color and the exact reddish brown hue to match a skin tone takes skill and experience, so rather than DIYing it, consult a colorist for best results.

32. Dark Cherry Chocolate

You love your dark hair but want a change? Reddish brown highlights will spice it up without taking away from the depth you love.

33. Rusty Auburn Brown Hair


If you like the redhead look but bright copper hair is too high-maintenance or too bright, taking the intensity down a notch can really make a difference while giving you the same vibe.

34. Voluminous Auburn Waves


Incorporating various shades of red and reddish brown will make your hair look multidimensional. You can go bolder or more subdued, depending on what you want to achieve.

35. Cherry Cola Reddish Brown


Dark and warm cherry cola reddish brown is a trendy shade that looks gorgeous on cool deeper skin tones like medium to dark brown and dark olive.