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45 Stunning Medium-Length Blonde Hair Trends For 2024 

45 Stunning Medium-Length Blonde Hair Trends For 2024 

Whether we like it or not, it’s a fact that blonde hair isn’t easy to maintain. But you know what they say, beauty always comes with a price.

I collected the wonderful pictures of medium-length blonde hair below to prove the effort is worth it. And yes, welcome to the blonde club, because I’m sure you will become a blondie after this article.

1. Beige Blonde Wavy Hair

Let’s start easy, with a neutral blonde hair balayage. Neutral tones are not that hard to maintain, as long as you keep them from getting brassy.

Use a purple shampoo to combat it and you’ll need to get a touch-up every 6 to 8 weeks.

2. Mushroom Blonde

To get this breathtaking blonde shade, you can ask for a cool beige ashy blonde. It flatters women with cool-toned skin.

3. Dimensional Creamy Blonde

Can you decide what looks more beautiful, the creamy blonde shade or the contrast of lighter and darker highlights? Neither can I.

4. Blonde Full Foil Highlights Hair

If you wear your hair up most of the time, always choose full foil highlights instead of a balayage or partial highlights. However, they require more maintenance and more frequent visits to the salon.

5. Hazelnut Blonde Balayage

If you still aren’t sure about going all-over blonde, start with a blonde balayage. It can help you decide whether it’s time to wake up your inner blonde or not.

6. Sunshine Blonde

All skin undertones can pull off this wonderful shade of blonde. It’s mostly because of the dominant neutral blonde tones.

7. Barbie Blonde

Barbie blonde is without a doubt one of those shades that will never be boring or forgotten. The only disadvantage is that it requires lots of maintenance and frequent touch-ups.

8. Cool Blonde Hair

The name says it all, a very cool hair color. This shade is a combination of ash, champagne, and platinum blonde.

9. Blonde Layered Hair

Layers highlight your best facial features and this warm shade of blonde gives your hair an instant shine and brightness boost. Can’t get better than that, right?

10. Dark Blonde

Dark blonde is one of the easiest shades of blonde to maintain, which makes it the perfect choice for all women who don’t have time for frequent touch-ups. Besides, it flatters pale, medium, and dark skin tones.

11. Bright Mid-Length Blonde

If your aim is to refresh your blonde hair, you should tone and brighten it up a bit. Although it’s true that the lighter the color is, the harder it will be to maintain it.

12. Strawberry Blonde Medium Hair

I’m sure you are and will be seeing this hair color everywhere because it’s been popular for the past few years. Unlike ginger hair color, strawberry blonde is soft, light and works pretty well with basically every skin tone.

13. Bamboo Blonde

Warm shades like this one will instantly give your skin a special glow. It’s no wonder bamboo is the foremost trend when it comes to blonde shades this year.

14. Dreamy Peachy Blonde

The peachy blonde won’t only make you look younger but it will also help you project a warmer and brighter image.

15. Blended Ash Blonde On Curly Hair

Women with curly blonde hair will always have a special place in my hairdresser’s heart.

Combining multiple shades of blonde gives the hair a natural look. With your curls and a perfectly blended color, nobody will be able to figure out whether you’re a natural blonde or not.

16. Platinum Blonde Medium Hair

If you have pale skin and green eyes, this is the perfect blonde shade for you: it will make your beautiful eye color pop. However, this shade can be a bit harsh for your hair and you’ll need to treat it with extreme caution.

17. Blonde Chunky Ribbons

Chunky highlights are one of those 90s trends that made a full comeback lately, but here they’re combined with baby lights which created a natural blend of colors.

18. Champagne Blonde Balayage

If you want to brighten your face with a blonde shade, consider this champagne blonde balayage with shadow roots. It’s a much healthier option than all-over color because the bleach stays about two inches below the roots.

19. Golden Blonde Hair

Golden blonde is made for all women who want their hair to tell everyone around them how bold and fierce they are.

20. Baby Blonde With Curtain Bangs

I think we’ll all agree that these soft, bright blonde hues are some of the most beautiful. Unfortunately, they are also the most prone to brassiness. The only way you’ll avoid that scenario is by washing your hair with purple shampoo and conditioner and applying appropriate masks.

21. Atomic Blonde

The icy atomic blonde never misses on social media. This shade of blonde is only for the daring and those who aren’t afraid to lighten their hair beyond platinum and put effort into keeping it that way.

22. Blonde Balayage On Straight Hair

All those women who still aren’t quite ready to commit to being a full-time blonde should consider balayage. It’s the best option if you want to take blonde hair for a test drive.

23. Pearl Blonde Hair

Pearl blonde shade contains hints of silver, white, platinum, and yellow and it’s one of the most elegant hair colors that exist.

24. Blonde Hair With Lowlights

You have fine hair and the blonde color makes the strands look even weaker? Getting lowlights will instantly make it look thicker.

25. Golden Wavy Blonde

With this multi-tonal blonde shade, your hair can never look dull. Another reason you’ll fall in love with this golden hue is because it will give your skin that glowing effect.

26. Icy Blonde Hair

If you already have a blonde mane, getting and maintaining the icy blonde shade will be a breeze. On the other side, with a darker base, it’ll be a real challenge to get this shade.

You’ll need to arm yourself with patience but, trust me, once you see the final result, you’ll understand it was worth it.

27. Chamomile Blonde

Chamomile blonde belongs to the group of platinum blondes. However, it’s much warmer than other platinum shades and it’s especially good for gray hair coverage.

28. Honey Blonde Hair

Most hairdressers say that the warmth of your skin tone complements the warmth of your hair and even though I don’t always agree with it, in this case, it’s true indeed. Honey blonde shade flatters most women with warm skin undertones such as red and yellow.

29. Medium-Length Blonde Hair With Bangs

Bangs are always a great idea to spice up your hairstyle. If your hair is thin and looks a bit damaged after bleaching, just get bangs because they really have the power to make the hair look fuller and healthier.

30. Blonde Highlights And Lowlights On Brown Hair

If you’re a brunette, the safest way to enhance the texture of your brown hair is by getting blonde highlights. Further ado, if you want to really enrich your hair, adding a few lowlights to it will create depth that will instantly increase your hair volume.

31. Dirty Blonde Medium Hair

Dirty blonde is my favorite shade of blonde and do you want to know why? It’s generally a low-maintenance shade, it flatters every skin tone and it works perfectly as a gray hair coverage.

32. ’90s Blonde

’90s fluffy blonde hair is back in the game and I’m very happy about it. This color is a mix of honey and beach blonde and it looks very elegant and stylish.

33. Ash Blonde Hair

If you have natural orange tones, you should opt for the ash shade of blonde because it has the power to neutralize those unwanted undertones.

34. Sandy Blonde

In my opinion, it’s the most lovely blonde shade. Also, I’m going to tell you a secret, shh… Dirty blonde can make your skin look tanned.

35. Icy Silver Blonde Hair 

Even though this shade makes you look like a fairy, it demands a fair amount of upkeep. Icy silver blonde is prone to brassy tones which means the purple shampoo is a MUST and it needs to be toned every 2-3 weeks.

36. Buttery Blonde

Because of the mix of warm and cool tones, buttery blonde is one of the most natural-looking blonde shades.

37. Wheat Blonde

The blend of beige and buttery blonde gives this amazing, warm wheat shade. It’s the perfect start for all those indecisive soon-to-be-blondies.

38. Ash Violet Blonde

If your gray strands are becoming more and more visible and you don’t feel quite ready to embrace them just yet, you can cover them with this blonde shade.

39. Blueberry Ice Blonde Hair

If you’re on a hunt for a shade of blonde that will make you look younger, this is the right one for sure. It especially looks amazing on women with pale skin and blue eyes.

40. Blonde Lob Hairstyle

If you’re afraid of cutting your hair too short but you like bob haircuts, you owe a huge thanks to whoever created lobs. Choose the blonde shade that suits you best, style your hair into loose waves, and voila… You get a hairstyle that is made for every occasion.

41. Blonde Hair With Black Panel Underneath

Black and white is one of the most fierce hair combos because of the high contrast. These are called peekaboo highlights and they can be worn only by brave women who aren’t afraid of big changes.

42. Beachy Blonde Tones And Waves

A blonde shade that is perfect for all of us who are huge lovers of summer. And if you have a natural dark blonde base, it’s not that hard to get and maintain a beachy blonde.

43. Accessorized And Braided Bright Blonde

Braids and buns are good for everyday looks, however, adding a simple hair accessory can take the whole look to the next level.

 44. Blonde Shag For Thick Hair

If you want to make your thick hair look more lightweight, you should opt for lighter tones and shaggy cuts.

The basic rule of thumb is that blonde hair looks finer than dark. Shaggy haircuts are made by layering and thinning the ends of the hair which helps with removing all the extra weight.

45. Apple Cinnamon Blonde

This darker blonde shade has ‘fall’ written all over it. Updos, braids, straight, curls… No matter the way you like to style your hair, apple cinnamon blonde will adapt and look beautiful with every look.