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60 Must-Try Auburn Hair Color Shades

60 Must-Try Auburn Hair Color Shades

Auburn hair color combines two timeless hues: red and brownish. Sounds amazing, I know. Well, it looks even better!

1. Dark Auburn

Just look at this amazing hairstyle! Now that you’ve seen it, it’s time to take this inspo pic to your hair colorist.

2. Light Auburn Hair Color

Or maybe you prefer lighter shades? Worry not, auburn has got you covered since it offers tons of possibilities.

3. Auburn Hair Transformation

Before we check out everything this incredible hair color has to offer, take a close look at this transformation. Here is what auburn hair can do to your appearance as well.

4. Auburn And Blonde

How do auburn and blonde go together? Ask no more because the answer is right here, in front of your nose. And I’ll say it for you: they are an ideal pair.

5. Natural Auburn Hair

I bet you could never tell that you’re looking at dyed hair. Well, this is what happens when you find yourself a skilled hair colorist: you get a naturally looking auburn hair.

6. Auburn Highlights On Brown Hair

Do you have to dye all of your tresses auburn to be trendy? Absolutely not! Just add some highlights, especially if you have a dark base color.

7. Deep Auburn Hair

The main characteristic of this hairstyle is its color’s depth. That’s exactly what will make your hair look visually thicker and stronger.

8. Mahogany Auburn Hair

What’s the difference between auburn and mahogany when they’re both a combination of red and brown? Well, mahogany usually has some violet undertones as well.

9. Copper Auburn Hair

I can’t decide what’s more trendy this season: auburn or copper. Who says you can’t have both?

10. Medium Auburn Hair Color

No, I’m not talking about medium-length hair. I’m talking about a medium shade of auburn hair: the perfect blend of light and dark auburn.

11. Dark Auburn Hair With Highlights

Is it really true that highlights make everything better? Well, according to this photo, the answer is pretty obvious.

12. Balayage For Auburn Hair

Blonde balayage is not the only balayage you can get to freshen up your look. An auburn balayage can be even prettier!

13. Auburn Ginger Hair

This hair color has it all: ginger, red, and brown shades. One thing is for sure: you’ll need a skilled professional to give you a natural look like this.

14. Cinnamon Auburn

I promise you one thing: this cinnamon auburn shade will make you look more attractive than ever, especially if you have a warm skin tone.

15. Almost-Brown Auburn Hair

This is probably the closest you’ll get to being brunette while your hair is still officially auburn. But this hue is way more beautiful than classic brown since the red hues give your tresses shine and depth.

16. Auburn Medium Length Hair

Medium-length hair never looked better. If you’re on your hair repair journey, this is the color and the length you should ask your hairdresser for.

17. Warm Auburn Hair

Here’s a thing about warm shades: they look good in every season, especially in the fall or in the summer. If you don’t trust me, try it for yourself.

18. Auburn Melt

This auburn melt screams luxury and richness. It’s a hair color that will elevate your entire look in a blink of an eye.

19. Wavy Long Auburn Hair

Will long, wavy hair ever go out of style? I don’t think so; especially if you pair it with this trendy hair color.

20. Auburn Butterfly Cut

Butterfly cut is back and it has one goal only: to accentuate all of your gorgeous facial features, including your cheekbones and jawline.

21. Pumpkin Spice Auburn

How does the saying go? Pumpkin spice and everything nice? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get with this unique hair color.

22. ’40s Auburn Hair

Are you brave enough to go back into the past and rock this hairstyle? If the answer is yes, I have a perfect color to pair it up with.

23. Red Copper Auburn Hair

The hair colorist really played while painting this hair. And I mean that in the best way possible. I mean, just look it all the hues: red, copper, brown, auburn…

24. Extra Long Shiny Auburn Hair

There is only one word I can say when I look at this inspo-pic: WOW! The combination of this healthy hair with a wonderful shade of auburn really is breathtaking.

25. Auburn Hair On African American Woman

How does auburn hair color look on African-American women? Splendid! It pairs with your complexion and skin tone better than you could ever dream of.

26. Full Auburn Balayage

What is the difference between a full and “classic” balayage? Well, a full balayage includes highlights that are applied on the entire head of the tresses.

27. Sandy Auburn

If you want a one-of-a-kind hair color, I strongly suggest going with sandy auburn shade. It is especially flattering for warm-skinned ladies.

28. Auburn Hair With Blonde Color Block

Here’s a funky way to make your auburn hair even more interesting: add a blonde color block to the entire look.

29. Auburn Wolf Cut

Haven’t you noticed? Wolf cut is back in fashion and by the looks of it, it’s planning to stay here for a while.

30. Auburn Brown

What differentiates this auburn brown hair from a classic brunette? Well, it’s the red undertones and auburn highlights.

31. Cowboy Copper

Cowboy copper is the newest hair trend for fall. It is a combination of brown, red, copper, and sometimes, even a bit of blonde.

32. Auburn Soft Balayage

Soft balayage is all about gentle hand movement during painting that results in subtle highlights. This hair color is the best for those of you who are still not ready for a big change.

33. Golden Auburn

Just because Summer is over, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your daily dose of Sun. If nothing else, at least keep it in your locks with this golden auburn hair color.

34. Ginger Spice Auburn

Is there a difference between pumpkin spice and ginger spice undertones? Of course there is. Ginger relies more on red tones while pumpkin spice contains more orange hues.

35. Intense Auburn Red

Here’s the most intense and fiery shade of auburn hair. It still has some brownish undertones but the red is clearly dominating.

36. Auburn Wand Curls

I’ll be honest with you: this is not the healthiest curling method out there. But if you’re rocking auburn hair color, it will look even better on curls.

37. Auburn And Copper Color Melt

If you have a skilled hairstylist, they’ll know how to achieve this spectacular melt. Just look it: you have no idea where copper ends and auburn begins.

38. Auburn With Copper Lowlights

The lowlights are at least one shade darker than the rest of your hair. But they’re not here just to make your tresses more beautiful: they’ll also give your hair the dimension it desperately needs.

39. Red Wine Auburn

What does this auburn shade remind you of? That’s right: red wine it is! Trust me: this shade will turn you into the most attractive woman around!

40. Reddish Brown

There is no words to describe this spectacular pairing of beautiful locks and even more beautiful hair color.

41. Auburn Natural Curls

Let me fill you with a little secret: auburn hair color looks the best on natural curls. If you are a curly girl, this is your color!

42. Mid-Length Wavy Auburn

This is an ideal hairstyle (including the color and the cut) for women over 40 who want to achieve a respectable look. But it looks equally beautiful on younger ladies as well.

43. Honey Auburn

Adding some honey tones makes every hair color even more spectacular. If you don’t believe me, just check out honey blonde hair ideas.

44. Copper Rose Balayage On Auburn Hair

Asking your hairstylist for a copper rose balayage on auburn hair sounds too complicated? Don’t worry: just show them this inspo pic and you’re good to go.

45. Flaming Auburn Hair

Flaming auburn hair color is a real head-turner. Once you try it, you’ll never want to go to your old ways and old hues.

46. Light-To-Dark Auburn

The transition from light to dark auburn is what makes this hair color so spectacular and mesmerizing. Also, it’s what gives it depth and dimension.

47. Auburn Hair With Highlights

Here’s another auburn hairstyle with highlights. But what’s so great about this one? Well, it has auburn highlights on auburn base; just in different shades.

48. Auburn Hair With Chunky Highlights

You couldn’t have been an “it” girl in the ’90s if you didn’t have chunky highlights. Well, it looks like that era is coming back.

49. Auburn Hair With Bangs

Hairstyles with bangs are trending this season. And you know what’s a good way to make your hairstyle even more fashionable? Dye your hair auburn!

50. Copper Brown Hair

Looking for ways to upgrade your boring brown hair? Congratulations because you’ve just found the best one!

51. Auburn Cherry Blossom

The moment you see this auburn cherry blossom hair color on your tresses, you’ll immediately fall in love with it!

52. Auburn Balayage On Angled Lob

If you want to give your hair some definition, ask your hairdresser for a long bob cut. Dyeing it auburn will give your hair an attractive and healthy look.

53. Rich Auburn

Is there a better way to describe this shade than calling it rich? I don’t think so! It has everything you need: shine, depth, and luxury.

54. Auburn Caramel

Are you ready to grab everyone’s attention with your new, transformed look? If the answer is yes, you know what to do!

55. Auburn Balayage On Dark Hair

Highlights look amazingly good on darker base colors, and auburn highlights or balayage on black or dark brown hair are no exception.

56. Sunny Auburn

I have to warn you: sunny auburn hair color is for the boldest of you only. But if you want an edgy change that you can still rock every day, this should be your top pick.

57. Dimensional Auburn

It’s time to make your hair look thicker than ever. Of course, hair care should come first in this case but until you give your tresses the health they lost, let your hair color become your ally.

58. Auburn With Red Highlights

Since this hair color is a combination of red and brown, it’s only logical that a red hue looks great on an auburn base. But let’s be real: nobody expected for it to look this good.

59. Auburn Bronde

Bronde is a blend of blonde and brown. But if that’s too simple for you, ask you hair colorist to add a bit of auburn to the equation.

60. Soft Caramel Auburn

Soft caramel and auburn work together seamlessly. The two together result in the hue you’ve spent your entire life looking for!