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Short Curly Hair With Layers Is The Ultimate Fresh Look For Spring

Short Curly Hair With Layers Is The Ultimate Fresh Look For Spring

If you’re blessed with natural curls and looking for a fresh, stylish cut that enhances your texture and adds some bounce to your locks, you’re in the right place.

A halo of short curly hair with layers has an angelic charm, but it’s also practical and wearable. Although you’ll need more frequent touch-ups, short layered haircuts remove bulk that weighs down your curls, keeping them light.

Ahead, we share stunning inspo pics, along with what you need to know to get a cut that will let your curls thrive.

1. Short Coily Hair With Layers


Bouncy, defined curls are a curly girl’s ultimate goal. This look showcases how a well-executed haircut gives every curl space to breathe, bringing your hair to life.

2. Chin-Length Curls With Wispy Bangs


Before taking the plunge into a short haircut, there are a few things to keep in mind—starting with the width of your curls. Tighter curls tend to hold their shape well at shorter lengths, while larger curls might need to be longer to maintain their form.

3. Thick Curly Hair With Layers


Adding layers is a must for thick curly hair. By carefully layering the hair we get rid of excess bulk, making sure the hair doesn’t end up looking overly heavy or triangular-shaped.

4. Wavy Blunt Bob


If your hair doesn’t curl from the root, it might not look curly at all when it’s very short. If you have 2C/3A curls, bob-length hair might be the sweet spot you need to show off your curls while keeping your hair short.

5. Curly Bixie Cut


The bixie cut is really catching on, and it’s bound to get even more popular. If you’ve got thin hair that tends to get weighed down and lose its curl, this haircut has a ton of layers that can give your curls the boost they need to bounce back.

6. Bouncy Layered Coils


Layers can be transformative for curly and coily hair, adding volume, definition, and texture to every curl. How gorgeous is this hairstyle?

7. Long Curly Pixie


Shorter cuts usually require more frequent salon visits to keep them looking sharp. Even just a half inch of growth can make a big difference on a curly pixie cut, whereas it’s barely noticeable on shoulder-length hair.

8. Layered Curly Lob


When you’re looking at inspo pics to take to your stylist, make sure you’re picking styles with similar curl types and patterns to yours—otherwise, the final look might turn out quite different. This beautiful lob looks amazing when paired with 3c curls, but if yours are different, the right haircut might need some adjustments.

9. Short Curly Shag


Big curls and a short shag haircut? Absolutely made for each other! The layers in this shag help the curls bounce up without weighing them down, resulting in a cute look that’s also super easy to style.

10. Layered Curly Bob


Layers can add volume to curly hair by creating lift and movement at the roots, making it look fuller and more alive—a great choice for thin or fine hair!

11. ’90s Bob For Curly Hair


The blunt, chunky ’90s bob looks amazing on all hair types because it works with and not against natural texture. Here, layers are internal and used to create a pleasing shape instead of a layered look.

12. Coily Hair With Layers


Layers will help enhance the natural texture of your hair, making it appear more defined and voluminous. Also, they can be tailored to frame your face, highlighting your best features and adding some extra depth to your look.

13. Short Curly Wolf Cut


This short curly wolf cut nails it! It’s a great example of how the right haircut can really bring out the best in your hair texture. The layers give the curls the extra definition they need without weighing them down and changing their shape.

14. Large Curls With Layers


This gorgeous curly hairstyle gets an extra boost from highlights that draw attention to the shape of the curls, making them look even more defined.

15. Short Layered Curly Hair


When you take some of the weight off, your curls might behave a little differently, so don’t be surprised if your curls bounce or fall differently than usual. If you have a regular stylist familiar with your hair, they’ll likely find the short curly cut that suits your hair texture and curl pattern perfectly.

16. Layered Curly Lob


To keep your short layered curls in top shape, using the right hair care products is essential. Use hydrating shampoos and conditioners designed for curly hair, and you’ll need styling products like curl cream or mousse to really bring out your gorgeous curls.

17. Voluminous Curly Hair With Layers


Going short means different things to different people, and while this haircut has quite a few inches of length, the upkeep requirements are like those of shorter hair. To maintain this beautiful shape, regular maintenance is necessary!

18. Short Curly Hair With Layers


The shorter your curly hair, the harder it is to hide from a bad hair day. You’ll have to style it regularly, which might mean washing or wetting it down almost every day to keep frizz at bay. The upside is it dries quickly compared to long hair, so it’s not all bad!

19. Short Curly Hair With Layers And Bangs


It takes skill make a short curly cut with bangs look this bouncy and cute. Going short can be liberating, but if done incorrectly, it can be a disaster. This is why it’s absolutely crucial to find a stylist specifically skilled at cutting curly hair.

20. Curly Mullet With Undercut

Because short hair requires regular upkeep, it can end up being a bit pricier in the long run, something to keep in mind!