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30 Creative Ideas To Spice Up Short Curly Hairstyles

30 Creative Ideas To Spice Up Short Curly Hairstyles

Why do we love short curls?

✂ They are classy.
✂ They have more volume and movement.
✂ They are low maintenance.

Brace yourselves because these short curly hairstyles will turn heads and grab you a lot of attention!

1. Short Curly Bob With Bangs

I always say that bob is a godsend for those with naturally curly or wavy hair because it enhances the texture of natural curls in the most stylish and cute way. For a more personalized look, opt for piecey or full bangs.

2. Chic Updo With A Headband

Who would say that one headband can make such a huge difference on short curly hairstyles? By spicing up your updos with headbands of different sizes and colors, you’ll achieve that effortless and sophisticated look.

3. Short Pink Curls

If you have a rosy skin tone, then you should choose pastels. Those with medium to dark complexion should opt for magenta and other dark pink shades. You’re welcome!

4. Slicked Back Messy Bun With Butterfly Clips

How to achieve this look: after applying styling cream, smooth and gather your hair with a bristle brush. Tie your hair with an elastic, forming a ponytail, and then use bobby pins to form a curly bun. Add butterfly clips to exude soft girl aesthetic vibes.

5. Three Buns Short Curly Hairstyle

Because three buns are better than one!

6. Short Curly Hair With Red Highlights

It’s universally acknowledged that strategically placing red highlights throughout your dark-toned curls will give your hair dimension. I’ve also noticed that curly bobs for mature curls and curly shags look incredibly stunning with this trendy hair color for curly mane.

7. Stylish Honey Golden Ringlets

To enjoy gorgeous ringlets, I suggest using foam rollers for no-heat curls. That way you’ll completely avoid hair damage when curling your hair.

8. Sleek High Ponytail For Short Curls

A sleek and unusually high ponytail is an absolute winner among short curly hairstyles. Apart from looking totally cool, this hairstyle will also make other people question how your ponytail defies gravity. Well, a great hair stylist can achieve anything.

9. Short Blonde Curls

The right shade of blonde can accentuate the natural beauty of your curls. If you want to achieve a stunning and vibrant hairstyle, I suggest going blonde BUT only if your curls are healthy enough to handle bleaching and lightening.

10. Short Coily Hair With Accessorized Braids

Apart from hair rings, there are many types of braid accessories such as hair beads, hair cuffs, hair spirals, and embroidery strings. My personal favorite is hair spirals because you can expand them or collapse them according to your taste and style.

11. Short Curly Hair With Bangs And Layers

Different face shapes look best with different types of bangs. Here are a few examples that will help you find the best ‘curls with bangs‘ hairstyle for your face shape:

Square or heart-shaped faces = feathered bangs.
Oblong face shapes = blunt-cut bangs.
Round faces = side-swept or curtain bangs.
Oval faces = any type of bangs.

12. Short Curly Rezo Cut

The Rezo cut is a cutting technique that maintains an even curly length all the way around your base. This type of cut removes weight from your curls on the root area so that your curls have more movement.

13. Short Curly Hair With Decorative Snap Clips

Accessories on your curly hair can make a huge difference! Decorative snap clips like these will secure your flyaways and make sure that you look fashionable for all occasions. Sounds like a good deal, right?

14. Cowboy Copper Short Curls

Cowboy copper is a blend of warm brown and copper. It’s no surprise that this hair color has remained one of the biggest fall hair color trends ever because it can easily transform you into a natural redhead.

15. Half Up With A Claw Clip

I personally am a huge fan of claw clips because they secure your hair in a chic and practical way. So, it’s no wonder that this 90s accessory trend has made a big comeback!

16. Short Fluffy Curls

This hairstyle is for all the ladies who are tired of taming their curls. It’s time to confidently and unapologetically show off your fluffy mane (and ditch your hair straighteners and curling irons)!

17. Sleek Half-Up Ponytail

INSTRUCTIONS: apply styling cream, then smooth and gather your hair with a bristle brush. Gather the top half portion of your hair into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Consider wrapping your ponytail with a small strand of hair for a more elegant look. And don’t forget to pull down some front pieces to elegantly frame your face!

18. Short Curly Ringlets

Apart from using foam rollers, you can also achieve ringlets with the “finger coiling” technique. Here’s how: apply the curl cream to wet hair and scrunch it with your hands. Coil each curl clump tightly around your index finger and then release. Finish with scrunching some styling gel into the ringlets to hold the shape.

19. Voluminous Short Curly Hair With Small Claw Clips

We love claw clips because they are so versatile! You can achieve mega volume simply by securing front pieces of wet hair with claw clips, or you can use them as a chic decoration on dry hair.

20. Pineapple With Side Twist Braids

Flat twists on the side will take your everyday pineapple to the next level! You can add cuffs along the twist for a fashionable look, or you can leave the twists alone. The choice is yours!

21. Stitch Braids With A Low Bun

If you have stitch braids, you may want to prevent friction while sleeping. You’ll do that by covering your head with a bonnet or wrapping your braids with a silky scarf. Also, consider moisturizing your roots with sprays or braiding oils beforehand.

22. Textured Bob

Textured bobs are popular curly hairstyles for older women and added texture is their trademark. By using different cutting techniques (such as choppy layers or a razor cut), your hairdresser can easily boost movement and volume in your hair.

23. Short Curly Hair With A Banana Clip

The stretchy teeth of a banana clip are bound to hold your 3C curls in place. The most popular way to use a banana clip is to pull hair into a ponytail which will make your curls look like a cascade waterfall.

24. Short Curly Bob With A Deep Side Part

Do you prefer short hair with a bit of volume? Then a short curly bob is what you’re looking for! A deep side part will spice up your hairstyle with an extra oomph of volume.

25. Short Curly Hair With An Undercut

This funky hairstyle is ideal for those who want to make a statement in a subtle way. This low-maintenance curly haircut will both highlight the texture of your curls and show off your personality.

26. Intense Red Pixie Cut

Intense red is for the brave ones who don’t mind being the center of attention everywhere they go! Are you one of those souls? Then this baddie curly hairstyle is for you!

27. Short Curly Hairstyle With A Deep Side Part

If you want to add a boost of volume to your short or mid-length curls, then side-parting is the way to go! Besides that, a deep-side part will elongate your features in the most stylish way.

28. Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

Platinum blonde goes best with light, medium, and cool complexions. It is the lightest shade of blonde that gives that ethereal vibe to your short curly hair.

29. Short Loose Curls

Create loose curls by wrapping large and thick strands of your hair around your curling iron. To refresh your loose curls, consider using water spray and a leave-in conditioner.

30. Natural Curly Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

Not too much, not too little! Brown strands with light blonde highlights add the right amount of dimension to your curly hair regardless of its length.