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22 Curly Bobs For Older Women To Help You Age Like Fine Wine

22 Curly Bobs For Older Women To Help You Age Like Fine Wine

Dear curly lady, a bob haircut is your best friend for two reasons: it gives your hair a flattering shape and accentuates your curl pattern. From graduated to sleek ‘n’ curly styles, these curly bobs for older women are versatile, classic, elegant, and fun to style!

1. Mousy Brown Curly Bob Hairstyle

Light brown hair shades are often considered dull and uninspired. Well, that’s where mousy brown comes into the story! This beautiful shade is neither too light nor too dark and the easiest way to achieve it is with balayage and highlights.

2. Lip Length Bob With Bangs For Older Women

Ladies with oval face shapes should consider having a shorter length bob (lip length or chin length) because these styles look more flattering on their features. Adding bangs to your curly hairstyles will help you unlock those youthful and effortless vibes no matter your age.

3. Sleek ‘n’ Curly Bob

If you’re looking for a more elegant option, I suggest going sleek ‘n’ curly! The sleek part of your hair will accentuate your features and make your curly part look more sophisticated. Sounds just right, right?

4. Rounded Curly Bob With Bangs

Rounded curly bobs with bangs look best on oblong and oval face shapes. Because of its round shape, this bob cut looks like it’s hugging your features in the most stylish way, and that’s why we love it!

5. Graduated Curly Bob

Also known as stacked curly bob, graduated curly bob features angled layers in the back that create a graduated look. Combined with blonde highlights, this curly hairstyle is the best possible example of depth and volume.

6. Sleek ‘n’ Wavy Curly Bob

Sleek and wavy is the new sleek and curly! Curls have a hard time achieving that polished and shiny look, so combining sleek and wavy hair parts is a perfect solution (for every occasion).

7. Curly Bob In Different Shapes

Bobs can be cut in different shapes and that’s what makes them so versatile! For example, if you want your hair to appear longer, opt for a U or V-shaped bob. If you want your curls to look more voluminous, then a rounded bob is the best option.

8. Blunt Curly Bob With Micro Bangs

Defined edges of blunt bob create the illusion of more volume and remove any thin ends. That’s why this type of curly bob is a godsend for those with thin hair. To make this hairstyle more bold and unique, opt for super short (read: micro) bangs!

9. Layered Messy Bob

On days when you feel extra fluffy, a layered wavy bob should be your hairstyle of choice. This messy hairstyle is bound to bring more expression to your look and make you instantly appear younger. Now, who said that bobs aren’t fun?

10. Curly Bob For Natural White Curly Hair

Natural white curly hair combined with a bob cut will give you that extra oomph of volume and ethereal vibes. This beautiful bob with side bangs brings justice to the ladies with glasses.

11. Textured Bob For 3C Curls

A curly bob makes 3C hair look instantly more textured. If you want to add extra volume to your 3C curly mane, a side part is the way to go!

12. Cowboy Copper Curly Bob

Cowboy copper is a blend between warm brown and copper, and that’s the main reason why it looks so natural on curly hair. This fall hair color trend will earn you lots of compliments for sure.

13. Voluminous Stacked Bob For Curly Hair

Multiple dynamic layers create a voluminous curly bob perfect for those who have thin hair. I daresay that waves bring justice to this stunning haircut. All you need to do is curl your hair with a curling iron and lightly brush through it to create waves.

14. Curly Bob In Different Shades

This photo proves that the curly bob looks equally breathtaking in all shades! If you want to enhance the texture of your curls, then opt for lighter shades. If you want to add more dimension and depth to your hair, then choose caramel or bronde balayage.

15. Sleek Side Parted Wavy Bob

Hello, glam lady! I love how the sleek side parted wavy bob accentuates the features and turns the bob cut into a true masterpiece. I recommend this hairstyle for more festive occasions where you want to look glamorous without trying too hard.

16. Layered Bob With Loose Curls

The layered loose curly bob is a playful and expressive version of a classic bob. You can create loose curls by wrapping large and thick strands of your hair around your curling iron. It’s that simple and it’s one of the most simple ways to spice up short curly hairstyles.

17. Silver Blonde Side Parted Curly Bob

Silver blonde shade perfectly blends with your gray hair while giving you that ethereal vibe. Besides that, a natural-looking grow-out will save you from frequent root touch-ups. Who can say no to that, right?

18. Shaggy Bob Haircut

Curly bob/shag makes the hair look fuller around the crown and thinner around the edges. This is a perfect hairstyle for women over 50 who have medium to thick hair.

19. Platinum Blonde Rezo Cut

If you want to maintain an even curly length all the way around your base, the Rezo cut will do that for you. This type of cut removes weight from your curls on the root area so that your curls have more movement.

20. Copper Red Curly Bob

Copper red is one of the most popular hair colors for curly hairstyles. However, before choosing red shades such as copper red, keep in mind that these shades fade the fastest of all hair colors. This means that you should avoid heat from styling tools and consider using shampoo for color-treated hair if you want your red to last longer. You can thank me later!

21. Curly Bob With Face-Framing Layers

Whenever I want to accentuate or soften my client’s features, I suggest face-framing layers which are shorter pieces of hair placed around the face. The best of all is that face-framing layers look great on every hairstyle from bobs to shags.

22. Curly Bob With Piecey Bangs

Say hello to easy-going and fun vibes! Did you know that piecey bangs on curly bobs make your hairstyle look more textured and personalized? Hence I pronounce it one of the best hairstyles for short curly hair!