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22 Unique Watermelon Hair Ideas For A Fresh And Vibrant Look

22 Unique Watermelon Hair Ideas For A Fresh And Vibrant Look

Fruit-inspired watermelon hair is a vibrant style for those who dare to be bold! It’s a hot hair trend that combines vivid colors with fun, summer vibes. Whether you want to rock a full watermelon look with rich green and juicy pink, watermelon bangs, or pastel watermelon hues, we have plenty of fresh ideas for everyone!

1. Watermelon Hair With Curtain Bangs

Voluminous watermelon hair with curtain bangs is this summer’s hottest hair trend! Worry not, curtain bangs can be customized to flatter all face shapes and that’s why they’re so popular.

2. Color-Blocked Watermelon Hair

Color-blocked hair is a trend that features combining contrasting colors to create a unique, bold look. Create a stunning watermelon hairstyle by combining rich green, light yellow, and juicy pink tones in a cascading order reminiscent of a watermelon fruit.

3. Wavy Watermelon Gemini Hair

Also known as two-tone hair, you can create watermelon Gemini hair by parting the hair down the middle and coloring each half in two contrasting shades: green and pink. Opt for beach or glam waves to bring out the best in this mesmerizing hairstyle.

4. Watermelon Soft Curls

If you have blonde hair, now is a perfect time to add green and pink highlights to create a dimensional watermelon-inspired hairstyle. Style this piece of art in soft curls for a sweet, romantic look.

5. Watermelon Hair With A Side Undercut

Do you want to rock an edgy version of the watermelon hairstyle? Here’s a suggestion: watermelon hair with a side undercut. This breathtaking style creates an edgy contrast between the shoulder-length watermelon hair and the unique pink undercut with watermelon seeds.

6. Watermelon Dutch Braid

Unlike French braids, Dutch braids are done by weaving each section of hair under instead of over. Watermelon Dutch braid is a protective style perfect for summer when you don’t want your hair to be near your face.

7. Neon Green With Pink Money Piece

Neon green with pink money piece is a sweet watermelon-inspired combo that gives you a unique hairstyle and a face-framing effect. During the day, your vivid hair color combination will shine in the sun, and the neon green will also glow in the dark. Sounds perfect, right?

8. Pastel Watermelon Bow Updo

If you’re not a fan of vivid hair colors but want to rock this watermelon hair trend, I suggest choosing popular pastel shades. Pastel watermelon bow updo will surely turn heads regardless of the occasion.

9. Brunette Hair With Watermelon Bangs

Do you want to add a pop of color to your brunette hair this summer? Brunette hair with watermelon bangs is a stunning combination that makes a big statement and gives you a face-framing effect.

10. Watermelon Hair With Pearls

Hello, elegant lady! Half-pink, half-green, and a little blonde shade in between create this magical watermelon hairstyle. And yes, pearls on watermelon hair look like watermelon seeds, which is brilliant.

11. Two-Tone Green Pink Hair With Contrasting Money Piece

Half juicy pink, half rich green! The two-tone green pink hair with contrasting money piece is a real head-turner you can’t miss this year! Watermelon hair, don’t care!

12. Half Up Claw Clip Watermelon Hair

There’s no real summer without claw clips! Half-up claw clip watermelon hairstyle will help you stay cool while looking stylish and bold. Pro tip: a claw clip in green color blends perfectly with the watermelon style.

13. Pastel Watermelon Hairstyle

Because pastel hair is trending right now, and there are no reasons not to try this stunning style! Pastel watermelon hairstyle features a soft pink-red shade with platinum blonde and soft teal green. This unique blend of colors is a godsend for creating a fresh summer look.

14. Watermelon Fishtail Braid

Combine boho and watermelon vibes to create a personalized, summer look. Here’s how to do a simple fishtail braid:

• Step 1: Split your hair into two sections down the middle. Then split your first section into two sections.
• Step 2: Grab a smaller piece of hair from one section, then cross it over to the other. Do the same for the opposite side.
• Step 3: Continue alternating left and right sides until you have a few inches of hair left.

15. Vibrant Watermelon Hairstyle

The vibrant watermelon hairstyle is a bold choice that will turn heads and earn you lots of compliments. Spice up this vibrant hairstyle with hair accessories reminiscent of watermelon seeds, and you’re ready to rock!

16. Green Pink Top Knot With Watermelon Nape Undercut

Summer is ideal for top knot hairstyles because they help you stay cool while looking stylish. Watermelon nape undercut is another reason to wear the top knot this summer, and you must admit it looks extremely cool!

17. Green Pink Two-Tone 4A Hair

4A hair features tight S-shaped coils that look amazing when paired with a two-tone watermelon style. Pro tip: use lots of curl cream and hair gel when styling your watermelon 4A hair.

18. Pastel Watermelon Soft Waves

Pastel watermelon soft waves are a soft, romantic style perfect for those who want less vivid colors. You’ll create soft waves by wrapping sections of your hair around the curling iron and then brushing through your hair with a soft bristle brush.

19. Pink Green Angled Bob

Pink and green is a fresh and vibrant summer combo you can wear in multiple ways. You can opt for pink hair with green highlights or vice versa to create a beautiful watermelon effect.

20. Pastel Watermelon Hair With Fishtail Braids

One fishtail braid is stylish, but two fishtail braids on pastel watermelon hair are mega stylish. This eye-catching style will keep your hair away from your face while allowing the rest of your watermelon hair to flow gracefully.

21. Green Pink Ombre Watermelon Hairstyle

Combining green hair on top with pink ombre creates a striking dip-dye look. Spice up your look with layers to create a voluminous, watermelon hairstyle that is both bold and stylish!

22. Green Pink Gemini Hair

Need a recipe for the coolest summer hairstyle ever? Here’s one: one-half green + one-half pink = green-pink Gemini hair perfection! What’s your favorite watermelon style?