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20 Trendy Summer Haircuts You’ll Want To Try ASAP

20 Trendy Summer Haircuts You’ll Want To Try ASAP

Feeling like it’s finally the moment to do something different and get a new look for this summer? This is the best decision you can make, as nothing makes you feel as fresh and confident as a cool new haircut! To inspire your next visit to the hair salon, check out these 20 fabulous summer haircuts. The biggest problem will be deciding which one you like best!

1. Wolf Cut/Mullet

If you’re ready for a bold and fabulous summer haircut, a combination of two timeless styles, the wolf cut and the mullet, is perfect for you. A wolf cut is characterized by choppy layers on the top and longer choppy layers around the sides and back, while the main feature of a mullet is that the front is shorter than the back, with shorter layers relative to the overall length. Together, these two cuts will give your hair amazing movement, volume, and lots of layers!

2. Shag Haircut

Back in the ’70s, popular rock stars wore shag haircuts, and this style became a favorite among numerous men and women worldwide. This retro, effortless, and cool haircut is still loved by many today. Featuring choppy ends, lots of texture, and layers around the crown, the shag is another awesome summer style you should try!

3. Blunt Bob

Finally feeling ready to enter your short girl era? Congratulations! I’m sure you’re going to love this change. If you haven’t decided on your short hairstyle yet, I suggest starting with a blunt bob—a classic that’s always modern and chic.

4. Butterfly Haircut

Even though summer is already here and you’d like to refresh your hair, you’re not ready for drastic changes in length. In that case, all you need is a new, pretty haircut that will change your look in the best way possible! The butterfly haircut is a fantastic idea: it features longer layers falling just below the shoulders and shorter layers that beautifully frame your face. These soft layers and added volume are exactly what you need to shine this summer season!

5. Asymmetrical Bob

Any bob is always a stylish option for your next haircut, but the asymmetrical one is something special, unique, and sure to attract attention wherever you go!

6. Pixie Cut

Ready to go really short for the hottest months approaching? Then you have to choose a pixie cut—the ultimate short women’s hairstyle that’s always trendy and cool.

7. Textured Lob

Cut just between the iconic bob and long hair, a textured lob is a pretty and classy style that’s perfect for you if you want a bob-like hair look without chopping off all your length.

8. Shaggy Layers With Baby Bangs

Combine shaggy layers with baby bangs to achieve a pretty, rock ‘n’ roll style that will get you in the mood for all the parties and festivals this summer!

9. Shaggy Bob

Can a bob and shag get even cooler? Yes, they can when you combine them into one haircut and get the shaggy bob—a dreamy, edgy, and effortlessly awesome haircut you simply must try!

10. Bixie Haircut

Combining a bob and a pixie into a gorgeous bixie cut will give you a feminine, elegant, and sophisticated look. It’s a perfectly convenient haircut for hot summer months, providing you with both low-maintenance hair and a classy appearance.

11. Long Layers With Wispy Curtain Bangs

Wispy curtain bangs are always a stylish solution, especially when paired with long layers. This is such an irresistible and soft style you’ll never get bored of!

12. Mixie Haircut

Here’s another stunning combination of two haircuts—the pixie cut and the mullet—that can easily become your favorite summer look. The mixie features choppy layers at the front and top, short bangs, short sides, and longer layers in the back. It’s stylish and a bit edgy, perfect for trying something different with your hair this season.

13. Curly Bob

How to manage your curls this summer? Style them into a charming bob! You won’t regret this decision, as this short haircut will give your curls more definition and bounce, resulting in the most stylish look you’ve had in years!

14. Stacked Bob

Shorter in the back and longer in the front, the stacked bob is the haircut that will give your hair a volume boost like never before!

15. Deep Side Part

Shake things up a bit and forget about the middle parting you’ve been wearing all your life. Instead, go with a deep side part that will make your haircut look more glamorous and fancy.

16. Smooth Bob With Bangs

Soft, elegant, and feminine, this smooth bob with bangs will get all eyes on you this summer!

17. Buzz Cut

If you’re feeling especially bold and ready for a big change this summer, a buzz cut is something you should consider. This super short style is low-maintenance, always looks neat, saves you time, and lets you leave the house without spending hours styling your hair!

18. Feathered Haircut

Looking almost like a bird’s feathers, the retro feathered haircut is a gorgeous way to wear your layered hair. It’s simple, clean, and highly effective!

19. Pixie Cut With Long Bangs

Are you dreaming of wearing your hair short but still keeping some length for a stylish look? In that case, the pixie cut with long bangs is the hairstyle of your dreams!

20. Soft Wolf Cut

Would you love to wear a wolf cut, but prefer a subtle version rather than an edgy and wild look? Show this picture to your stylist and get the soft wolf cut that won’t feel overwhelming in any way!