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Very Short Bob For Black Women Is The Hair Moment Of The Summer

Very Short Bob For Black Women Is The Hair Moment Of The Summer

A crisp short bob will keep you looking fresh and chic all summer. You’re not limited to just one look: very short bobs for black women can be sleek, natural, braided, and more, and it’s up to you to pick the style that will make you look and feel amazing.

Here are some of our favorite looks to inspire you.

1. Lip-Length Blunt Bob

A lip-length bob can be styled sleek when you want to look cool look or softened with a slight wave. Because of its short length, skip the bulky curling iron and use a straightener to add volume on top and at cheekbone level.

2. Classic Bob With Side Part

Here’s a casual, relaxed way to wear a sleek short bob: tucked behind one ear. You’ll look cool, but also add flattering asymmetry near your face.

3. Very Short Voluminous Bob

The bombshell blowout is a voluminous and bouncy way to wear your short bob and it’s great for any occasion when you want to look elegant. Side bangs covering one eye make it look sensual, so it’s also a great look for a date night.

4. Knotless Braided Bob

A braided bob with metallic cuffs is the perfect hairstyle to pair with your crop top and low rise baggy jeans—it’s the ’90s throwback look.

5. Very Short Blunt Bob

If a blunt one-length bob feels too harsh next to your soft features, try a casual side part for a softer, more relaxed look that also adds volume on top.

6. Chin-Length Bob With Bangs

Fine wispy bangs add softness to any haircut, so they’re a great way to wear a sleek, sharp bob and still look cute and dainty.

7. Side-Part French Bob

The simple and chic French bob is gorgeous and timeless. Its strong outline lets you play with styling, so you can wear it straight and blunt or style the ends inward to make it look more classic.

8. Natural Bob With Space Buns

Even a short bob can be styled in endless ways, all you need isa bit of imagination and inspiration. Here’s a look to get you started: half-up half-down space buns.

9. Sleek Classic Bob

A sleek, middle part bob is never outdated or boring—the beauty of this hairstyle lies in its simplicity. Regular trims and lots of TLC are essential to keep it healthy and nourished.

10. Bob Box Braids

Chin-length box braids are a simple, classic style that offers a great opportunity to experiment with color without damaging your hair.

11. Curly Bob With Bangs

For curly hair, using layers to carefully create shape is essential. With a skilled hand, it’s possible to achieve many styles, like this gorgeous bob with bangs.

12. Blunt-Cut Straight Bob

A blunt-cut sleek bob is stylish and beautiful but often lacks volume. Boost it by creating a rounded part at the crown to add lift on top and allow your hair to fall beautifully across your face.

13. Very Short Bob With Bangs

The iconic blunt bob with bangs can be anything you want it to be: cool, sophisticated, relaxed. Style it sleek to make it look powerful or go for a tousled style for something more laid-back.

14. Chin-Length Curly Bob

Your curly bob will look flawless as long as you keep your hair well-moisturized. Use leave-in conditioner and curl cream after washing for extra hydration.

15. Voluminous Rounded Bob

The classic rounded bob with the ends turned inward is glamorous and elegant. To achieve this look, apply a volumizing product, then blow-dry your hair using a large round brush.

16. Blunt-Cut Jaw-Length Bob

A blunt jaw-length bob is fresh and chic. Styling idea for summer: a wet look with loose waves for a just-got-out-of-the-ocean look.

17. Asymmetric Bob

The sharp, asymmetrical bob is daring yet it suits most face shapes. The longest strands frame the face beautifully, making this look both edgy and flattering.