Face-Framing Highlights Are The Low-Maintenance Color Upgrade You Need

1. Light Warm Beige Blend With Face Framing Highlights

Face-framing highlights will give you a sun-kissed glow anytime you want, no need to wait for summer.

2. Subtle Brunette Balayage

This dye job is the ultimate “your hair but better” moment. Delicate highlights, subtly brighter around the face.

3. Mocha Brunette With Face-Framing Highlights

Cozy mocha face-framing highlights bring an extra layer of depth and dimension to luscious dark brunette locks.

4. Dimensional Blonde With Face-Framing Highlights

A look that’s not just stunning but also easy to maintain: this multi-dimensional blonde will stay seamless as it grows out.

5. Beige Balayage With Face Framing

This look is iconic: the perfect fusion of brown hair and blonde highlights, seamlessly blended and breathtaking

6. Face-Framing Highlights And Root Shadow

You don’t like frequent touch-ups? Thanks to the root shadow that blends into the natural hair color.

7. Hazelnut Blonde With Face-Framing Highlights

Keeping root-to-tip highlights only near the face will result in a gorgeous, long-lasting look that will give you a smooth, gradual transition

8. Lived-In Bronde

Simple and effective: delicate highlights a shade or two lighter than your base, strategically placed near the face where the sun naturally kisses your hair.

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