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These Wedding Updos For Long Hair Will Leave Everyone Speechless

These Wedding Updos For Long Hair Will Leave Everyone Speechless

If you have long hair, you might think that you’re set for your wedding day, with endless styling options at your disposal.

However, you certainly want a hairstyle that’s stunning and effective, but not boring or already seen so many times.

Take a look at these 22 ideas for wedding updos for long hair. I’m sure you’ll find the one that will make everyone remember you looking like a true diva on your special day!

1. Sleek Low Bun

Nothing makes you look as graceful as a good old sleek low bun. This look is simple, purely elegant, and fits brides with oval faces the best. Simple pearl earrings will be enough to complete this sophisticated look.

2. Low Bun With A Hair Accessory

All brides looking for a classic, timeless, yet modern bridal hairstyle, cannot go wrong with a big low bun. Ideal choice for all you lucky girls blessed with long hair, who don’t need extensions to achieve a voluminous look.

Adorning this updo with a beautiful crown hair accessory will bring out your inner princess.

3. Low Bun With Side Braid

Spice up your simple low bun by adding a braid that will make everyone ask, “Who is her hairstylist?”. Even if your long hair isn’t particularly thick, this hairstyle will make it look full and voluminous.

4. Classic Bridal Chignon

A simple bridal chignon takes us back to basics. This low bun positioned at the nape of the neck is a classic that never goes out of fashion: the ultimate elegant bridal hairstyle.

5. Classic Bridal Updo With Pearls

Where to include pearls on your special day without making them too noticeable? In your hair, of course! Hair with highlights like this is beautiful on its own but this classic bridal updo and some pearls take it to the next level.

6. Romantic Braided Bridal Hairstyle

If traditional buns and ponytails aren’t your thing, this romantic braid may be just the ideal choice. The floral hair accessory adds to the overall charm of this not–so-common bridal wedding hairstyle.

7. Twisted Loose Low Bun

If you want to look elegant yet not too strict, this twisted loose low bun is the perfect solution.

8. High Messy Bun

This hairstyle is so versatile that you can pull it off on different occasions, from a jogging session to a casual evening with friends, a day at work, or even as a standout choice for your wedding updo.

Leaving some hair out in the front will frame your face, while this high messy bun will make your hair look thick and simply sensational.

9. Curly Bridal Ponytail

This bridal ponytail is soft, elegant, and just artistic in its simplicity. The long curled ponytail goes well with all types of wedding dresses: sleek and narrow to voluminous, lace to satin, and those featuring deep necklines or open backs.

10. Elegant Vintage Updo

A vintage hairstyle is always trendy and offers a refreshing approach to wedding hairstyles. This elegant vintage updo, adorned with waves and swirls, channels the glamor of Old Hollywood, presenting a distinctive bridal appearance. A wonderful choice for all brides who want to stand out from the conventional wedding look.

11. French Twist

A list of bridal updos for long hair just cannot go by without the classic and timeless French twist. It’s retro, fancy, and elegant – precisely the blend of style and grace needed for your wedding day.

12. Romantic Bridal Updo On Red Hair

No hairstyle can look bad on long red hair. This gentle romantic updo is especially beautiful, subtly accented with a simple flower hair ornament and slightly curled loose curls.

13. Low Ponytail With Pearls

Your wedding day is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to look like a diva. A voluminous low ponytail with many pearl details is one of the best ways to put your long, dark hair into the center of attention.

14. Piled High Updo

A piled high updo is another classic wedding look, convenient for long hair. It’s classy, sophisticated, and glamorous, particularly stunning on blonde hair.

15. Bridal Ponytail On Blonde Hair

The bridal high ponytail looks sophisticated, chic, and stylish. Soft waves cascading through long blonde hair add a sparkling effect, especially when paired with a wedding dress adorned with sequins.

16. Boho Bun

A wedding updo doesn’t have to be formal if that isn’t your style. Choose this boho bun to gain a chic, romantic, and confident look of a woman who knows what she wants!

17. Lace Braid Updo

A side braid that culminates in a low bun creates a soft, gentle, and elegant bridal look. It’s a great choice for brides who prefer their hair styled in a more relaxed manner, ensuring that they can enjoy every moment to the fullest without the constraint of tightly pinned hair.

18. Textured Ponytail

A textured ponytail gives your hairstyle a lot of volume. By loosening the front part, the overall severity of the ponytail is softened. This hairstyle looks great with a turtleneck wedding dress, making it an appealing choice for winter weddings.

19. Big Bridal Chignon

The combination of a large, luxurious chignon with a simple bridal hair adornment strikes a perfect balance, highlighting your elegance and style on your wedding day.

20. Textured Bun

A textured bun positioned high on your head ensures visibility from the front, drawing attention to its wonderfully made shape. Casual strands left loose around the bun add a touch of relaxed romance to the overall look.

21. Bridal Braid With A Flower Crown

A beautiful long voluminous braid and a flower crown are all you need if you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor wedding. This is the ideal option for a dreamy beach ceremony.

22. Ponytail With A White Bow

Keep it classic but add some sparkle to your unique wedding ponytail. A large white bow will give a touch of delicacy to your hairstyle. A nice option for all brides who would prefer not to wear a veil.