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These 20 Cute Updos For Work Will Level Up Your Business Look

These 20 Cute Updos For Work Will Level Up Your Business Look

An updo hairstyle isn’t reserved only for special occasions. Actually, you can pull your hair away from your face and keep it from falling into your eyes for your everyday business look.

While looking elegant you’ll also feel comfortable, keeping your hair out of your way and preventing it from bothering you while you work.

These 20 cute updos for work will bring a breath of fresh air and complete your outfit, no matter whether you’re in the mood for something casual or sophisticated. And, the best part is that most of them are simple enough for you to create easily, without any help!

1. High Bun With A Bow Headband

A good old high bun makes one of the easiest and best options for work updos.

It not only makes you look professional, it also offers a good solution for a bad hair day. A cute hair accessory like this bow adds a final touch to this simple, yet elegant hairstyle.

2. Bubble Braid Updo

This is one of the work updos that may seem like you’ve put in a lot of effort. However, don’t give up if you’re not skilled at hairstyling. The bubble braid is basically a fancier version of a standard ponytail and much easier to create than a traditional braid.

Pull your hair into a slick-back ponytail, secure it with an elastic, and add another hair tie a few inches down.

Once the elastics are all in place, pull the hair at each section to create bubbles. It’s essential to keep an equal distance between each bubble.

3. Curly Hair Work Updo

Curly girls, you’re so lucky because no hairstyle looks ordinary on you!

This simple bun is casual yet cute at the same time, making you look ready for all the office adventures.

4. Cute Ponytail Work Updo

A messy high ponytail never goes out of style. Having your hair up like this will make you feel confident, classy, and determined. Complete your chic office look with a pair of gold earrings.

5. French Twist Work Updo

The French twist surely looks beautiful, especially on medium/long and long hair.

It may seem like there’s a lot of work to do here, but there really isn’t! With some practice, I’m sure you’ll be able to create this cute work updo without even using a mirror.

6. Braided High Ponytail Updo

Are you looking for some great ideas to keep your long hair away from your face while working?

A braided high ponytail is both a stylish and practical option. All you need is a fine-tooth comb to slick the ponytail into place and, of course, styling gel.

You won’t need to worry about your hair getting messy, since this updo stays in place all day long!

7. Cute Work Updo With A Hair Pin

You cannot go wrong with choosing a low bun as your go-to work hairstyle. Pull out some small pieces along your hairline to frame your face.

By adding a pink hair pin, you’ll spice up this classic hairstyle and complete your outfit.

8. Pigtail Updo Hairstyle

The pigtail updo is for those of you who want to get out of your comfort zone. The daily work routine might feel monotonous, but your hairstyle doesn’t have to be boring!

Awaken your inner child with this simple but effective hairstyle that will not go unnoticed.

9. Messy High Bun

We all have those days when we’re in the mood to show a little courage with our makeup and hairstyle.

Create a nice messy high bun, put on some red lipstick, and get ready to receive compliments from your co-workers!

This is another practical way to extend time between hair wash days while looking super stylish.

10. Casual Bun With A Clip

It’s the busiest season of the year, and you can only wish you had time to dedicate to your business hairstyle? Then, this cute updo is the perfect choice for you!

You’ll need less than a minute to create this comfortable, practical, and effortless bun. A claw clip is gentle on your hair compared to tight hair ties that can even damage it.

11. Simple Twist Ponytail

If you are feeling a little tired of the classic low ponytail, try this hairstyle as a subtle, but significant change. The simple twist ponytail looks great with any hair color, especially when combined with a cute accessory.

12. Casual Low Bun With A Scrunchie

A low bun and a scrunchie are a timeless combination. Using a scrunchie instead of a regular hair tie ensures your hair isn’t pulled too tight.

Also, you’ll look professional, but not overly strict, which makes it an ideal look for a day in the office.

13. French Braid Cute Work Updo

The French braid: a classic that’s always a good choice.

If you find this work updo too challenging, I encourage you to just give it a try. The first one probably won’t be a work of art, but remember that practice makes perfect!

14. Classic Top Knot

No matter if you have thin or thick, long or short hair, the classic top knot looks good on everyone! It’s an ideal quick hairstyle for those mornings when you’re running late.

Pull your hair back into a high ponytail, then split it into two and twist it up a little. After that, take the two sections and wrap them around the hair tie.  Secure your hair in the bun with a couple of bobby pins.

To add more volume, pull out some strands, and voilà, you’re ready to get down to business!

15. Braided Bun

A braid or a bun, what will it be? You don’t have to choose between the two – you can combine these hairstyles!

A braided bun is a great way to make a little change while maintaining a classic, professional, and elegant hairstyle.

16. Twisted Low Bun

Get yourself a sophisticated and stylish business look with this twisted low bun.

It isn’t as easy to create as some other hairstyles on this list, but it certainly presents a bold option when you’re in the mood for something extraordinary!

17. Elegant Slick Bun

This timeless hairstyle is something that comes in handy whenever you feel uninspired.  While styles are always changing, disappearing, and coming back – an elegant slick bun is an option that’s just always right. 

Any work outfit looks better with this elegant and simple hairstyle.

18. Knotted Ponytail

The knotted ponytail is a great casual option, yet it’s stylish enough to elevate your business outfit. It looks cute, it’s not an everyday hairstyle, and, best of all, it’s very easy to create!

Leave the front sections out on both sides, pull your hair behind your ears into a low ponytail. Then, take the hair from both sides and tie it into a knot above the ponytail. All that’s left to do is to wrap the ends around the bottom of the ponytail.

Beautiful, unusual, and stylish!

19. Slick Back High Ponytail

The slicked-back high ponytail is an all-time favorite elegant hairstyle for many women. If you love it too, you don’t have to save it only for formal events.

Everyday can be a special occasion if you decide it to be! So, choose this work updo on those days when you’re just up for looking fabulous.

20. Romantic And Elegant Work Updo

Go with this elegant hairstyle on those days when you feel extra romantic. These simple steps are all you need to make your hair eye-catching:

  • Braid at an angle
  • Tuck in the end of the braid and secure it with a pin
  • Add a cute flower hair accessory