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24 Low Ponytail Hairstyles That Won’t Look Dated Anytime Soon

24 Low Ponytail Hairstyles That Won’t Look Dated Anytime Soon

Simplicity doesn’t mean a lack of style and the low ponytail is proof of that. It’s one of the essential hairstyles you need in your life, and these accessorizing tips and expert advice will help you upgrade it to a whole new level.

Which one of these stylish low ponytail hairstyles is about to become your new favorite look?

1. Side Braid Into Low Ponytail


An intricate braid into ponytail look can be too time-consuming, but here’s one that only seems complicated: a pull-through braid. Read on to master it, then keep it forever in your hairstyle arsenal.

  1. Take a section of hair where you want the braid to start and tie into a ponytail.
  2. Next, take a new section underneath and create a second ponytail.
  3. Split the first ponytail in half and pull the second ponytail through. Keep it out of the way with a clip, but don’t tie it yet.
  4. Create a third ponytail by taking the next section underneath and adding the two halves from the first ponytail, then tying it all with an elastic. This is the tricky part, but it’s clear what you’re doing if you look at the photo.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 until you reach the nape.
  6. Tie the remaining hair into a ponytail.
  7. For a fuller look of the braid, gently pull on the sides of each section to pancake it.

2. Twists Into Low Ponytail


When two timeless styles—cornrows and the low ponytail—come together, they’re just as elegant, but fresh. The zig-zag parting and the extra volume spice up these classic looks even further.

3. Low Ponytail With Ribbon


The coquette aesthetic isn’t going anywhere, making decorating your low pony with a ribbon a no-brainer—instantly get a trendy look while adding a pop of color to your hairstyle. This simple accessory will embellish your low pony and allow you to subtly stay on-trend.

4. Sleek Low Ponytail Hairstyle


For the sleek low ponytail, it’s all about precision. Smooth out any bumps with a fine-tooth comb and finish off with some shine spray. Make it extra by wrapping a strand of hair around the base in a much thicker band than usual.

5. Twisted Bubble Braid Low Pony


This twisted bubble braid low ponytail is a fun way to blend various elements and create a look that strikes the perfect balance between laid-back and intricate. Even if it seems a little challenging to create, this look is worth bookmarking for the future when you’ve become a pro at hairstyles.

6. Middle Part Low Ponytail Hairstyle


The middle-part low ponytail is all about balance and symmetry, but casually tossing it over your shoulder is an unexpected twist.

7. ’90s Slouchy Ponytail


The ’90s slouchy ponytail is making a comeback and having a laid-back, undone vibe is the essence of this hairstyle. Keep it ultra-low and ultra-loose but instead of going for a grungy look, try an updated smooth version. Add a silky bow for an angelic vibe.

8. S-Wave Low Ponytail Hairstyle


The glam! The drama! Who would have thought this amount of extra is possible with a low ponytail? Achieve those sleek, sexy waves with a curling iron and add some shine serum for extra glow.

9. Cute Low Ponytail Hairstyle


If it’s pink, it’s cute: those are the rules. Smooth and sleek, but with loose strands creating an undone feel, this cute ponytail hairstyle highlights the color, making it the focus of the entire look.

10. Low Ponytail With Scrunchie


The low ponytail with a scrunchie is a nod to retro vibes and needs zero effort to create. Choose a color or pattern that complements your outfit to tie the look together.

11. Low Ponytail Hairstyle With Weave


No matter if you go for a DIY quick weave or get it done at the salon, a low ponytail with weave will completely transform your look. Length, volume, and glam!

12. Boho Braid Ponytail With Bow


A dreamy boho braid ponytail with a cute bow is the perfect recipe for creating something special without looking like you’ve tried too hard. Loosen up the braid for an undone look, and don’t forget to let a few strands fall around your face.

13. Sleek Low Ponytail With Barrette


Want a low-key but chic look that you don’t have to spend a lot of time on? Try a sleek low ponytail secured by a chunky barrette—a simple accessory to add a hint of glamour.

14. Formal Low Ponytail Hairstyle


Master the art of creating a flattering formal low ponytail and you’ll always have a look you can fall back on up your sleeve. The trick? Focus on creating volume at the crown, face-framing in the front and tone down the rest. Even if you’re going for beachy waves or a messy vibe, this ponytail is sophisticated because everything about it is intentional.

15. Low Ponytail With Pearls


This low ponytail with pearls and a glam S-wave is truly a special occasion hairstyle. The dainty pearls make it glamorous, classy and romantic—perfect for a bride’s big day.

16. Straight Low Ponytail With Pin


The straight low ponytail with a pin is a modern classic. Here, the simplicity steals the show and the clip is your way of showing your style and personality.

17. Low Ponytail Hairstyle


Keeping it simple might be just what you needed. The basic low ponytail always hits the mark, but experiment with different textures to pinpoint your perfect look.

18. Dutch Braids Into Two Low Ponytails


Double Dutch braids that flow into two low ponytails keep your hair away from your face, they’re super wearable and incredibly pretty.

19. Bubble Braid Low Ponytail


The bubble braid low ponytail is a low-effort trendy look. It literally takes minutes: secure each section with clear elastics, and give them a pull to add volume.

20. Half-Up Low Ponytail


Half-up low ponytail: the best of both worlds. Clip the top part with a claw clip, but here’s the twist—instead of letting the rest hang loose, scoop it into a chill low ponytail. Elegant in a casual way.

21. French Braid Into Low Ponytail


French braid into a low ponytail is a look that’s timeless in its elegance. This romantic hairstyle is your secret weapon that suits all kinds of formal occasions. Talk about a look that’s très chic!

22. Low Ponytail Hairstyle For Natural Hair


When you’re in the mood for a little extra oomph, add some clip-ins or extensions that match your texture to boost volume and length of your natural hair.

23. Low Ponytail Wedding Hairstyle


This low ponytail wedding hairstyle is soft, romantic and plays so well with accessories—it’s the perfect match for a delicate veil or floral pins.

24. Easy Low Ponytail Hairstyle


Got a busy morning ahead? Your problems are solved if you master this fancy but easy low ponytail hairstyle. It’s relaxed, tousled and laid-back but details like a strand of hair wrapped around the base and some flattering face-framing action give it style points.