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The 90s Bixie Haircut Is The Hottest Short Hairstyle Of 2024

The 90s Bixie Haircut Is The Hottest Short Hairstyle Of 2024

The 90s bixie haircut is a hybrid that combines the elements of a popular short bob and a pixie. This trending hairstyle features voluminous hair on top with the length of a short bob. From shaggy to textured and everything in between, the coolest pixie bob (read: bixie) cuts are back to wear the title of the hottest short hairstyle. We’re excited to share our collection of the most stunning bixies you shouldn’t miss this year!

1. Bixie Cut For Straight Hair

Straight hair of all lengths naturally lacks volume but the bixie cut is a game changer. Bixie (pixie bob) adds volume and texture to straight hair giving you a beautiful face-framing effect. Consider adding bangs to this chic style for a complete look.

2. Bronde Bixie With Bangs

If a bronde bixie could talk, it would say: “I’m the coolest gal on the planet and I don’t even try hard!” That’s exactly what we think when seeing a skilfully textured pixie bob in brown and blonde shades.

3. Wavy Bixie With Blonde Highlights

Are you looking for a perfect summer hairstyle that will help you stay cool all summer while looking stylish 24/7? Congrats, a wavy bixie with blonde highlights is what you’re looking for. Textured waves add effortless vibes to this cool style, while blonde highlights give you a popular sunkissed look.

4. Textured Wavy Bixie Cut

Textured wavy bixie cut is a youthful hairstyle featuring numerous layers perfect for thick hair. This stunning style has plenty of movement you can always boost by applying curl cream and hair gel to damp hair.

5. Red Black Bixie Hair

Red black bixie is reserved for those looking for an edgy version of a popular 90s pixie bob cut. With a two-toned bixie cut you’ll be the center of attention everywhere you go, and for a reason!

6. Two-Toned Bixie Haircut

Combine blonde and black to create a personalized bixie cut and earn the title of being the coolest gal on the block this year! Pro tip: a deep side part will make your hairstyle look more voluminous.

7. Copper Wavy Bixie Shag

Copper is officially the most natural-looking red shade and there’s no need to accentuate how stunning this hue looks on wavy bixie shag. Shaggy layers make your bixie cut look more textured and personalized.

8. Curly Bixie Hair

The best short hairstyles for curly hair are the ones that give your hair movement and enhance your curl pattern. Let me rephrase this: a bixie haircut is one of the best short hairstyles for curly hair because it brings out the best in your curls.

9. Silver Blonde Bixie

Are you looking for a flawless gray blending? Congrats, you’ve found it! Silver-blonde bixie cut will give you a perfect gray blending, and make your hair look more textured and voluminous. What more could you ask for, right?

10. Magenta Blonde Bixie

Hello, stylish lady! You can’t miss magenta blonde bixie this year because it looks mesmerizingly sweet and has a lot of personality. The best is that vivid magenta complements all skin undertones.

11. Textured Messy Bixie

Prepare to ooze effortless and sassy vibes with this textured messy bixie. Those with thin hair will benefit most from this breathtaking cut that makes a statement without trying too hard.

12. Golden Blonde Bixie Cut

Golden blonde bixie features voluminous hair on top with the length of a short bob. Besides that, golden blonde is a most wanted shade this year, so you can’t afford to miss it.

13. Bronde Bixie

What happens when you combine brown and blonde? Bronde! Now, what happens when you combine short bob and pixie? Bixie! As you can see, a bronde bixie is a match made in heaven, so what are you waiting for?

14. Angled Bixie

Angled bixie cut features angled, shorter layers at the back with longer layers at the front. Angled hairstyles are best for achieving a flawless face-framing effect and transforming your hair into a voluminous piece of art.

15. Curly Bixie Cut With Highlights

Curly bixie cut with highlights is here to give you an effortless sunkissed look and enhance the texture of your natural hair. Style your bixie cut with curl cream and hair gel if you have wavy or curly hair. You can thank me later.

16. Voluminous Textured Bixie

Let’s stop for a moment and feast our eyes on this breathtakingly voluminous textured bixie cut. Pro tip: combine lighter and darker highlights to create a more dimensional look and boost the sassiness of your bixie cut.

17. Feathered Bixie Cut

Feathered layers resemble the feathers of a bird and are extremely popular this year. Therefore, the feathered bob pixie cut is a godsend for those who want to stay on-trend and earn lots of compliments for their outstanding look.

18. Bixie With Wispy Bangs

Choose a bixie cut with wispy bangs if you want a stylish short hairstyle that abounds in volume and texture. Wispy bangs are just the cherry on top!

19. 90’s Bixie Shag Cut

Combine shaggy layers with a bixie cut to create a unique bixie haircut that turns heads. Besides that, this stunning cut is also low-maintenance meaning you can always grow it into a mid-length layered hairstyle or maintain it as a bob lob.