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20 Prettiest Braided Pigtails For A Youthful Aesthetic

20 Prettiest Braided Pigtails For A Youthful Aesthetic

It’s official: Braided pigtails are one of the most stylish, protective hairstyles EVER. They are a godsend for summer days when you want your hair out of your face, and they look astonishing with different hair accessories. Also, braided pigtails give you so many options: Dutch, French, fishtail braids, high, low, half-up, cornrow pigtails, you name it. Okay, I’ll stop typing. I think it’s time for you to find your perfect style!

1. Double Dutch Fishtail Pigtails

Combining Dutch and fishtail braids will give you that stylish, youthful look perfect for every occasion! Dutch braids are the opposite of French braids, which means you’ll need to cross the left strand under the middle strand, and then cross the right strand under the new middle strand. Remember, French braids cross over and Dutch braids cross under! Worry not, I’ll also explain how to do a fishtail braid in the next paragraph, so stay tuned.

2. Fishtail Pigtails

Everyone thinks that fishtail pigtails are quantum physics but they’re actually one of the simplest braided hairstyles. Here’s the “recipe”:
• Step 1: Split your hair into two sections down the middle, and then split your first section into two sections.
• Step 2: Grab a smaller piece of hair from one section and then cross it over to the other. Do the same for the opposite side.
• Step 3: Continue alternating left and right sides until you have a few inches of hair left. Finish with lots of hairspray!

3. Embellished Color Blocking Pigtails

Guess what? Coloring sections of your hair in contrasting colors will make your pigtails look even more stylish and personalized. This unique hairstyle is bound to earn you lots of compliments anywhere you go. (Speaking from experience).

4. Mix Pigtail Braids With Snowflakes

Combining small and large braids with pigtails will result in one of the coolest hairstyles ever! If you want to bring this hairstyle to the next level, try decorating it with snowflakes or flowers (depending on the season). Also, you can opt for a deep side part instead of a middle part to create the illusion of more textured and voluminous hair. You’re welcome!

5. Red-Orange Braided High Pigtails

Excuse me while I pick up my jaw from the floor! Wow! Braided pigtails with red and orange highlights look so otherworldly and dimensional. If you want to rock this stunning hairstyle, here’s what you need to do:

• Step 1: Split your hair into two lower sections and two upper sections. Clip the upper sections out of the way for now.
• Step 2: Dutch braid the hair from the two lower sections: split every section into three strands. Cross the left strand under the middle strand, and then cross the right strand under the new middle strand. Add a thin section of hair to the left strand before crossing it under the middle one. Do the same for the right side. Continue adding thin strands until you reach the crown of your head. Secure the braids with elastics.
• Step 3: Gather the hair from your two upper sections (including the tips of your braids) to create two high ponytails. Wrap the ponytails with sections of your hair and secure them with bobby pins. Congrats, you’re good to go!

6. Twin Dutch Braid Pigtails

Ain’t this the cutest hairstyle pic ever? Braided pigtails are also a popular choice among mums and their little girls. This protective hairstyle is so easy to make and it looks awesome on social media networks next to super cute captions. You’ll achieve this hairstyle by adding thin sections of hair to the left strand before crossing it under the middle one. Do the same for the right side. Yup, it’s that easy and fun!

7. Pastel Pigtail Braids

For a more soft and feminine version of braided pigtails, opt for pastel hair color. Apart from being super trendy, pastel colors will also help your pigtails look more textured and accentuated. In other words, pastel pigtail braids will transform you into a true goddess!

8. Curly Hair Pigtails With Bows

If you want to accentuate your curly mane and beautiful pigtails, combining them is the way to go! Adding bows is a great way to hide the elastics and make your braided pigtails even more fashionable. Oh, wait. Did I mention that bows are officially one of the biggest hair trends for women? Yup, they are!

9. Cornrow Pigtails

Are you looking for a low-maintenance, baddie hairstyle? Cornrow pigtails come to the rescue! If you have thin hair, I suggest that you go with fewer cornrow braids so that your pigtails look thicker. Also, you can pull out a few pieces around your hairline for a face-framing effect.

10. Dutch Infinity Braid Pigtails

Even though the infinity braid looks like a fishtail braid, they are completely different. Here’s how to create an infinity braid, so that you can bring your pigtails to the next level:

• Step 1: Split your hair into two equal sections. Take a small section of hair from the back side of the left strand and bring it over the left strand and under the right strand. Then bring it over the right strand and under the left strand. Pro tip: You know you’ve done it right if you now have made a figure 8 shape.
• Step 2: Pick up a small section of hair from the left strand and add it to your first wrapping strand. Again, bring it over the left strand and under the right strand. Then pick up a small section of hair from the right strand and add it to the wrapping strand.
• Step 3: Continue repeating it until you reach the desired length. Also, remember to loosen the hair up a little bit.

11. Bubble Braid Pigtails

If you don’t have much time at your disposal, you can always opt for easy and fun bubble braid pigtails. Here’s how to achieve this hairstyle:

Separate your hair into two equal sections. Use a small section of hair to create the first bubble next to your hairline on the left side. Secure the bubble with an elastic. Then grab the second section of hair behind the first bubble and tie them together. Continue securing the bubbles with elastics until you reach the nape of your neck. Do the same for the right side. Once you’re finished, use your fingers to pull out the hair in bubble shapes.

12. Double Bushel Braid Pigtails

It’s universally acknowledged that the bushel braid is one of the fullest, most voluminous braids out there. Needless to say, adding this braid to your pigtails is bound to be a real head-turner. Also, don’t forget the hair accessories!

13. Criss-Cross French Dutch Braid Pigtails

French braids + Dutch braids + pigtails= a masterpiece. From casual to elegant, this beautiful hairstyle will complement any look. What more could one ask for, right?

14. Bronde Double Dutch Pigtails

Blonde and brown (bronde) hair colors are a godsend for braided hairstyles because they enhance the texture of your hair/braids. If you’re a natural brunette, I suggest going with blonde balayage to create that sun-kissed effect that looks amazing on braided pigtails.

15. Ribbon Pigtail Braids

Every stylish lady knows that braided pigtails without ribbons are like cornrows without hair accessories. To braid ribbons into your hair, all you need to do is add the ribbon to the left section and the right section of your hair. Continue crossing the right section of your hair with a ribbon over the middle section. Do the same for the left section.

16. Criss-Cross Braided Pigtails

The best thing about criss cross braided pigtails is that they come in so many versions. The most complicated ones require more time and effort, while this one requires only wrapping one hair section over the other before you start braiding. Easy-peasy, right?

17. Super Long High Pigtails

Whether you have short or medium hair, you can also rock super long high pigtails with the help of hair extensions. If you want to make a BIG statement, I suggest adding hair extensions in a different, contrasting color to your base color. You can thank me later.

18. Short Mermaid Pigtail Buns

These mermaid pigtails in pastel green colors look great on all hair lengths, but I have to admit that they look especially cute on short hair. Amazing.

19. Half-Up Braided Pigtails With Buns

From high ponytails to cornrows, braided pigtails come in many shapes (and colors). I daresay that half-up pigtails with buns, French braids, and bubble braids are the most stylish and versatile Y2K hairstyles of all. Do you agree with me?

20. Rope Braid Pigtails Hairstyle

For an easy rope braid pigtail hairstyle, you need to gather your hair into two ponytails and secure them with an elastic. Then divide one of your ponytails into two sections and twist them. Start twisting both sections together as you go down. Do the same for the other ponytail to create rope braid pigtails!