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22 Must-Try Face Framing Layers For Long Hair

22 Must-Try Face Framing Layers For Long Hair

Want to nail that great first impression? Go for face-framing layers for long hair that are absolutely stunning. Why, you ask? Well, it’s a psychologically proven fact that women with this hairstyle come across as friendlier and more approachable. From timeless elegance to bold statements, these styles are crafted to enhance your facial features and let your personality shine through.

1. Face-Framing Cascading Layers On Ultra-Long Hair

This 90’s flair is a gorgeous choice for ultra-long hair. The cascading fall of layers adds to the breezy style and makes the whole look so elegant.

2. Rose Gold Illusion

Nothing like side-swept bangs and loose waves to make the hair look so gorgeous. Add rose gold tones to it, and you get a modern and trendy look that provokes jealousy.

3. Face-Complementing Layered Hair

This look screams a style-conscious lady. The layers enhance her natural facial features, while the amazing brunette color provides great contrast to her eyes.

4. Fiery Frame On Copper Red

Redhead fantasy right here – pale complexion and copper tone, oh so classy. Loose waves contour her face so beautifully. This style is straight out of Vogue!

5. Side-Swept Layers

A fresh cut with lots of face-accentuating layers and a big bouncy blowout gives hair lustrous, shiny, healthy appeal. Smooth and frizz-free, what more can you ask from hair?!

6. Brunette Whisper Bangs

Uneven bangs extended to the cheeks on one side frame the face on one side while drawing attention to facial features. An intriguing and flattering appearance for sure.

7. Butterfly Cut Layered Frames

The whole hairline is brightened for a bold look. The root is smudged for seamless grow-out, low maintenance alert. Plus, the butterfly cut complements the face in an effortless movement. Flawless!

8. Cozy Glow Cut

A warmer blonde tone is made for the fall season and a perfect cut with defining layering. A subtle look that softens the features and makes her look so snuggly.

9. Frame Up With Bangs And Layers 

There is something about the soft layering that enhances the face and adds to the friendly and happy vibe. Oh and the bangs on long hair are an obvious and effective face frame. Now, this is a golden, layered joy of a hairstyle.

10. Secretive Fringe Layers

One eye covered, face framed, and red color on pale skin give a face-highlighting effect that is a real inspiration. This is a style that says, “I’m beautiful and I’m not for everyone.”

11. Soft Dimensions

Big blonde hair in long cascading layers cut to flatter the face are truly hair goals. The look is not only beautiful but also sends out “I’m approachable” vibes.

12. Copper Red Hair Color & Layered Cut

Talk about a hairstyle that flatters one’s facial features. Amazing! By combining the natural flow of the hair, wispy curtain fringes and red copper freshness you end up with one awe-inspiring look.

13. Strawberry Blonde Shag 

Out of all the face-framing styles, shag is truly timeless and adaptable. There are some boho, go-with-the-flow vibes to this whole style. Oh, and the color is absolutely stunning!

14.  Three Layers

Definitely a fashion-forward hairstyle that makes a statement. It’s a version of the “jellyfish” haircut. Plus, these colors enhance the haircut to make this look NEXT LEVEL!

15. Butterfly Cut Cool Beige Blend

Butterfly cut is one of the most popular long haircuts and we can se why. It gives the hair more movement and volume. Plus the color is bright and high-impact blonde but still low maintenance, just like the “hair doctor” prescribed.

16. Blowout Defining

God bless the one who invented the blowout! The hair looks voluminous and full and suits different face shapes by framing them magnificently.

17. Powdered Peach Butterfly Cut

Does this butterfly cut frame the face perfectly, or what? It enhances the facial features, plus this powder peach tone gives that special something. Classy babe vibes!

18. Ginger Contouring

There’s something about gingers and freckles that makes them irresistible. Add some shaping layers into the equation, and the style is pure fire.

19. Highlights Highlighting The Face

Wow, insane looks! It’s amazing how a few lighter highlights around the face make such a huge impact. This is what you call slaying the hair game!

20. Colorful Accentuating

Face-framing styles soften the facial features, while vibrant colors lift the whole look into another dimension. If you are bold enough to wear it, this is a cool hair vibe indeed.

21. Framing With Feathers Layers

Absolutely obsessed with this look. The hair is ultra-healthy, cut in feathered layers that frame the face just right. Beyond babe!

22. Voluminous Butterfly Cut

Butterfly cut is a definite winner when it comes to gently contouring the face. Bangs styled on one side open up her face, and with the highlights, it’s totally hair goals.