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20 Unique Wavy Hair Wolf Cut Looks To Rock In 2024

20 Unique Wavy Hair Wolf Cut Looks To Rock In 2024

The wolf cut is a combination of two trending cuts – a mullet and a shag, which makes it one of the most versatile hairstyles for wavy hair. In other words, there’s a wolf haircut for every wavy hair length and texture. If you prefer a bold style, then vivid hair colors are a must. If you want to rock a super cool and effortless wolf haircut, opt for choppy bangs. The choice is yours!

1. Cowboy Copper Wolf Cut For Wavy Hair

If you want to rock one of the most effortless and natural hairstyles for wavy hair, then opt for a cowboy copper wolf haircut with shaggy bangs. The red and brown earthy undertones of cowboy copper will warm up your complexion. Shaggy bangs will make sure that your natural-looking wavy hairstyle is voluminous and textured.

2. Bright Peach Wolf Haircut

To make a statement, spice up your wolf haircut with bold hair colors. Bright peach is one of the most flattering vivid colors for warm skin undertones. This stunning shade will also enhance the layers of your cool wolf cut.

3. Blonde Wavy Wolf Cut With Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs are cut at varying lengths and are often combined with shaggy layers and wolf cuts for a seamlessly blended look. Wolf cut with choppy bangs gives off effortless, undone vibes no one can stay indifferent to.

4. Long Wolf Cut With Shaggy Layers

If you have thick hair, a wolf cut with bangs and lots of shaggy layers will make your hairstyle look more voluminous and defined. We all know that thick wavy hair is prone to weighing down if not cut correctly. Adding plenty of layers will ensure that your hair has lots of movement and volume. Perfection!

5. Magenta Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs

Say hi to the polished version of wolf cut for wavy hair! Soft layering will create a less shaggy version of a wolf cut, while curtain bangs will fashionably frame your face. Does this sound like a good deal to you?

6. Soft Wolf Cut For Thin Wavy Hair

Thin wavy hair doesn’t like lots of layering at the crown of your mane because this can make it look even thinner. If thin wavy hair is your hair type, then opt for soft layers combined with bangs. This type of haircut will make your hair look fuller and more textured.

7. Red Wavy Textured Wolf Cut

A textured wolf cut features slightly choppy and shaggy layers that accentuate the texture of your mane. This beautiful hairstyle is a godsend for short wavy hair.

8. Wolf Cut With Piecey Bangs

Pairing a wolf cut with defined, separated strands (read: piecey bangs) has never looked so COOL. Besides that, piecey bangs are a great solution if your mane is not thick enough to rock blunt bangs.

9. Wavy Wolf Cut Wet Hairstyle

For a perfectly undone look, opt for a wolf cut wet hairstyle. To achieve this look, mix some hair gel and hair oil and apply it on damp hair. Allow your hair to air dry, and don’t forget to enjoy your new hairstyle!

10. Wolf Cut With Pastel Purple Highlights

Pastel purple hair, don’t care! If you have darker hair, adding pastel purple highlights is a great way to make your hairstyle look more stylish and personalized. For a more subtle version of this hairstyle, you can add a pastel purple money piece which looks (totally) magnetizing when paired with curtain bangs.

11. Voluminous Shaggy Wolf Cut

A voluminous wavy shag wolf cut will give your mane some volume at the crown with a face-framing effect. This haircut brings out the best in short wavy hairstyles and medium waves.

12. Color Blocking Wolf Cut For Wavy Hair

If I had to describe this haircut in three words, it would be: effortless, bold, and cool! If you’re ready to take your wolf cut to the next level (and earn lots of compliments), color blocking is the best bet. Color blocking is all about combining contrasting colors, and you can choose as many as you like.

13. Wavy Wolf Cut With Shaggy Layered Bangs

Shaggy layered bangs feature shorter and longer strands with wispy ends. This type of fringe looks slightly feathered and blends perfectly with the shaggy layers of a wolf haircut. When it comes to hair color, platinum blonde shade will give you that ethereal vibe perfect for every season.

14. Black Blonde Wolf Cut With Choppy Bangs

Platinum blonde isn’t the best friend of wavy or curly hair textures due to the bleaching process which can leave your hair weaker and more prone to dryness and damage. To avoid any potential damage, I suggest that you start small by adding a few blonde highlights to your darker wavy hair. That way you’ll see how your hair will react to bleach and you’ll have time to figure out whether you want to go full blonde or stick to your current hairstyle.

15. Wolf Cut With Asymmetrical Bangs

Asymmetrical bangs are irregularly cut and blended bangs that give dimension to wolf haircuts. This type of fringe will make sure that your undone and cool vibes are at their highest level. Who can say no to that, right?

16. Voluminous Long Wolf Cut

A voluminous wolf cut is perfect for thick long wavy hair because this type of haircut requires lots of layering. With this hairdo, you don’t need to worry about your thick hair weighing down. The layers will make sure that your hairstyle has lots of movement and volume at all times.

17. Wavy Wolf Cut With Birkin Bangs

Named after the French actress Jane Birkin, Birkin bangs are soft, long bangs with wispy ends. Birkin bangs can be modified to look flattering on all face shapes. The layers around the bangs can be cut to slim a wider face or to make a narrow or longer face look fuller.

18. Pastel Pink Wavy Hair Wolf Cut

Pastel pink shades look best on fair skin tones, while medium and dark skin tones should opt for magenta or another dark pink shade. As always, you should consult with your colorist about choosing the best pink shade for your skin tone. Better safe than sorry!

19. Platinum Blonde Wolf Cut With Bangs

The lightest shade of blonde (platinum blonde) will transform your wolf cut into an elegant, stylish, and sophisticated piece of art. I think words are superfluous when it comes to describing this beautiful hairstyle. Agreed?

20. Highlighted Wavy Wolf Cut Hairstyle

We love highlights on wavy wolf cuts because they add dimension and create subtle depth to your hairstyle. Besides that, highlights are known to be low maintenance which is perfect for those who don’t have time for frequent salon visits.