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30 Attractive Face-Framing Layers For Medium-Length Hair

30 Attractive Face-Framing Layers For Medium-Length Hair

I’m sure the first question you have about face-framing layers is whether they will suit your hair texture or face shape. In that case, you have nothing to worry about because these layers flatter everyone.

In this collection of face-framing layers for medium-length hair, you will discover all the advantages of this cut. The most eminent ones are creating a softer look, elevating attractive facial features, and allowing more hair movement.

1. Bouncy Blowdry

This is the perfect example of a hairstyle for every occasion! It’s formal, elegant, chic, and flattering. Blowdry provides additional volume to the hair while layers hold it all together and make the look last longer.

2. Voluminous Layered Hair

Long curtain bangs + face-framing layers + feathered ends represent a match made in heaven. The way they blend and complement one another is awesome.

3. Face-Framing Layers For Curly Texture

Yes, face-framing layers can also work for curly texture. You can see how much healthier and maintained hair looks after layering it. The curls are also more voluminous and defined, and the hair definitely has more movement.

4. 90s Face-Framing Layers

90s hair was all about mega volume and face-framing layers. Just look at how these layers highlight and enhance her eyes.

5. Razor Cut Shag

The razor cut, face-framing shag is perfect for those who want to add a bit of volume to the crown and enrich hair movement. However, I do not recommend this cutting technique if you have frizzy hair or damaged and split ends because a razor cut will actually cause even more breakage.

6. Subtle Face-Framing Waves

When you combine wavy hair and face-framing layers you get a hairstyle that is convenient for every occasion. Waves work for every hair length and they will always add that does of casual elegance to your look.

7. Black And Platinum Split

This black-platinum combo is awesome, there is no doubt of that. I wanted to draw attention to these face-framing layers and the way they make her eyes pop. Simply beautiful!

8. Face-Framing Butterfly Cut

The biggest goal of a butterfly cut is to remove all the excessive weight from the hair. The feathered layers give movement to hair and create a flowy, super chic look.

9. Face-Framing Layers For Thick Hair

Take a good look at this picture and see how much a few face-framing layers can refresh your face and make you seem younger. The layers can give the impression of thinner hair while keeping the hair volume and, most importantly, without damaging it.

10. Bohemian Style

The curled face-framing layers are one of the most classic boho hairstyles. It’s slightly messy but still has those romantic, feminine vibes.

11. Soft Face-Framing Layers

If you aren’t ‘the many layers’ type of girl, here is something you’ll like. These curtain bangs and simple layers are enough to frame the face and soften some harsh facial features.

12. Long Layers

These effortless, barely noticeable face-framing layers are a great hack for contouring your face and making it look slimmer. They blend with lob hair so naturally and flatter mostly women with oval face shapes.

13. Blonde Lob With Lavender Freak Streak

These E-girl hairstyles are one of the latest TikTok and Instagram trends. Dyed bangs and front layers have that youthful vibe and look great on everyone. Now, it’s up to you whether you’re brave enough to follow this trend.

14. Face-Framing Curve Haircut

C-cut is probably the most flattering cut when it comes to face-framing layers for medium hair. It suits everyone but works best for fine hair because of the volume the layers provide. The more volume you add to your hair, the thicker it will look.

15. Side Part Lob

The side part face-framing layers work wonders for women with oval face shapes because they make the forehead appear shorter and the face more sculpted.

16. Cute Flippy, Wispy Layers

Flipped layers were the buzz of the 90s but it is a trend that somehow always finds its way back in the fashion. Besides creating volume, the flippy layered ends will add a ruffled but elegant finish to your hair.

17. Shorter Face-Framing Layers

If you want to thin out your thick hair, this may be the perfect solution for you. Leave a few strands of shorter, face-framing layers in the front and gently pull the rest of your hair below.

18. Dark Layered Hair Blowout

If you like to keep your hair simple but classy, these straight long layers should be your go-to hairstyle. They will create as much movement as possible and breathe life into your tresses.

19. Round Haircut

Known as uniform layers as well, these round layers work for round faces because they can elongate the face by giving the appearance of a thicker neck.

20. Sunlight Dimension

These dimensional highlights are pretty much low-maintenance and they suit all skin tones. The face-framing layers and a few sections of the hair are lighter which softens some harsh facial features and brightens the face.

21. Face-Framing Layers For Round Face Shape

If you want to narrow out your round face, you should opt for a mid-length layered haircut. Or, to be more precise, face-framing cut.

The layers elongate the neck and hide the chin which will give you the desired slimming effect. Pair the layers with curtain bangs because they’re the best choice for a round face shape.

22. Edgy Face-Framing Shag

Want to point out your edgy personality? Let your hairstyle do that job for you. This tousled shag gives that ‘messy but stylish’ look and, most importantly, works for every hair type.

23. One Length Face-Framing Layers

It’s a classic haircut but it’s not that easy to achieve the one-length cut and that’s why you should only allow a professional to do it. The face-framing layers provide movement and volume, otherwise, without them, it would be a boring hairstyle indeed.

24. Copper With Blonde Underdye

Copper hues are the most romantic hair colors and we need to put a full stop right here. However, these peekaboo blonde layers are what make this look so unique and stylish. They add depth, and together with the voluminous layers, you’ll hair will appear thicker than ever.

25. Collarbone-Grazing Haircut

The collarbone-grazing cuts are considered one of the most attractive and feminine haircuts. These blowdried-to-perfection layers can really make you call your hairstylist ASAP.

26. Fiery Copper-Blonde Highlights

The copper-blonde tones flatter women with neutral or warm skin tones. Combined with these face-framing layers and wavy texture, they make such a harmonious, chic look.

27. Razor Cut And The Ear Tuck

The effortless ear-tuck hairstyle is for women who like simple looks with a bit of nerdy vibes. These face-framing strands left in front are bursting with flirty bounces.

28. Feathered Face-Framing Layers

The biggest advantage of the feathered layers is that they define the hair texture. If your hair is wavy or curly, it will shape the ending of your locks. On the other hand, if your hair is straight, it’ll place the strands on top of each other and provide more movement.

29. Chestnut Caramel Layers

This fall color is so natural-looking and quite easy to maintain. However, if you have a darker skin tone, you should avoid these reddish-brown hues because the low contrast will wash you out.

30. Face-Framing Bardot Bangs With Braids

Bardot bangs are very similar to curtain bangs except they have that soft center part that gives more sophisticated and elegant vibes. As you can see, they also pair perfectly with these face-framing layers. When it comes to these braids, they simply add a youthful and stylish flare to the entire look.