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60 Trendy Hairstyles With Bangs For Round Face

60 Trendy Hairstyles With Bangs For Round Face

Bangs for round face don’t have an aesthetic purpose only. They are also here to slim down your face and to make it visually thinner. And that’s exactly what all of these hairstyles will do.

1. Bob With Bangs For Round Face

A bob cut like this would normally round your face even more. However, if you add bangs to the equation, you get a desperately needed balance.

2. Bangs For Round Chubby Face

If you have a round, chubby face, bangs can be a real life-saver because they will make you visually thinner and slim down your face.

3. Bangs For Round Face With Glasses

What about girls with glasses and round faces? Your best choice is bangs that go right up to your glasses. Also, make sure to choose a fun design for your eyewear.

4. Side Swept Bangs For Round Face

Side-swept bangs are always a top pick for round-faced ladies. They give you a ton of versatility, look amazing, and slim down your face.

5. Straight Bangs For Round Face

Can you wear straight bangs if you have a round face? Absolutely yes! The trick is just to choose the right haircut to go with them.

6. Full Bangs For Round Face

Here’s an example of how great full bangs look on a round face, especially when paired with long hair. The only thing you need to maintain these bangs is a round brush.

7. Short Hair With Bangs For Round Face

Instead of choosing the classic, boring short hairstyle, introduce some interesting changes to your hairstyle. And what’s the better way to do it than adding some bangs?

8. See Through Bangs For Round Face

See-through bangs will update any look. They’re here to make you look carefree and to add a dash of fun to your style.

9. Bangs For Curly Hair And Round Face

There’s a common misconception that bangs can’t be cut properly on a curly hair texture. Well, here’s living proof of how wrong that is.

10. Curtain Bangs For Round Face Shape

One thing is for sure: curtain bangs are the most fashionable trend in the hair industry this season. Be stylish and show this inspo pic to your hairdresser.

11. Bangs For Big Forehead And Round Face

Finding the perfect hairstyle to hide your big forehead has always been problematic. Well, luckily, this isn’t the case anymore. Here is your solution!

12. Wispy Bangs For Round Face

Wispy bangs are low-maintenance, fun, and flirty. Besides looking amazing, they have another purpose: to make you look younger than ever.

13. Bangs For Wavy Hair And Round Face

I’ll be honest with you: styling and maintaining bangs on wavy hair is not the easiest job on the planet. However, if you’ll end up looking like this, cutting them is definitely worth it.

14. Air Bangs For Round Face

Air bangs are a huge trend in Korea and they’re making their way to the West, as well. They’re light, thin and piece-y, which makes them perfect for a new look.

15. Bangs For Thick Hair And Round Face

If you have a thick hair texture, bangs are just the thing for you! They’ll make your maintenance easier since they remove a lot of weight off your hair.

16. Long Hair With Bangs For Round Face

Sick and tired of your boring, long hair? Here’s a solution for you: add some bangs to update your style.

17. Edgy Bangs For Round Face

These bangs are not for everyone, that’s for sure. They’re bold and edgy, especially if you pair them with this hair color.

18. Asymmetrical Bangs For Round Face

Asymmetrical bangs are probably the ideal choice for a round face since they give your shape much-needed balance and make your style playful and fun.

19. Bangs For Fine Hair And Round Face

If you have fine hair, go with thinner and lighter bangs. After all, you don’t want to get too many tresses.

20. Funky Colored Bangs For Round Face

If you want to go over the edge but will need to look professional, just add a bit of purple to your short haircut. If you end up not liking it, it will wash out soon enough.

21. Bangs For Round Face For Women Over 40

Just look at how amazing this pixie cut with bangs looks on ladies over 40. It’s stylish, low-maintenance and age-appropriate.

22. Bangs For Round Face For Women Over 50

When you reach a certain age, all you need is an easy-to-maintain hairstyle that looks good at all times. And finally, you’ve found one.

23. Medium Length Hair With Bangs For Round Face

Can’t decide between having long and short hair? Go with medium length and add some bangs for a full effect.

24. Bangs For Round Face For Women Over 60

Just look at how fancy and chic you can look in your 60s. All you need is the right inspo pic and a skiller hairdresser.

25. French Bob With Bangs For Round Face

A French bob cut is a timeless style that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance but makes you look elegant and on-point.

26. Pixie Bob Cut For Round Face

When you think of the ’90s, the number one cut that comes through your mind is definitely a pixie bob cut or a bixie. Luckily, it’s back in fashion!

27. Pixie Cut With Bangs For Round Face

Instead of getting a classic pixie cut, it’s enough just to add some short bangs to update the entire look and spice it up a bit. Most importantly, this hairstyle requires zero effort.

28. Wolf Cut With Bangs For Round Face

You’re looking at the upgraded, contemporary version of the retro wolf cut. Of course, you can’t imagine this style without bangs!

29. Bangs For Rond Face For Women Over 70

Bangs are perfect for covering up forehead wrinkles, which every woman gets at a certain age. That is why this hairstyle is ideal for ladies over 70.

30. Baby Bangs On Round Face

I’ll tell you one thing only: you’re not ready for this amazing edgy cut. It has baby bangs, undercut, and long layers. All of it combined gives you a unique hairstyle.

31. Shaggy Haircut With Deep Bangs For Round Face

Deep bangs are a great choice for a round face because they make it visually longer and thinner. Pair them with this shaggy cut and trendy hair color and you’re good to go.

32. Mermaid Hair With Bangs For Round Face

Pay attention because you need a skilled hair colorist to pull off this look. It might cost you money and time but it’s worth it!

33. Side-Swept Full Bangs For Round Face

These are not “regular” side bangs. In fact, you’re looking at full bangs that are swept on the side, which makes them ideal for a round face.

34. Two-Colored Bob With Bangs For Round Face

The combination of modern colors, the trendy cut, the bangs which are perfect for a round face… it sounds like an awesome hairstyle to me.

35. Bardot Bangs For Round Face

These bangs are, as the name says it, inspired by Bridgite Bardot. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise you that they’re timeless and can never go out of style.

36. Red Bob Cut With Bangs For Round Face

Choose this hue of red if you want to express your fiery personality but want to keep a respectable look, as well. Add some bangs to it and you’ll have an appealing style.

37. Razor Cut And Diffuse Hairstyle With Bangs For Round Face

Isn’t it obvious? You’ll need a difusser to maintain this look unless you don’t want to visit a hair salon every time you wash your hair. But just look at how edgy and fund it is.

38. Razor Cut And Heavy Fringe On Round Face

You’ll fall in love with this razor cut and heavy fringe hairstyle at first sight. If you decide to get this color, pay special attention to your hair care.

39. Pixie With Long Sideburns And Bangs For Round Face

The long side burns offer an amazing contrast in comparison to bangs. But that’s not all: you also get a beautiful face frame.

40. Long Bob With Bangs For Round Face

You want an elegant, lady-like hairstyle appropriate for every day look and for special occasions? You’ve just found one!

41. Bangs On Curly Layered Hair And Round Face

Curly layers are everything. Most importantly, they’re everything your round face needs. For an even more flattering look, add bangs to the equation.

42. Piece-y Short Wolf Cut With Colored Bangs For Round Face

Are you ready for one of the funkiest hairstyles for a round face? If the answer is yes, here’s an inspo-pic to show to your stylist.

43. Bangs On Choppy Hair For Round Face

Choppy hair is the champion of low-maintenance styles. Seamless layers give your round face balance, while the bangs complement the style even further.

44. Short Razor Cut With Bangs For Round Face

Are you ready for an eye-catching haircut with bangs for a full makeover? A short razor cut for round face is the thing for you!

45. Messy Bob With Bangs For Round Face

One thing is certain: you can’t possibly go wrong with a messy bob cut. It’s flattering for all hair types and age ranges.

46. Short Bob With Flipped Curtain Bangs

If you don’t want to be like everyone else and get a classic curtain bangs, pull off a flipped curtain bangs and stand out from the masses.

47. Bangs On Ponytail For Round Face

Bangs look exceptionally good on a ponytail if you have a round face. Add a hair accessory to really spice up your look.

48. Brushed Forward Bangs On Round Face

Brushed-forward bangs are a real game-changer for round-face girlies. They modify your entire face shape and give you a whole new look.

49. Green Bangs On Dark Short Hair For Round Face

Green face-framing bangs in contrast to dark hair? Why not? Just look at how unique and bold this hairstyle is.

50. Bangs On Pastel Pink Hair For Round Face

The entire world is in it’s Barbie era, and it’s about time you join the trend. And what’s a better way to do it than to get a pastel pink haircut with bangs?

51. Ultra Short Bangs On Peachy Hair For Round Face

Ultra-short bangs go extemely well with a round face shape, since they give it angels your face lacks. Pair the look with this trendy hair color.

52. Gray Bob With Peek-A-Boo Bangs

Peek-a-boo bangs don’t only make you look mysterious. They also accentuate your cheekbones and jawline while reshaping your face.

53. Long Curtain Bangs On Blonde Balayage For Round Face

Long curtain bangs are one of the best choices for a round face since they elongate it. Also, this style offers you a lot of styling options.

54. Round Bob With Bangs For Round Face

A round bob cut with bangs is a classy look that makes a statement. It’s strong and visually balanced which makes it perfect for all ages.

55. Classy Pixie With Bangs For Round Face

Guess what: you can look elegant and like a true lady with a pixie cut, as well. If you don’t believe me, just check out this inspo-pic.

56. Volumized Gray Short Haircut With Side Bangs For Round Face

This hairstyle with bangs has a build-up of weight, which helps your hair look more volumized and thicker. At the same time, the bangs keep your face open.

57. Bangs On Non-Binary Haircut For Round Face

It’s time to express your individuality with this non-binary haircut. It’s low-maintenance and looks good on all occasions.

58. Blonde Bob Cut With Wispy Curtain Bangs

A blonde bob cut with wispy bangs has been around for decades and it’s perfect for ladies who want a timeless yet youthful look.

59. Bangs On Choppy Lixie For Round Face

The bangs are here to give this choppy lixie (a long pixie cut) a careless, adventorous look. It can be customized to fit every face shape but it looks the best on a round face.

60. Curtain Bangs On Shoulder Length Cut For Round Face

Blow-drying your hair with a round brush will make this style look spotless at all times. It will add volume and avoid friziness, as well.