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19 Most Flattering Cuts And Styles For Fine Flat Hair

19 Most Flattering Cuts And Styles For Fine Flat Hair

Fine flat hair lacks volume, so finding the right cut and style for your hair type is the only way to bring out the best in your mane. Adding soft layers, curtain bangs, or beach waves are great ways to make your hair look fuller and more voluminous. The most flattering hairstyles for fine flat hair are super cool and, more importantly, easy to style. Ready for inspo pics? I bet you are!

1. Long Layered Hairstyle

Layers and fine flat hair are best friends forever, and if you’ve just discovered this it will be a big game changer for your mane. Adding long layers to your fine flat hair will make it look more voluminous and textured.

2. Wolf Cut For Fine Flat Hair

A wolf cut is a combination of a mullet and a shag cut. This popular haircut has longer layers on the back and voluminous hair on top which is exactly what everyone with fine hair needs for their hair to look fuller.

3. Beach Wave Perm

We all know that curly and wavy hair is voluminous by default and not every one of us was blessed with natural curls or waves. But there’s a solution for that, too. You can go with a beach wave perm to enjoy beachy waves for months without using heat styling tools.

4. Angled Bob With Money Piece

Angled bobs are shorter on the back and longer in front creating a perfect balance and making your hair look thicker than it is. Add a blonde money piece for a face-framing effect that makes fine flat hair appear more voluminous.

5. Voluminous Updo For Fine Flat Hair

Voluminous updos are a godsend for those with fine flat hair and the best is that they are easy to style. All you need to do is tease the sections of your hair with a fine tooth comb and watch how your flat hair transforms into a voluminous mane.

6. Soft Layers With Curtain Bangs

Soft layers have a soft transition between layers and are a perfect choice for those who want a natural-looking hairstyle with plenty of movement. Pair soft layers with curtain bangs for the ultimate voluminous hairstyle that will earn you lots of compliments.

7. Tousled Waves With Highlights

Tousled wavy hair with highlights is a dimensional hairstyle with lots of volume and texture. If you have dark hair, opt for blonde highlights to create a beautiful sunkissed look and add dimension to your flat fine hair.

8. Textured Bob With Tousled Waves

Textured bob enhances the natural texture of your hair and creates the illusion of a thicker mane. Create tousled waves to make your hairstyle look even more voluminous and chic.

9. Soft Waves With Bangs

If you have long hair, opt for long soft waves with highlights and bangs to add dimension, volume, and movement to your fine flat hair. Besides that, bangs will create a beautiful face-framing effect and complete your trendy look.

10. Shaggy Layers

If I had to describe shaggy layers in two words they would be effortless and carefree. Adding shaggy layers to your fine flat hair is a great way to add more movement to your hairstyle and boost your flirty vibes.

11. Long Soft Waves For Fine Flat Hair

Long soft waves reminiscent of supermodel hair as seen in commercials is almost every woman’s hair dream. If you have fine flat hair, soft waves should be your go-to style when you want you want to create the illusion of voluminous mane.

12. Shaggy Mullet Haircut

Unlike classic layered haircuts, shaggy mullets are so versatile and unique. They can be customized to flatter all hair types including fine flat hair. Experiment with different shades to make this hairstyle look more personalized.

13. Soft Layered Hair With Curtain Bangs

Soft-layered hair with curtain bangs will give your hair a face-framing effect, volume, and good vibes. Consider adding highlights to create a dimensional look that will add more volume to your hairstyle.

14. Glam Waves With Soft Voluminous Bangs

Glam wavy hair with soft voluminous bangs is another great style for fine flat hair. Creating glam waves is super easy – all you need to do is wrap the sections of your hair around the curling iron in the same direction and then go through your hair with a fine tooth comb.

15. Bob With Bangs For Fine Flat Hair

Bobs with bangs are super stylish, cute, and practical short hairstyles for fine hair. If you want to achieve a more textured look, adding layers to your bob cut will help you achieve that.

16. Fine Flat Hair With Layered Bangs

You don’t have to add layers throughout the entire hair to create a voluminous, textured look. You can simply add layered bangs and style your hair into a voluminous ponytail, braids, or similar. The options are numerous!

17. Bronde Tousled Waves

If you want a natural-looking hairstyle that will bring out the best in your fine flat hair, opt for a bronde hair color combination. Bronde hair features brown and blonde shades that create the illusion of a thicker, voluminous mane. Tousled, soft waves are just the cherry on top!

18. Beach Waves For Fine Flat Hair

Are you looking for a perfect summer style that will transform your fine flat hair into a voluminous mane? Beach waves are the answer. To achieve this style, apply some curl cream, oil (optional), and sea salt spray on damp hair. Dry your upside down with a diffuser and use a curling iron to create more defined waves if needed.

19. Blunt Bob With Blonde Money Piece

Blunt bob features cutting your entire hair the same length which makes your hair look naturally fuller. Add a blonde money piece to achieve a sunkissed look and stylishly frame your face.