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18 Short Grunge Hair Ideas To Save For Your Next Salon Visit

18 Short Grunge Hair Ideas To Save For Your Next Salon Visit

There’s more to the ’90s nostalgia than elevated minimalism—if you’re into all things edgy, rebellious and a bit imperfect, the grunge aesthetic might be more your style. Looking for a haircut to match? Short grunge hair is messy, tousled and effortless. It’s glam and gritty in the most irresistible way. Never too polished, always cool.

Below, a round-up of our favorite short grunge haircuts.

1. Short Fluffy Shag


The undone texture of this short fluffy shag is what gives it its chill grunge vibe. Get the look: apply volumizing mousse to damp hair and scrunch as it air-dries, or use a diffuser for quicker styling.

2. Mini Mullet


This mini mullet is a modern version of the old school grunge style. It’s also a great in-between haircut when growing out a pixie cut—but it’s so cute, you might decide to keep it.

3. Short Shaggy Bob


For the lived-in, rock-and-roll look, you can’t go wrong with a short shaggy bob. This hairstyle loves messy texture, so use a texturizing spray to add volume and movement and work a bit of pomade through the layers to add more definition.

4. Angled Bob


Longer front layers and shorter back layers of the angled bob create a laid-back silhouette. To give it a messy, effortless look, ditch the hot tools and play up your natural hair texture.

5. Choppy Bixie Cut


The bixie is one of the most iconic ’90s haircuts celebrities loved to wear back in the day. Take inspiration from vintage photos and experiment with styling to get the perfect balance of tousled and structured.

6. Choppy Textured Bob


With its choppy texture and jagged ends, this choppy bob looks grungy. Use a texturizing product to play up the raw texture and create a lived-in look.

7. Messy Pixie Cut


The messy pixie cut is perfect for those who love a low-maintenance style. Using a styling cream to define your curls or waves and running your fingers through is enough to create this easy look.

8. Razor-Cut Bob


The iconic razor-cut bob has a raw, edgy look with lots of grit and texture. Emphasize the razor-cut layers by applying your favorite texturizing product to dry hair, tousling and scrunching to create volume and definition.

9. Short Grunge Shag


The short grunge shag has choppy layers and messy texture, perfectly undone and grungy.

10. Curly Grunge Mullet


The grunge mullet is bold, it’s daring, and it’s perfect for curly and wavy hair. The layers make it easy to achieve curl definition: simply apply curl cream to damp hair and allow it to air dry.

11. Shaggy Lob


Grunge hair prefers natural texture to carefully styled hair. Play up the tousled layers and the choppy texture to give this shaggy lob a cool look.

12. Grunge Bixie


A chunky blonde streak is the perfect pop of color for your tousled, choppy bixie—this will instantly create a much more of a grunge look.

13. Choppy Textured Lob


Utra volume, jagged ends and choppy texture—this lob has a rockstar vibe without even trying.

14. Short Choppy Bob


This grungy, more casual sister of the French bob features flipped ends and tousled bangs that make it more undone. Your hair is completely straight? Style it with a flat iron to create random bends and waves.

15. Bob With Razored Layers


Sharp edges and defined layers give this cut its grungy charm—a perfect fit if you’re looking to add some edge to your style.

16. Short Textured Bob


The short textured bob adds volume and softness around the face. Ask for the ends to be choppy to keep it looking grungy and gritty.

17. Grunge Bob


Cute yet edgy, this look combines choppy layers and messy texture, with a low-maintenance, rebellious vibe. You can wear it with or without bangs, depending on your preference.

18. Choppy Grunge Bixie


The edgy version of the bixie has choppy layers and messy texture. Apply a small amount of wax or pomade to dry hair and use your fingers to tousle and define the layers.