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50 Honey Blonde Hair Ideas Trending In 2024

50 Honey Blonde Hair Ideas Trending In 2024

What makes honey blonde hair stand out of all other blonde hues out there? Let’s face it: it’s the most expensive-looking hair color! It sends luxury and old-money vibes and that’s exactly what makes it so popular!

1. Caramel Honey Blonde Hair

How do caramel and honey taste together? Tasty, I know. Well, the mixture of the two hues looks even better.

2. Dark Brown To Honey Blonde

When you see this inspo-pic, all you can do is stand back, look at this marvelous transition from dark brown to honey blonde hair, and admire the skilled artist.

3. Honey Blonde Hair For Black Girls

Does honey-blonde hair suit black girls? Don’t ask me. Instead, let this inspo-pic talk for itself.

4. Dark Honey Blonde Hair

What’s so great about honey blonde color is that it comes in various different shades. Here’s one of them: dark honey blonde.

5. Honey Blonde Balayage

I know you’ve heard of blonde balayage. But I bet you haven’t seen this honey-blonde balayage; otherwise, you would have tried it by now.

6. Honey Blonde Short Hair

Are you a platinum, long-haired blonde who wants to recover her hair? Chop those tresses off and go honey blonde!

7. Honey Blonde Highlights

Honey-blonde highlights are the trend of the season. Trust me, you’ll have no trouble fishing compliments with this hairstyle.

8. Honey Blonde Babylights

Is there a difference between highlights and babylights? Absolutely yes! Babylights are more subtle and many women prefer them.

9. Bright Honey Blonde

Remember how I told you there are numerous hues of honey blonde? Well, bright honey blonde is one of them!

10. Soft And Golden Honey Blonde

Want a luxurious and rich hair color? Congratulations, you’ve just found one!

11. Honey Blonde Bob Cut For Older Ladies

Older ladies, I have some good news for you. I’ve found the best possible cut and color for you.

12. Honey Blonde With Purple Highlights

Honey blonde hair color goes extemely well with funky colors, especially with purple hues. Just look at this beauty.

13. Honey Caramel Beach Waves

Good news! Now you can have beach waves all year long. The only precondition is honey blonde hair.

14. Warm Honey Blonde

This is the warmest shade of honey blonde and naturally, it goes amazingly with warm skin undertones.

15. Bright Honey Golden Blonde

Bright honey blonde is the hair color you’ll fall in love at a first sight. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

16. Honey Soft Blonde

Honey soft blonde hair color is for all the girly girlies out there. If this is something you can realte to, go for this shade!

17. Sunkissed Honey Blonde

Add some rays of sunshine to your hair. Actually, there is a bit of sunset here as well. Either way, you’re looking at an ideal combo.

18. Dark Honey Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

Want to spice up your dark hair a bit but you’re not ready for a huge change? Understood! Here is your solution.

19. Lived In Honey Blonde Highlights

Lived in technique is much more complicated than the classic highlights. That is why you should find a skilled haircolorist for this style.

20. Fall Honey Blonde

Autumn is coming and you will have the perfect hairstyle for this season! Doesn’t this color remind you of fall?

21. Vanilla Honey Blonde

Vanilla and honey are another tasty combination. It’s no wonder that the two make a great combination as hair colors.

22. Sandy Honey Blonde

How awesome is honey blonde hair paired with sandy hue? The picture says it all!

23. Chunky Honey Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

Chunky highlights are back in fashion, especially if they’re in a honey blonde hue. The cherry on the top is the dark base.

24. Buttery Honey Blonde

Buttery blonde is bright, vivid, and it has warm undertones. When paired with honey blonde, it gives breathtaking results!

25. Beige Honey Blonde

On the other hand, beige blonde is much more pale, and even sandy. However, it still looks excellent when paired with honey blonde.

26. Honey Bronde

Honey bronde is another revelation of the season. As you probably already know, bronde is the combo of blonde and brown.

27. Reverse Honey Blonde Balayage

What is reverse balayage? It’s a coloring technique that includes adding darker lowlights which have the purpose of adding depth and dimension to your hairstyle.

28. Honey Blonde With Pop Of Pastel Pink

It’s time to look like a real-life Barbie, or even a Princess, no matter how old you are. And the best way to do so is with this honey blonde with a pop of pink.

29. Natural Honey Blonde Hair

This is how a natural honey blonde looks like. But worry not because this hair color can be achieved in a salon as well.

30. Sunkissed Honey Blonde Foiliage

The name says it all: you’re looking at a color technique quite similar to balayage. However, this is an updated version which is a mixture of highlights and balayage.

31. Honey Blonde Tones With Lowlights

Here’s another honey blonde hair idea that includes lowlights. In this case, the lowlights are quite subtle but they still do the work.

32. Ashy Honey Blonde

One thing is clear: honey blonde is a warm hue. But is it possible to mix it with a cool shade and make an ashy honey blonde shade? Here is the proof it can.

33. Glossy Honey Blonde

It’s time to shine and show the world all the beauties of your tresses. And the best way to do it is to go glossy honey blonde!

34. Honey Blonde Medium Length Hair With Bangs

Do you have a medium-length hair with bangs? The only thing you’re missing is honey blonde color!

35. Honey Blonde Curly Hair

I can promise you one thing: your curls never looked better. Show this inspo-pic to your hair colorist and get the fun started!

36. Honey Blonde On Gray Hair

Did you know that honey blonde is one of the best gray coverage ideas? Just look how it blends with the natural gray hair perfectly.

37. Copper Honey Blonde

Do honey and copper blonde go well together? Here’s living proof that they most absoulutely do!

38. Honey Blonde Short Bob

Short bob cut was probably one of the most popular hairstyles in the ’90s. And it’s coming back bigger than ever!

39. Honey Blonde Money Piece On Black Hair

Does this blonde money piece on jet black hair remind you of the ’90s? Well, it’s another trend that it’s making its huge comeback.

40. Strawberry Honey Blonde

The most beautiful thing about this hue is that it literrally changes colors under different lightings. Looking at it from one angel, it’s honey blonde, but when you’re under the Sun, the strawberry undertones start to appear.

36. Honey Blonde Highlights With Natural Root Shadowing

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance color, this is it. Root shadowing is here to give your hair a subtle contrast and a natural look.

37. Honey Blonde Pixie Cut

Are you brave enough to chop off those long locks and get a pixie cut? If you want a complete change, add a splash of honey blonde to it.

38. Honey Blonde Money Piece

This is not a regular money piece. This is better than everything you’ve ever seen. Just see how the face-framing highlights blend in perfectly with the rest of the hair.

39. Iced Honey Blonde

Here’s another appealing solution for all of you cold-skinned ladies who are in love with honey blonde hue: icy honey blonde color.

40. Chocolate And Honey Blonde

Chocolate and honey blonde is an astonishing combination that looks bewildering on ladies of all skin tones.

41. Brunette With Honey Blonde

You don’t have to go all the way blonde! Honey blonde looks startling on a brunette base as well.

42. Honey Blonde Blunt Bob

Blunt bob cut screams sassy and confident. And that’s exactly how you’ll feel when you pair this cut with this color.

43. Naturally Honey Blonde Curly Hair

Your natural curls will gain their full shine only when you dye them the right hair color. And honey blonde is just what you’re looking for.

44. Honey Blonde Butterfly Cut For Older Ladies

If you’re an older lady whose hair is thinning, the butterfly cut should be your top pick! Don’t forget the best hue of blonde.

45. Honey Blonde Teasylights

The main difference between highlights and teasylights is that teasylights include your hairstylist teasing your tresses before coloring them.

46. Honey Blonde Long Wolf Cut

How trendy is this long wolf cut? Well, it’s even more fashionable when dyed honey blone.

47. Honey Blonde Ombre

The beauty of this honey blonde ombre are the tones that shade into each other seamlessly. All the hues are all blended in together.

48. Honey Blonde Underdye

Are you bold enough to show this funky inspo-pic to your hairstylist? If you are, what else are you waiting for?

49. Honey Blonde Updo

I bet you couldn’t have imagined that honey blonde hair color looks this delightful on an updo? Here’s a great idea for your next special ocassion.

50. Honey Blonde Money Piece On Shaggy Cut

This blonde money piece on a dark shaggy cut is for the wild souls only. It’s a style that requires literraly zero effort while looking extra cool.