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40 Inspo Pics Of Honey Brown Hair With Highlights For Your Moodboard

40 Inspo Pics Of Honey Brown Hair With Highlights For Your Moodboard

Picture the warmest hair color that you can—no doubt you’re thinking of honey brown hair with highlights. Like liquid honey, amber and gold, this brilliant shade can be both high glam and look naturally sun-kissed.

Here are the sweetest, most inviting examples of this delicious color to satisfy your craving for a taste of honey.

1. Honey Brown Hair With Golden Highlights


Honey brown is a medium shade that works on a variety of skin tones, from pale and rosy to deep and golden. It’s a luxe and rich hue that will make you look sun-kissed and fresh. Exciting!

2. Caramel Honey Brown Hair With Highlights


Even hints of honey will make your skin glow and your eyes glitter. Try face-framing highlights if you’re just starting out.

3. Honey Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights


Honey brown highlights will transform your coily hair into a halo that serves as a spotlight for your face, adding radiance to your skin.

4. Honey Brown Hair With Beige Highlights


Take the edge off your honey tresses with pale beige highlights. You’ll still get all the warmth honey brown hair offers, but it will be more understated and subtle.

5. Nutmeg Honey Brown Hair


Isn’t this glorious combo of perfect curls and honey brown hair with highlights flawless? Obsessed with this look.

6. Honey Brown Hair With Cool Toned Highlights


To make your honey brown hair super trendy, cool it down with subtle highlights to make it less sun-kissed and more expensive brunette.

7. Chestnut Hair With Honey Brown Highlights


Ombre is a great way to try a color you’re not sure would suit your complexion, but it’s also a look in itself. If you’re considering it, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s one of this year’s trendiest fall hair colors.

8. Honey Brown Hair With Subtle Highlights


Honey brown hair isn’t the absolute easiest shade to maintain, but it doesn’t require as much upkeep as many other colors. To keep your color intense and lustrous, switch to a color-safe shampoo and conditioner and be gentle with your hair—this simple routine will take you far.

9. Honey Brown With Strawberry Blonde Highlights


Brighten your honey brown tresses with blonde highlights to kick things up a notch—extra glowy, natural look.

10. Honey Brown With Vanilla Highlights


Highlights are a way to see what you can achieve by slightly changing up the color. Here, vanilla highlights make the honey brown look more cool and pale than warm and intense.

11. Honey Brown Hair With Butter Blonde Balayage


Honey with butter sure sounds delicious! This yummy color combo is fun and bright, but also a great way to add dimension to your hair and make it look fuller.

12. Rich Honey Brown Balayage


There’s no better word for this color than rich. The warm undertones with ultra-subtle brightening money pieces make this look both flattering and stylish.

13. Almond Honey Brown Hair


Highlights don’t have to be bold to enhance the appearance of your hair—this subtle face-framing balayage is more than enough to create a standout look.

14. Glossy Honey Brown With Highlights


Thanks to the the blending and the choice of color, these highlights look natural, creating a stylish and effortless overall look.

15. Natural Honey Balayage


To create an appearance of texture, opt for contrasting highlights instead of blended. Visible highlights are a better choice than seamless if your hair is thin or fine: the more dynamic your hair looks, the fuller it appears.

16. Seamless Honey Vanilla Balayage


You want to keep your honey brown tresses fresh and shiny between touch-ups? Pop to the salon for a glaze or gloss for some pep.

17. Honey Brown Waves With Highlights


Brown hair often has a natural, soft vibe, but here’s something different: sexy, dramatic and magnificent.

18. Honey Brown Hair With Subtle Blonde Streaks


This look is pretty and fun. Choosing the right color and the right style will make you feel good about your hair.

19. Hazelnut And Honey Brown Hair


Honey highlights will make you glow, and not just your hair—the warm and bright tones will add radiance to your skin and eyes as well.

20. Light Honey Brown With Accents


This light honey brown with subtle accents is a perfect example of an impactful yet low-maintenance look. This brunette balayage won’t look any less appealing as it grows out than it does fresh.

21. Glowing Honey Brown And Almond Balayage


The seamless balayage in the perfectly matching shade makes this dye job natural-looking and perfect for all your “oh yeah, this is my real hair color” needs.

22. Golden Bronde With Honey Brown Roots


Can’t pick between blonde and brown? Bronde isn’t only offering you the best of both worlds—the softness of brown and brightness of blonde—but also its own vibrant glow.

23. Sun-Kissed Honey Brown Balayage


This lovely honey brown balayage would look amazing on any complexion with a warm undertone.

24. Honey Brown Hair With Dark Blonde Highlights


There are as many shades of honey brown hair as there are shades of honey. Some are deep, others pale, some are vibrant and others subtle—whatever you’re looking for, it’s out there.

25. Toffee Highlights On Honey Brown Hair


Achieving the perfect balance between cool and warm tones, this shade will work for a variety of complexions, but especially those with neutral undertones.

26. Honey Brown Hair With Golden Balayage


The soft blending creates a carefree and laid-back vibe. While it’s not quite effortless, this look is worth the effort it requires to look so smooth.

27. Honey Brown Hair With Face-Framing Highlights


Nothing beats the classic balayage when you’re after a sun-kissed look. It’s all about the placement of the highlights and lightening the strands the sun would naturally hit.

28. Sparkling Amber Highlights On Honey Brown Hair


Amber is a hue that fits with honey seamlessly, creating dimension, movement and very natural-looking hair color.

29. Honey Brown With Champagne Highlights


When in doubt, let your hair be as natural as possible, just add light money pieces to brighten the whole look.

30. Butterscotch Highlights On Honey Brown Hair


Honey brown hair color and highlights both make the hair look shinier—together they become an ultra-shine combo.

31. Honey Brown Hair With Subtle Face-Framing Streaks


Honey brown complements various skin tones and illuminates the features with its vibrant glow. Whichever shade you pick, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll look amazing with it, but talk to your colorist to choose the perfect one.

32. Honey Brown With Toffee Highlights


Even very subtle highlights, or midlights—two shades lighter than the base—will enhance your hair color and make it more vibrant.

33. Brown Sugar And Honey Balayage


The reason why balayage is here to stay is because it makes it possible to create a fully customized look. By placing highlights exactly where you want them your hair color will be tailored to suit you.

34. Honey Brown With Latte Highlights


Draw attention to your eyes by placing highlights near the face. No matter their color, bright face-framing strands will make it pop.

35. Medium Brown Hair With Honey Highlights


Honey highlights are like a beach vacation in a bottle—get the sun-kissed look instantly!

36. Honey Blonde With Honey Brown Roots


If you’re a devoted blonde but you want some brunette depth, try chunky blonde highlights with honey brown roots.

37. Honey Brown Curls With Champagne Highlights


Highlights are the number one way to showcase the glory of curly hair, calling attention to its texture, bounce and curl pattern.

38. Acorn Brown With Honey Highlights


Honey brown is an intense and vibrant shade, but if you don’t want your hair to be the focus on your look, you can tame it with a softer, more subtle highlights.

39. Honey Brown Hair With Light Golden Blonde Highlights


The honey brown base is in the brunette category, but the blonde highlights are substantial enough to make this look straddle the border of blonde and brown.

40. Dark Honey With Caramel Highlights


Honey brown hair is sophisticated and versatile color that never fails to flatter. It has enough variety to suit everyone who likes warm tones—these caramel highlights look divine.