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Light Brown Hair With Highlights Is The Fresh Look Perfect For Spring

Light Brown Hair With Highlights Is The Fresh Look Perfect For Spring

Recent hair trends have been all about soft, multi-dimensional color and light brown hair with highlights perfectly represents this aesthetic. Want a subtle glow-up, a low-maintenance style or a sun-kissed glow? Highlights are a simple and beautiful way to add dimension and brightness to your brunette strands.

To give you some inspiration for your next salon visit, we’ve gathered 20 of our favorite looks. Ready to find your next signature style?

1. Light Brown Hair With Subtle Highlights


A sophisticated blend of light brown and dark blonde is the perfect expensive brunette look. This neutral shade will suit skin tones too cool for golden and too warm for ashy brown hues.

2. Light Brown Hair With Blonde Streaks


If you prefer an extra dynamic look, intense blonde streaks work better than understated highlights. Tip: introduce purple shampoo to your routine to keep them from going brassy.

3. Cool-Toned Light Brown Balayage


Feeling the itch for a change but not ready to make a big leap? Why not freshen up your look with some subtle highlights? Going for shades just two to four tones lighter can give you a natural look, especially if you focus the brightest strands close to the face.

4. Light Brown Hair With Natural Highlights


The natural appearance of these highlights was achieved through flawless choice of tones and seamless application. To get a similar look, ask for highlights two to three shades lighter than your natural hair color, and finish off with a gloss to achieve the perfect hue.

5. Golden Brown Hair With Highlights


Golden brown with subtle highlights will bring out the warmth in your complexion, making your skin glow and your eyes sparkle.

6. Brunette With Beige Highlights


This gorgeous look is a seamless blend of brunette base and dreamy beige highlights, achieving a bright, sun-kissed look. Paired with layers and waves, this is a strong contender for the look of the season.

7. Light Brown Hair With Blonde Babylights


Babylights plus natural roots means natural-looking, low-maintenance hair. Lots of texture and movement, minimal upkeep.

8. Warm Sandy Brown Hair With Babylights


Sandy brown so warm it can almost appear copper is a stunning choice for skin tones with golden undertones. The ultra-subtle highlights add an extra touch of brightness near the face.

9. Golden Brown With Face-Framing Highlights


Beachy waves are the perfect way to style these rich bronde highlights. This masterful look has lived-in quality, but elevated.

10. Light Brown Curls With Highlights


The tiny curls and tiny highlights are a match made in heaven. The color emphasizes the shape of the curls, making them seem incredibly soft to complete this angelic look.

11. Mushroom Brown Balayage


Everyone wants this shade of brown: it looks naturally pretty and effortless. The bright face-framing money pieces are the cherry on top!

12. Light Brown Hair With Chunky Highlights


Mixing fine and chunky highlights results in a playful, lived-in look. The best part? It’s both low-maintenance and looks great as it grows out.

13. Light Golden Brown Hair With Highlights


With its dreamy, natural-looking sun-kissed glow, this golden brunette seems as if it was made by the sun and the beach instead of at the salon.

14. Cinnamon Brunette With Highlights


For warm skin tones, framing the face with this beautiful cinnamon brown means healthy glow, but avoid it if your skin has a cool undertone.

15. Light Brown Hair With Beige Highlights


Dark to light brown balayage is the most low-maintenance way to lighten your hair. It evolves as it grows out, with no harsh lines, and if you take good care of it to keep the color fresh, it can last you for months.

16. Natural Light Brown Balayage


Subtle babylights, just a few shades brighter than your base color, look fresh and natural. They’re especially flattering when strategically placed to mimic natural sun-kissed highlights.

17. Sandy Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights


This sandy brown is fresh and vibrant, but if your brunette hair is losing its shine, consider a glossing treatment for a quick boost. It refreshes the color and eliminates any brassiness, all in a single salon visit.

18. Light Brown Hair With Face-Framing Highlights


Light brown hair may sometimes seem a bit lackluster, but this multidimensional color is far from it. With its rich base and glowing balayage, it’s simply gorgeous.

19. Warm Brunette With Face-Framing Balayage


Going a bit lighter and chunkier with your face-framing highlights will take your entire look to the next level.

20. Light Ashy Brown Balayage


Mousey brown is having a moment, but if you still prefer to go for the glam route, subtle highlights will enhance your tresses without dramatically changing your look.