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30 Sandy Brown Hair Looks To Try This Season

30 Sandy Brown Hair Looks To Try This Season

Sandy brown hair color is warm and radiant, with shades ranging from deep tones full of dimension to light, sun-kissed hues. It’s a medium brown made for highlights, so it’s highly customizable and versatile.

Here are the richest, softest examples of sandy tones to try ASAP.

1. Sandy Brown Balayage


Sandy brunette is a similar shade to mushroom brown, but warmer. Think warm breeze, cool shade and warm sand under your toes—you get the picture.

2. Sandy Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights


Blonde highlights are a natural companion to sandy brown hair—a sun-kissed look will draw out the warmth of this lovely shade.

3. Natural Sandy Brown Hair


You can tone down your sandy tresses and go for a girl-next-door look with a combo of highlights and lowlights.

4. Sandy Brunette With Blonde Highlights


By creating the appearance of texture, contrasting blonde highlights will make your sandy locks look fuller and more voluminous.

5. Warm Sandy Brown Highlights


If your natural shade is deeper, sandy brunette balayage will give it subtle dimension and warmth—a bouncy, summery look.

6. Sandy Bronde Balayage


Go glam with a little golden blonde over your sandy tresses. This rich hue will take your cozy everyday hair to a red carpet-worthy look.

7. Sandy Brown Ombre


This smooth look seamlessly blends beige blonde tips with sandy brown roots. This is for those who want the brightness of blonde hair but don’t want to bother with all the upkeep it requires.

8. Cool Toned Sandy Brown Balayage


This delicate balayage is a work of art. Precise and seamless, it’s effective in creating a bright look that won’t lose any of its beauty as it grows out.

9. Sandy Brown Highlights


If you’re in the mood to change something about your hair but don’t want to go far, why not freshen up your look with subtle highlights? You’ll get the most natural-looking color if you go between two and four shades lighter and keep the brightest tones near the face.

10. Sandy Brown Hair With Money Pieces


A cool sandy tone will look super flattering if your skin tone glows rosy instead of golden. Adjusting the warmth of the color you like to fit your undertones will take it from okay to perfect.

11. Sandy Brown And Blonde Balayage


Beach-inspired fine blonde babylights and sandy brown hair combo is everything summer is about, but this lovely color is ready for all seasons.

12. Medium Sandy Brown Hair


The easiest way to transform your look? Bright face-framing strands. Their impact is similar to all-over color, while the amount of effort you’ll put in is a fraction of what a more thorough dye job requires.

13. Dirty Sandy Brown Hair


Add a dirty blonde touch to your sandy brown for a trendy lived-in look that will make you look chic, and is low-maintenance to boot.

14. Rosegold Brown Hair


This dreamy sandy brown with rosegold accents isn’t too cool or warm, so it will suit nearly everyone’s complexion. Since it’s neutral, it will look especially gorgeous on neutral skin tones. (It might be you if you look equally good wearing gold or silver jewelry.)

15. Cinnamon Sandy Brown Hair


If you want to make your sandy locks warmer, why not hop on the trend of reddish brown hair to try a cinnamon hue?

16. Dark Brunette With Sandy Brown Babylights


Sandy brown highlights will look harmonious with your hair color if you match its warmth with the base—if your hair is cool, make them a little less warm.

17. Golden Sandy Brown Hair


You’ll get the most flattering results if you personalize your color. Here’s an example of how a touch of gold adds warmth and depth to sandy brown hair.

18. Sandy Brunette Waves


Light and summery, this pretty sandy brown has been slightly brightened using subtle baby lights.

19. Neutral-Toned Sandy Brown


Everything about this dye job is flawless—the perfectly flattering tone, the bright accents, the depth and the dimension. Total hair goals!

20. Mushroom Sandy Brown Hair


This sandy brunette has hints of mushroom brown, so it’s cooler than usual. Cool and light hair colors can get brassy, so you’ll want to include blue shampoo to your routine to protect your tresses against it.

21. Cool Light Brown Hair


This cool light brunette with brightening highlights looks lived-in and natural, which makes it the perfect option if you’re looking for something more everyday than glam.

22. Golden Sandy Brunette


If you have a medium to deep complexion with a warm undertone, you probably already know that gold hair colors will always make you glow. Instead of golden blonde, why not try a golden brunette?

23. Sandy Brown With Blonde Balayage


This gorgeous balayage seamlessly blends blonde and sandy brown, creating a bright look with lots of depth.

24. Warm Sandy Brown With Babylights


Keeping your color from fading starts with the basics: shampooing. Invest in a sulfate-free shampoo to keep your hair as intact as possible and keep its natural shine.

25. Sandy Brown With Face-Framing Pieces


Money pieces are still trending, but right now they’re blended instead of bold, but they still look as amazing as ever.

26. Light Brown Hair With Babylights


It’s all about face framing. Without the bright money pieces in the front, this is just a regular hair color—with them, it’s a hair color that makes you look amazing.

27. Beige Brown Hair


Beige sandy brown is a neutral tone which means that while it looks best on neutral skin tones, it doesn’t look off on anyone. Take it to the next level by adjusting the temperature a little bit and making it cooler or warmer, whichever you prefer.

28. Sandy Brown Balayage Ombre


Ombre can be used to try a color that doesn’t suit you well: by placing it away from the face, it doesn’t affect how your skin looks next to it, so you can wear it regardless.

29. Almond And Sandy Brown Balayage


Light brown hair can look a little dull, but this multidimensional color is anything but. The rich base and the understated balayage create a chic, lived-in look

30. Dark Sandy Blonde Hair


The highlights create an impression of a reflective surface, boosting the shine and the texture of the hair.