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​​35 Golden Brown Hair Ideas To Inspire Your Next Dye Job

​​35 Golden Brown Hair Ideas To Inspire Your Next Dye Job

Sun-kissed glow is not just for blondes—golden brown hair is just as warm and radiant, but much more low-maintenance. With a tailored combo of tone, depth and well-placed highlights, you can achieve a seamless and natural color giving a just-came-back-from-a-beach-vacation look.

Scroll down for ideas to discuss with your colorist.

1. Gold Highlights On Brown Hair


You want the brightening effect of blonde without leaving behind your natural brown? Highlights are the obvious choice. Make them golden to really shine.

2. Golden Brown Curly Hair


Sparkling golden strands will make your curly hair look more vibrant and dynamic, which means your curls will look extra bouncy.

3. Honey Golden Brown Hair


Golden highlights will give you a sun-kissed look, and they look particularly natural when they’re well blended like these.

4. Light Golden Brown Hair With Highlights


To create a radiant look that’s all about depth and looking extra rich and shiny, try this gilded combo: golden blonde highlights on a golden brown base.

5. Bronze Brown Balayage


Bronze is a medium brunette shade just as precious as golden brown, only warmer and deeper. It’s a low-maintenance choice for darker hair that doesn’t need lightening past level 5-6.

6. Golden Honey Brown Hair


This delicate shade has been inspired by liquid honey, shiny and thick. Even though the color seems uniform, it’s been created using dense highlights to achieve a dimensional look.

7. Golden Bronze Brunette


Adding warmth to your hair will draw out the warmth in your complexion. We mentioned you’ll look like you’ve been spending time at the beach, right?

8. Brown Hair With Gold Highlights


Muted golden brown highlights will bring out rosy undertones in your complexion if your skin is cool-toned. Avoid intensely warm tones—they can make your skin look dull.

9. Golden Blonde Highlights On Brown Hair


When it comes to effortless color, brunette balayage comes close to being hassle-free. It’s the most low-maintenance way to dye your hair, especially if you go for accents instead of a radical color change.

10. Caramel Golden Brown Balayage


Gold adds warmth to the brown base and creates a molten caramel effect. It works for both light and dark brown hair, with a slightly different flavor.

11. Golden Balayage On Brown Hair


For extra dimension, opt for high-contrast highlights. The more visible they are, the more texture they add, so your hair will look fuller.

12. Golden Blonde Balayage On Brown Hair


Aside from maintaining a regular touch-up schedule, you can take steps at home to keep your color vibrant. Read on for tips.

13. Dark Golden Brown Hair


Maintaining beautiful color starts with switching to products specifically formulated for color-treated hair: color-safe shampoo and conditioner will protect your brunette glory from fading.

14. Light Golden Brown Hair


Boost your brown locks with color-depositing shampoo. This is a quick way to refresh brown tones that have already faded a bit and could use a pick-me-up. It’s not long-lasting, but it will freshen up your hair.

15. Cinnamon Golden Brown Hair


Practicing good hair care goes a long way to maintain the general condition of your hair and this includes your color.

Deep condition, wash your hair with lukewarm instead of hot water, use hot tools sparingly, protect your hair from the sun—all the general hair health tips will also help with color maintenance.

16. Dark Hair With Light Brown Highlights


Hair gloss or toner is semi-permanent hair dye used to revitalize color, even out the tone and give your hair shine. You can get it done at the salon or use an at-home kit to do it yourself.

17. Brown Hair With Golden Balayage


Balayage is a type of freehand highlighting technique that creates a blended, natural look. This beautiful golden balayage is seamless, so regrowth will be less noticeable and won’t require too frequent touch-ups.

18. Brown Hair With Golden Blonde Highlights


Placement of highlights is as important as the choice of colors. Here, highlights lighten the overall color but they also accentuate the shape of the curls.

19. Hazelnut Golden Brown Waves


This gorgeous nutty shade with a golden sheen would look lovely on light and cool skin tones—it’s not too warm and won’t make your skin look dull and it has enough depth to frame your face.

20. Copper Golden Brown Hair


A splash of copper in gold elevates the color and makes it more vibrant. Reddish brown hair is very on-trend right now, so this is the moment to take this leap if you’ve been meaning to.

21. Pale Golden Brown Hair


Curls + highlights = the perfect match. Because they emphasize individual curls, highlights really play up their shape and enhance the texture.

22. Golden Light Brown Hair


Draw attention to your features with face-framing highlights. Subtle, blended golden streaks near the face will give you a healthy glow, especially if you have a warm skin tone.

23. Dark Golden Brown Hair Color


This medium, nearly-neutral brown is just a little spicy, thanks to the hints of gold in its hue. Even a barely-there drop of gold sheen will make your color more exciting and vibrant.

24. Golden Caramel Brown Hair


If you’d like a more uniform color instead of the classic balayage look but still want the easy upkeep it includes, you can ask for natural roots blended with the main color.

25. Golden Brown Highlights On Dark Brown Hair


Having the hair your like is a major confidence boost—this shiny golden brown dye job would make anyone feel like the center of attention.

26. Golden Brown Hair With Babylights


Babylights are fine, tiny highlights that mimic the dimensional appearance of kids’ hair. Subtle, pretty and fresh!

27. Medium Golden Brown Hair


Balance is key if you want your hair color to suit you—keep the level of warmth similar to that in your skin for the most harmonious look.

28. Rosegold Ash Brown Hair


Cool rosegold brown is a soft light brunette shade with a pinkish hue that looks super flattering on medium skin tones that lean neutral or cool.

29. Golden Blonde Balayage On Medium Brown Hair


Blended highlights add depth while contrasting highlights add dimension—they make your hair look thicker and fuller.

30. Golden Beige Brown Hair 


Don’t you love how sophisticated this color looks? Golden beige balayage will enhance your brunette tresses with a vibrant yet subtle glow.

31. Brown Hair With Golden Babylights


There’s something so natural-looking about these golden babylights: they perfectly imitate what brown hair looks like when you spend your whole summer outside.

32. Caramel Golden Brown Highlights


The deep golden streaks exude warmth and give a boost of bounciness to the pretty curls, creating the perfect caramel brunette look.

33. Copper Brown Hair With Golden Accents


This is the perfect shade for brunettes who can’t choose between gold and copper glow in their tresses—it has hints of both.

34. Golden Brown Hair With Highlights


This magnificent golden brown hair color will complement warm middle to deep skin tones, enhancing their warmth and making them glow golden.

35. Golden Highlights On Light Brown Hair


If you’re not ready to take the plunge and go blonde, his look features light brown roots that gradually blend into neutral blonde tips—a much easier way to try it out.