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Long Hair Wolf Cut Is The Trendy Style You Need This Season

Long Hair Wolf Cut Is The Trendy Style You Need This Season

The wolf cut is one the best ways to enhance your hair’s natural texture. It combines two iconic haircuts – the mullet and the shag – and is particularly flattering for long hair, offering a variety of styles to choose from. If you’re just about to embrace this ultimate cool style, here are 22 creative ideas for a long hair wolf cut.

1. Classic Long Wolf Cut

Texture, volume, and many layers: that’s what you get with the classic long hair wolf cut! It looks so sophisticated and elegant, but not ordinary at all. If you’re looking to refresh your hair in a way that’s not too overwhelming, this is the choice for you!

2. Brigitte Bardot-Inspired Wolf Cut

The famous Brigitte Bardot set up hair trends ages ago, and they continue to thrive and remain stylish to this day. This wolf cut is one of them: glamorous and worthy of a diva, it’s all about major volume at the crown, a thick fringe, and face-framing layers. It has a somewhat unfinished look that will have everyone asking for your hairstylist’s number!

3. Shaggy Wolf Cut

The combination of this beautiful hair color and a shaggy wolf cut is a real head turner! You get to keep your hair’s length while upgrading to a hairstyle that’s an absolute hit.

4. Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs

A wolf cut looks stunning on long thick hair, especially with these face-framing curtain bangs that look great with any face shape.

5. Messy Long Wolf Cut

Effortless and undone: this messy wolf cut is all you need to ensure good hair days, one after another!

6. Wolf Cut On Natural Curly Hair

If you have naturally curly hair and want to style it into a wolf cut without it looking too stringy, this style is made for you. It features many short layers that are designed to be fuller, allowing you to wear it curly or smooth with ease.

7. Wolf Cut On Straight Long Hair

A before and after picture is the best way to see the power of a wolf cut on long, straight hair. It looks as though the picture features two different people, showing why the wolf cut is such a hit!

8. Wolf Cut On Very Long Hair

You’ve worked hard to grow your hair long for such a long time. Cutting it short seems just too difficult, but, you’re so ready for some change? Try out this wolf cut for very long hair. It will bring life and movement to your hair, all while allowing you to retain the length you love.

9. Wolf Cut On Thick Wavy Hair

Thick and wavy hair may seem challenging to style, but it offers many possibilities, making it a shame to let it be dull and ordinary. This wolf cut is chic and stylish—just the transformation you need for your long wavy hair.

10. Trendy Long Wolf Cut

Are you in search of a retro wolf cut but with a touch of modern twist? If so, make sure to show this picture at your next hair appointment!

11. Long Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs And Connecting Face-Framing Layers

Why do we love the wolf cut so much? Because it’s such a flattering cut, especially when paired with curtain bangs and connecting face-framing layers (plus the layers throughout the rest of your hair!).

12. Long Wolf Cut X Hime

There’s a way of upgrading your wolf cut to an even cooler level, and this is by pairing it with the equally trendy hime cut!

13. Wolf Cut With Wispy Bangs

If you’re hesitant about committing to bangs for the long term, a wolf cut with wispy bangs might just be the right pick for you. These are feathered, piecey bangs that are trendy now, and, most importantly, are much more low-maintenance than blunt bangs.

14. Long Wolf Cut On Black Hair

A wolf cut offers you layers without losing any length, all while transforming your black hair into something far from ordinary.

15. Wolf Cut With Money Piece

The money piece, or face-framing highlights, is a popular coloring technique that looks even more stunning when paired with a wolf cut.

16. Curly Wolf Cut

A wolf cut looks so well on curly hair, too, adding height at the crown and enhancing the curl pattern.

17. Hime Wolf Cut With Mini Bangs

In case you’re looking for a really unique wolf cut, consider trying out this version combined with the hime cut and charming mini bangs.

18. Soft Long Wolf Cut

Soft and gentle, this wolf cut will help you achieve the ultimate feminine look.

19. Peekaboo Long Wolf Cut

This is a creative idea if you’re looking for a change in both hairstyle and hair color. With the peekaboo technique, color is applied to the bottom layer of your hair, meaning the hue will peek through your top layer, creating a pretty and unusual effect.

20. Long Wolf Cut On Ginger Hair

Ginger hair is always stunning, but it becomes even more special with the layers and volume that a wolf cut brings to long hair.

21. Wolf Cut With Rainbow Highlights

Feeling extra bold? Try out this ultimately cool rainbow highlights on your wolf cut!

22. Long Wolf Cut On Red Hair

Long layers with this wolf cut highlight the beauty of long red hair. This style is just the right touch for you to stand out on any occasion!