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21 Hottest Long Shag Haircuts Ready To Dominate 2024

21 Hottest Long Shag Haircuts Ready To Dominate 2024

A shag isn’t a new hairstyle, but rather a timeless trend every generation adores! With this style, your hair is cut to be fuller around the crown and thinner at the ends and around the edges. It provides texture and layers, and works beautifully on all hair types and lengths. Of course, its full glory is best seen on long hair. Here are 21 of the coolest long shag haircuts you simply won’t be able to resist trying!

1. Curly Shag

Natural curls come with plenty of texture, making them the perfect base for a shag haircut. This curly shag looks effortlessly pretty, making it a great everyday style that’s anything but ordinary.

2. Long Shag On Dark Hair

Long dark hair has its own unique glow, but after a while, you might feel stuck with the same boring style. To shake things up while keeping your amazing length, consider getting a shaggy cut!

3. Soft Long Shag

Sure, a shag is super cool, but you might not be bold enough to embrace a messy, rock’n’roll vibe. That’s totally okay, but, I guarantee you, a shag doesn’t have to be edgy. Here’s the perfect proof: a soft long shag that’s feminine and elegant, and won’t take you out of your comfort zone.

4. Long Shag With Curtain Bangs

Here, you can see the transformative power of curtain bangs hairstyle for your face! This fringe pairs perfectly with the fashionable and always trendy shaggy hairstyle.

5. Mermaid Shag

Combining a shag haircut in the front with long, modern layers throughout the back creates a beautiful mermaid shag that’s set to be huge this year! Make sure you’re the trendsetter in your gang and show this picture to your hairstylist.

6. Long Green Shag

Ready for a fun hairstyle that no one can ignore? If you’re feeling bold with your hair color, this green hue on a shag haircut is bold, unique, and unconventional enough to make you proud of stepping out of your comfort zone!

7. Curly Shag With Straight Bangs

Here’s a pretty, soft curly shag haircut that defines the curls and makes them more attractive. Straight bangs are the cherry on top of this effortlessly stylish look.

8. Long Shag On Super Thick Curly Hair

Look at the volume and texture of this hair! It’s so striking and definitely something everyone will notice first. What to do with all that hair? How to style it for a nice, everyday look? The good old shag works wonders in this case, too!

9. Long Shag With Baby Bangs

Baby bangs and long hair look so cool together, especially when you decide for a shag haircut! This style gives off a messy hair vibe and will definitely make you look different and unique.

10. Wavy Copper Shag

Everything about this style is just breathtaking: the long waves, the awesome shag haircut, and the most beautiful copper hair color. I really can’t imagine a prettier hairstyle for this summer!

11. Long Shag With Color Blocking

If you’re looking for a pop of color on your shag, the color blocking technique is a great choice. Basically, it’s all about coloring sections of your hair in contrasting colors. There are no limits here, so you can choose whichever colors you like best!

12. Gemini Shag Haircut

Gemini hair is fantastic if you love bold colors on your long shag! This is a split dye technique, featuring two different colors on either side of the hair part. Just like with color blocking, you can get as imaginative as you like!

13. Shag Haircut With A Blowout

Combine a long shag with a blowout to achieve a style that’s both elegant and sophisticated, but not entirely tamed.

14. Peachy/Bright Pink Shag

Here we have natural copper hair dyed into pink, resulting in a copper with peachy tones and bright pink. This shag will also look beautiful as it starts fading and blending with the natural color.

15. Very Long ‘70s Shag

This very long shag is so cool and effortless, irresistibly reminding us of those crazy ’70s and their carefree vibe.

16. Long Feathered Shag

Feathered hairstyles are becoming trendy again, and they have never looked better! This long feathered shag is the perfect example of this timeless hairstyle.

17. Red Shag Haircut

Red hair color pairs so well with a long shag and is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a striking, bold hairstyle.

18. Soft Blonde Shag Haircut

Every hairstyle gets a more feminine and gentle vibe with blonde hair—even the rock ‘n’ roll, messy long shag!

19. Messy Long Shag Haircut

Some will say this is what a long shag is all about: a messy style, big hair don’t care, lots of volume and texture, with chic bangs to spice up the entire look.

20. Long Ginger Shag With Bardot Bangs

This ginger shag with Bardot bangs is another great choice if you want a shaggy hairstyle that’s soft enough to look feminine and elegant without being too overwhelming.

21. Long Blonde Shag With A Pop Of Red

Combine red and blonde hair colors to get the ultimate cool long shag that no one will be able to ignore!