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22 Medium Hair Wolf Cuts To Inspire Your Next Hairstyle

22 Medium Hair Wolf Cuts To Inspire Your Next Hairstyle

It’s time to ditch that boring, always-looking-the-same hairstyle you’ve been devoted to for years! Why not try the incredibly cool, slightly edgy, and perfectly stylish wolf cut? It’s a style that fits all hair textures, lengths, and face shapes. Keep scrolling to find 22 best examples of medium hair wolf cuts.

1. Classic Wolf Cut On Medium Hair

This is an example of a classic wolf cut on medium-long hair. It’s the best combination of a mullet and a shag, featuring tons of layers, with shorter ones in the front and longer pieces in the back, together with face-framing layers. It’s so pretty and a bit wild at the same time, giving you a powerful, feminine look.

2. Wolf Cut On Blonde Hair

A wolf cut offers such a refreshment to medium-long blonde hair. Once you get this style, effortless chic becomes your daily norm; your hair will always be on point without the need for constant styling!

3. Wolf Cut On Black Hair

Black hair can begin to appear dull and lifeless over time. No, you don’t have to give up on it, or think of some wild colors to spice up your style. It will be enough to get this awesome wolf cut!

4. Groovy Wolf Cut

A super groovy wolf cut and blonding technique go together like tea and biscuits!

5. Curly Wolf Cut

There are plenty reasons why medium-long curly hair is so cool, and my favorite is the versatility it offers for rocking various cool hairstyles! This wolf cut is one of them, providing a bold way to show off your curls.

6. Wolf Cut On Medium Thin Hair

Your medium-long thin hair will definitely use some added volume. A wolf cut like this one is the perfect way to make the most of it!

7. Wolf Cut With Wispy Bangs

A soft wolf cut, combined with wispy bangs — essentially piecey, low-maintenance bangs — is the subtle change needed to lift up your hairstyle.

8. Wolf Cut On Straight Black Hair

A wolf cut is also an ideal method to achieve a layered look on your medium-long, straight, black hair. It looks just enough unusual, but still neat and simple.

9. Voluminous Wolf Cut

How to add incredible volume and fun texture to your hair? Try out this cool wolf cut!

10. Wolf Cut On Red Hair

A warm red tone in your hair paired with a bold wolf cut is the combo you need to kick off the best hairstyling season of your life!

11. Wolf Cut On Wavy Hair

A wolf cut looks fantastic on both curly and straight hair, but, it’s especially charming on naturally wavy hair. If you’re looking for a new haircut for your medium wavy hair, take this as your sign to consider the dynamic wolf cut!

12. Wolf Cut With Soft Bangs

This cute, gentle wolf cut with soft bangs is a total hit for oblong faces.

13. Wolf Cut On Fine Hair

If your hair is fine, and you have a lot of it, this is a nice type of wolf cut to go with. The layers are incredibly flattering, giving your hair a thicker, fuller appearance.

14. Joan-Jett Inspired Wolf Cut

Besides for being a famous rock singer, Joan Jett is also recognized for her somewhat messy but eminently cool hairstyle. This wolf cut will give you that bold rock and roll vibes!

15. Wolf Cut With Choppy Bangs

Pairing your wolf cut with stylish choppy bangs take it to a whole new level of awesomeness. These bangs are textured and styled straight to highlight your layers, and they’re cut at varying lengths to add more definition overall.

16. Wolf Cut X Butterfly Cut

To achieve ultimate powerful layers and extra volume in your hair, try pairing a wolf cut with a butterfly cut. This is a layered, feathery haircut that creates an illusion of length and beautifully frames the face, while the wolf cut is here to round the look in the best way possible and it give it a slightly wild vibe.

17. Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs

This is a softer version of a wolf cut, a hairstyle filled with wispy layers and volume, combined with trendy curtain bangs.

18. Soft And Youthful Wolf Cut

The wolf cut isn’t just suitable for hair of all lengths, textures, and face shapes; it’s also made for girls of all ages! Here’s an example of a gentle medium-length wolf cut that would be perfect for younger girls.

19. Wolf Cut With Side Bangs

Chic side bangs are back in trend, and, guess what? They make the wolf cut even cooler!

20. Outlined Wolf Cut

Take the reins of hairstyle trends this season by showing your hairstylist the picture of this awesome, outlined wolf cut.

21. Wolf Cut For Older Ladies

Your golden years should be all about spoiling yourself, starting with giving your hairstyle a modern makeover. This medium wolf cut is a great way to refresh your style and prioritize texture and movement in your hair.

22. Edgy Wolf Cut

Every new chapter in your life deserves a fresh, new haircut. Why not go a bit wild this time? Embrace this edgy wolf cut and step out of your comfort zone!