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25 Hairstyles With Choppy Bangs To Nail The Effortlessly Chic Look

25 Hairstyles With Choppy Bangs To Nail The Effortlessly Chic Look

Your hair is ready for a touch-up, and you want to start with the bangs? Good thinking, an appropriate fringe can revamp your entire look.

It’s time to leave your classic hairstyle behind and spice things up with choppy bangs. They’ll make your edgy personality stand out and upgrade your entire look.

1. Choppy Bottleneck Bangs

Bottleneck bangs suit all hair length and textures. What’s so special about these face-framing, choppy bottleneck bangs is that they add softness to the most eminent facial features.

2. Pixie Cut With Choppy Bangs

The fact is, whoever likes pixie cuts also adores choppy bangs. It’s because they pair so well together and, sometimes, it may even seem that you can’t have one without the other.

3. Textured Bob With Choppy Bangs

I swear these textured bob cuts are the best low-maintenance hairstyle out there. Adding these choppy bangs will allow you to always have that amazing ‘I woke up like this’ look.

4. Chewy Choppy Bangs

For a messier effect, make your choppy bangs chewy. There is one thing you should pay attention though, leave them short, and it’ll make that perfectly imperfect edgy look.

5. Choppy Bangs With Weave Ponytail

If you aren’t pleased with your short/medium ponytail and want to add some length, a weave ponytail will save the day. It adds fullness and texture to your ponytail but is also a great protective style. These choppy bangs will enrich the hair volume and bring it to the maximum level.

6. Piecey Choppy Bangs

Piecey choppy bangs complement thick hair because of their power to minimize hair volume. The thing you’ll especially love about these bangs is that they go so well with different kinds of hairstyles.

7. Long Layers With Short Choppy Bangs

Combining long layers and choppy bangs will add dimension, texture, and depth to your hair. It’s the easiest way to give a fuller appearance to longer hair.

8. Modern Shag

Choppy bangs are the most eminent detail of a modern shag. It’s way more casual and messy than the classic shag, and the biggest advantage is that it’s an effortless but stylish hairstyle.

9. Choppy Micro Bangs

I agree that these choppy micro bangs look so flattering, but, unfortunately, you should check if they suit your face shape before you actually decide to get them.

They work best with face shapes that have soft angles as oval and heart-shaped faces. On the other hand, I don’t recommend them for round faces because they can emphasize the width of the face.

10. Choppy Bangs For Thin Hair

If you’re searching for a way to make your thin hair look thicker and fuller, choppy bangs should be right up your alley. Their rich texture will instantly give the effect of voluminous hair.

11. Thick Choppy Bangs

Choppy thick bangs are the perfect choice for women with fiveheads. They have the power to conceal those imperfections and also balance other facial features.

12. Peekaboo Highlights With Choppy Bangs

Peekaboo highlights with choppy bangs will give you that quirky and fun look without overdoing it. Also, it’s unbelievable how much refreshed and cooler they make the hair look.

13. Flippy Bob With Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs can work with a classic bob, but they make such a better couple with a flipped bob because of their edgy layers that complement each other.

14. Semi-Mullet With Choppy Bangs

If you’re a fan of stereotype-breaking haircuts but still like to keep things subtle, here is a cut you may find interesting. This semi-mullet is appropriate for women of any age, and adding choppy bangs is actually a good hack for a more youthful look.

15. Wolf Cut With Choppy Bangs

I simply like the idea of matching a wolf cut with choppy bangs. It’s a hairstyle that allows us to express ourselves in a way we feel and want. The fact all busy women will love the most is that it’s a pretty low-maintenance, almost effortless look.

16. Rock ‘N’ Roll Shag With Choppy Bangs

Be honest, did you ever see more sassy, sweet, and feminine shag? I think you did not because it doesn’t exist. The subtle layers and waves make the face look softer, and the bangs enhance hair volume.

17. Choppy Bangs On Short Hair

The best way to rock a short hairstyle is to choose a good pair of bangs that would go with it, and this pic is the proof. Her choppy fringe draws all attention to the area around the eyes and adds to the cool-girl look.

18. Goth Cut With Choppy Bangs

I know there are goth girls among us that will love this hairstyle. The roughly chopped bangs and layers at the top of the head bring extra volume to the hair and give off those mesmerizing wild vibes that are the bulk of a goth hairstyle.

19. Razor Bob With Choppy Bangs

Razor cut will always give you that choppy hair and enhance your hair texture. However, if you’re already struggling with frizzy hair, avoid this hair-cutting technique because those choppy, torn edges will only make things worse.

20. Choppy Curtain Bangs

Choppy curtain bangs flatter women with heart-shaped faces because of their magical ability to create the illusion of a more proportionate face shape.

21. Choppy Bangs On Curly Hair

choppy bangs on curly hair

If you want to remove unnecessary weight from your curls and make them bounce more, add choppy bangs and layers. They’ll infuse your hair with texture and volume, and breathe new life into your curls.

22. Hime Cut With Choppy Bangs

If you’re looking for a new face-framing hairstyle that would accentuate your eyes, try this hime cut with choppy bangs. The layers around cheekbones make it an ideal cut for oval-shaped faces because they make the face look more sculpted and balanced.

23. Asymmetrical Choppy Bangs

The uneven perimeter of these asymmetrical choppy bangs emits very cool and bold vibes. This type of bangs flatters all face shapes.

24. Split Color Choppy Bangs

Split color choppy bangs

If you’re looking for a way to take it all to a new, way more fun level, look no further than these split-color choppy bangs. They’re cool, unique, trendy, and absolutely eye-catching.

25. Shag With Petals And Choppy Bangs

If you want to keep length but also make your hair lighter and voluminous at the same time, carving petals will do that job perfectly. Choppy bangs will enhance texture to the maximum and complement the edgy vibes of those petal layers.