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19 Prettiest Mermaid Braids For A Soft Romantic Look

19 Prettiest Mermaid Braids For A Soft Romantic Look

Whether you have a fancy wedding or any other special night ahead, and you want to combine a loose, relaxed hairstyle with a touch of elegance and romance, a mermaid braid is a fantastic choice. This loose style is soft and effortlessly stunning. Here are the 19 prettiest mermaid braids you need to try as soon as possible!

1. Classic Mermaid Braid

When I think of a feminine and gentle hairstyle tied up in a loose way, this is what comes to mind. A beautiful, dreamy braid flowing down your back, not too tight but perfectly messy, gives an ultimate romantic, summer look.

2. Mermaid Braid With Pearl Details

A mermaid braid can also be a gorgeous wedding hairstyle for long hair. Just add some pearl details to feel like a fairytale bride!

3. Mermaid Braid With Flower Crown

A mermaid braid is super romantic on its own, but when you add a flower crown like this, the whole style screams love even more!

4. Mermaid Braid With Sweet Butterfly Hair Clips

This style is perfect for young girls, and that’s another reason why we adore mermaid braids: they make a great choice for women of all generations! Colorful butterfly hair clips are a charming addition to this youthful, cute style.

5. Side Mermaid/Fishtail Braid

The combination of a side mermaid braid with an equally fabulous fishtail braid is just too pretty to resist trying!

6. Floral Mermaid Braid

Parts of this mermaid braid look like flowers, and it is absolutely beautiful! Save this photo to show your hairdresser for an occasion when you really want to feel and look special.

7. Mermaid Braid With Golden Details

Aren’t golden hair details just the best? They make any hairstyle more gorgeous and pair beautifully with a fancy dress and jewelry. Of course, they create a stunning combination with a loose, romantic mermaid braid.

8. Mermaid Braid On Very Long Brunette Hair

This long haircut and brunette hair color are simply precious. While having hair this long will get you plenty of compliments, I’m sure you’d love to keep it off your face a little and look stylish, too. Well, there’s no better way to achieve this than with a mermaid braid!

9. Vivid Mermaid Braid

Don’t these vivid colors look so cool on this mermaid braid? If you’re bold enough to have more than one color in your hair, consider tying them into this braid to let everyone admire your beautiful hues!

10. Half-Up Four-Strand Into A Mermaid Braid

Here we have an eye-catching combination of several styles: a mermaid braid, a four-strand braid, and a half-updo. Such a piece of art!

11. Seven-Strand Mermaid Braid

If you want to have some of your hair down while still wearing a pretty mermaid braid, here’s a great option to try.

12. Textured Side Mermaid Braid

Volume, texture, and elegance: you’ll get all this with a side mermaid braid!

13. Elegant Side-Swept Mermaid Braid

You’re looking for a formal updo that’s not too strict, but rather elegant and romantic at the same time. In that case, a side-swept mermaid braid is a choice that will definitely meet your criteria.

14. Textured Mermaid Braid With Floral Hair Ornaments

Here, you have to take a really good look to notice the mermaid braid, as it’s so loose and relaxed! The floral hair ornaments add an even more special spark to this romantic style.

15. Mermaid Braid On Long Straight Hair

Since your hair is long and straight, you usually stick with your go-to style of waves for any special occasion. Why not try something different this time? I’m sure you’ll be thrilled with how the mermaid braid will look on you, and the picture above is the best proof of this claim!

16. Mermaid Braid With A Braided Lazy Wrap Bun On Top

Combine a mermaid braid with a braided lazy wrap bun on top to achieve a perfect, relaxed summer style with your long hair.

17. Edgy Mermaid Braid On Green Hair

With a bold hair color like this green, the soft mermaid braid transforms into a bold, statement look that won’t go unnoticed!

18. Mermaid Braid With A Flower Braid

A mermaid braid and a flower braid are two lovely styles that, when combined, create a truly dreamy hairstyle.

19. Pull-Through Mermaid Braid

This pull-through mermaid braid will give the impression that you’re a princess who just came to life from a fairytale!