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20 Trendiest Pink Hair Color Ideas For A Vivid Look This Season

20 Trendiest Pink Hair Color Ideas For A Vivid Look This Season

If you like to experiment with your hair color, you simply must try pink hair, as it’s the hottest trend of the season! Vivid, cool, and stunning, pink hair will spice up your entire look and make you feel bolder than ever. To inspire your next dye job, here are 20 fabulous pink hair color ideas.

1. Raspberry Sorbet Pink

If your dreamy pink hair hue leans darker, and you’re not afraid to have all of your hair in this vibrant color, then this raspberry sorbet pink might be your ideal choice!

2. Platinum Blonde With Pink Tips

Platinum blonde is a beautiful color, and if you’d like to keep it but freshen it up with a pop of color, what’s the ideal choice to break the monotony? Pink, of course! Just ask for some pink tips and watch your hairstyle become even more stunning.

3. Pink Color Blocking

Any girl who loves experimenting with hair color is familiar with the popular color-blocking trend. With this technique, you get contrasting colors painted through your hair to achieve a statement look. Here’s a great example of color-blocking with a striking pink hue on dark hair.

4. Light Pink

If you’re preparing for your first big hair dye job, this light pink is likely the best choice you can make. It’s not too edgy or overwhelming, but gentle enough to feel just right for the first time.

5. Pastel Pink

Pretty long hair paired with this beautiful pastel pink will make you feel feminine, youthful, and like a princess from the most dreamy fairytale!

6. Pink With Black Tips

Along with pink tips on black hair, you can also try the reverse: have all of your hair in pink, with pink roots and darker tips peeking through.

7. Pink Balayage

I’m sure you share my opinion that all pink hair is fabulous, but I can tell you that things get even better with a pink balayage. Just look at this beautiful gradient color, so shiny and irresistible—you won’t have any choice but to try it out.

8. Pink And Orange

How about mixing pink with another pretty hue to get a truly unique result? If you’re up for this, consider orange as a second color, as these two look gorgeous in combination.

9. Watermelon Hair

Gemini hair is a huge hit right now and will be your favorite choice if you’re looking for a bold color combination! This technique features two different colors on either side of the hair part. Here, you can see the cool watermelon combination – vibrant pink paired with a green hue.

10. Face-Framing Pink Pops Of Color

Would you love to add a pink hue to your hair but don’t want the standard color all over? Then these face-framing pink pops of color are exactly what you need!

11. Black And Purple With Pink Fringe

Here’s a color combination reserved only for those girls with confidence who aren’t afraid to try something bold: purple highlights on black hair, topped off with the coolest pink fringe you’ll ever see!

12. Pink Color On Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is a statement look on its own that has recently become very popular among women. Add a pink color to this unique haircut, and you’ll truly stand out from the rest.

13. Pinky/Red Color With Light Pink Face-Framing Pieces

Speaking of vibrant and bold hair colors: if you decide to go with this pinky-red hue with light pink face-framing pieces, everyone around you will be praising your cool, chic hairstyle!

14. Pink Hair Color Transformation

If you’re someone who changes hair color often, a pink hue will be just another change in the lineup. But if this is your first big dye job, going pink won’t be an easy decision. However, when you look at this before-and-after picture, I’m sure you’ll stop feeling scared and schedule your hair appointment right away!

15. Subtle Pink Highlights On Blonde Hair

Here’s another great idea if you’re just entering the world of gorgeous pink hair color: subtle pink highlights on blonde hair. They’re super soft, feminine, and elegant—not too overwhelming, but just enough to make a change.

16. Pink Peekaboo Hair

Black hair with peekaboo highlights is trendy and fashionable, and you can’t go wrong with any color you choose. Of course, pink is especially charming and will spice up your dark hairstyle in the best way possible!

17. Electric Pink With Juicy Berry Red

Electric pink with juicy berry red is another fabulous color you must try if you’re as crazy about pink hues in hair as we are!

18. Baby Pink Hair

When I see this picture of baby pink hair, I immediately think of spring, everything blooming around, smelling fresh, and waking us from our winter sleepiness. Make sure this color is your number one choice for next spring!

19. Pink Panel

A little pink panel can change your entire hairstyle, can’t it? You can choose any section of your hair and dye it pink to create a unique style and make your hair more fun.

20. Chunky Pink Highlights

Chunky pink highlights, created from thick strands throughout a darker base, are another really cool way to add a pink hue to your hairstyle. They make for a fun and slightly edgy look, so if you’re feeling bold enough for a big change, go with this option!